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Here's a guest review of the latest RAH figure from Medicom - Jango Fett!  Mike Chan, who previously did a guest review on the Boba Fett, is back to check this guy out. Tell us all about it, Mike!

Hello everyone. I’d like to thank Mike again for giving me another chance to post a review. This time it’s the RAH 1/6 scale Jango Fett. Now father and son are together in my display stand. Anyway, to my review:

Packaging: ***
Jango comes in the same plain black Star Wars boxing as any of the other Star Wars Medicom figures (Luke, Vader, Boba Fett, etc.) except that it has “30th Anniversary” label on the box. I personally like the packaging, I don’t need fancy cover art to increase the price (not that this figure is cheap for having a plain box) any more than it has to. I like the figure to speak for itself and this figure does that fairly well. The figure, along with the accessories, sits in a molded two-part plastic inner package. You can see the figure once you open the outer “book cover” of the package, which is held closed by a small Velcro tab.

Sculpt: ****
The sculpting on this is excellent. Unlike Boba Fett, which had a generic head underneath the helmet, Jango has Temuera Morrison underneath. I’m not sure how accurate the face looks to Temuera Morrison, but from some stock pictures, it looks pretty close. Faces are always tough, but I think they got this one on the money. The helmet is the same as Boba Fett’s, but for some reason, it looks more in proportion with Jango, than it did with Boba. The gauntlets, shoulder plates, knee plates, belt, everything is sculpted accurately and most pieces actually are not reuse of Boba’s parts. The only pieces that are rehashed are the helmet, back pack, chest plates, and the knee plates (minus the “needles.”) The two gauntlets, although close in general look, are different. There are minor sculpting to distinguish Boba’s from Jango’s. Just like Boba, the only complaint and area of possible concern is the hand size. They could be seen as on the “small” side as they are gloved and a man’s hand would probably look bigger with gloves on.

Paint: ***
The colors of the figure seem to be AOTC correct. The attention to color detail on the back pack were pretty good, with not much bleeding of colors from one to the other. The only area I found that wasn’t too clean was along the top edge of the visor on the helmet. There was some blue bleed into the silver. Surprising, the two black lines that run along the diameter of the helmet are clean. There is a slight “burn” look to the metal plates that make them actually look metallic. Not just painted silver looking. The belt and holster are all molded in the brown leather color, so no bleed there. I believe I gave Jango 1/2 * less than Boba because he’s all clean, and so there shouldn’t be much to mess up, but there is.

Articulation: ****
I didn’t strip down Jango either because I was afraid I might not be able to put everything back correctly. I have put Jango through several poses and I believe it’s also the RAH301 male “short” body as Boba, although side by side, Jango is slightly taller. The gauntlet is a full over the forearm piece, so you can push it back, adjust the hand/wrist to position, and then slide the gauntlet back down. I haven’t found any poses where the shoulder pads, gauntlets, knee plates, etc. have obstructed a stance. This is a very very articulated figure and quite poseable. The hoses that run from the gauntlets up to rocket pack in Jango are black, as opposed to Boba’s transparent and they are two per side, as opposed to one per side. I did not find the extra hose to be intrusive in any way with the posing.

Outfit: ***1/2
I didn’t think there was too much to the outfit. Blue, silver, some black. Metal on cloth, very ho hum. It looks to be perfect and all, but I would have wanted some “wear” although in AOTC, Jango’s “suit” did look quite pristine. As noted before, the hoses that run from Jango’s gauntlets to his armor are black and sort of thin. The stitching of the outfit looks almost “Coach” like and armor looked pretty good with the wash. I think what suffered here is that waist pockets are molded plastic, and can’t be opened. I would have like to have them as real cloth and able to open. One area of concern for me is that bottom edge of the helmet just barely, I mean barely, go beyond the chin. So, when you pose Jango in wrong angles, you can actually see his chin and a lot of neck. No wonder he got his head cut off by Mace, his neck was sticking out like an ostrich.

Accessories: **1/2
Two pistols, a helmet, and four hands (two gripping pistol, two relaxed open hand). I will probably throw in the rocket launcher (doesn’t actually launch) as an accessory too, although it’s really PART OF the whole uniform. I would have like to have seen maybe two more hands (a pointing, and perhaps fists) to give Jango more different looks. Perhaps they could have thrown in a few Kamino death darts, I don’t know. Just seemed short on accessories.

Fun Factor: ****
There is no question here that this figure is a four star in fun factor. Now that I have both father and son, they are more fun to pose with. I had been posing and putting these two guys through good stuff. Although fun for me, I would not give this to a kid as a toy, to throw around with, I’m sure something will break with heavy/rough play.

Value: ***
Again, here is where I couldn’t quite figure was he really worth it. I ordered this from overseas so I got this pretty much once released overseas. I paid, including shipping ($170). When I first got RAH Luke and RAH Vader, I thought at the time that both were definitely worth the price, because up to then, the only really good figure I could remember was the Marmit Boba Fett. Now with Sideshow producing their own 1/6 scale Star Wars, and at a price point of about $60, a $150+ figure now doesn’t seem as “worth it” any more. Is this Jango as good or better than RAH Boba Fett? I’d say as good, so since I gave Boba a 3 star rating, I’ll give Jango a 3 also.

Things to watch out for -
Can’t really think of anything, except that one of the thruster rockets on the backpack was off when I picked up Jango. It was easily snapped in, but I could see this piece falling out on some because it’s pretty much a ball joint. If you order online like I did, you’re at the mercy of what they send you.

Overall: ***
Nice figure again. Color is right, face is right, material is right, but I just did not enjoy it as much as Boba. Maybe it’s just the whole blue and grey thing, but Boba looks so much more bad-a*s to me, although he is a clone of Jango. I wish I could give it that 1/2 * more, like Boba, but I just could not, based on price and lack of accessories. Had this been $60, instead of $150, then four stars for sure, if not, a solid 3 1/2.

Score Recap:
Packaging - ***
Sculpt - ****
Paint - ***
Articulation - ****
Outfit - ***1/2
Accessories - **1/2
Fun Factor - ****
Value - ***
Overall - ***

Figure from the collection of Mike Chan.

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