Friday the 13th Part 2

Jason Voorhees. For almost 25 years, it's a name that has struck fear (and gardening tools) into the hearts of sexually promiscuous teenage campers everywhere.

We only got to see Jason briefly in the original film, since it was mommy dearest who was working through her emotional issues by hacking up a dozen unknown actors in the first film. But by part 2, Jason was all growed up, a handsome young man with a bit of an problem letting go of his sweet mum.

This last year has seen some terrific Jason figures from both NECA and Sideshow Toys. Sideshow has produced a 12" version of Jason from both Freddy vs. Jason and from Part 3. But in part 2, Jason didn't yet have his trademark hockey mask, so it only made sense that Sideshow release this rather unique version as well.

The first two have long since sold out from Sideshow themselves, but the part 2 version is still available and has just started shipping. I also have some other retailer suggestions at the end of the review.

If you're jonesing for even more sixth scale Jason, there's also a part 6 version, complete with tool belt, due out 1st quarter of 2005, and a huge (and tremendously impressive) quarter scale version from Freddy vs. Jason. And last but not least, certainly not in the heart of little Jason, is the 12" Pamela Voorhees, due out any day.

As has become the tradition for Sideshow, this figure came in both a regular and low carb, or exclusive, version. I'm reviewing the exclusive version which included the extra accessory - the mummified head of Pammy!

Packaging - ***1/2
While not quite the work of art that some Sideshow packaging has been, the box for Part 2 is both attractive and at least slightly informative. I could have used even more background text on Jason, particularly in this film, but you do get some on the back cover. The inside, or fifth, panel has the cast list as well. The graphics are great, and I like the use of the actual figure photos.

The package is also nice and collector friendly once again, with a single twisty tie holding the plastic tray inside the cardboard tray, and no difficult bands, ties or weirdness.

Sculpting - ***1/2
The head sculpt was done by Brian Dooley, and he has done a fantastic job capturing the look from the film. It's hard to judge perfectly of course, since in the film we don't get to stare at his ugly mug for 10 minutes while he models lingerie. Like all butt ugly serial killers, we only get the briefest of glimpses at the face of madness. But from what I can tell - and I just saw the movie again recently on the Monsters channel - this is a great likeness.

Some things are tough to translate though, and the hair/beard is the issue here. I'm pretty sure that this was the only film where Jason had a serious five o'clock shadow, and capturing the look of the stubbly red beard was no easy task. They managed to do a decent job, although it's my least favorite aspect of the sculpt.

The hair on his head is another matter altogether. Jason has always had that I've got mange look, with scattered bald spots mixed amongst the wispy fine red hair. There's no way sculpting can capture that disheveled, insane appearance, and rooted hair would be too thick. Sideshow went with the glued version, and I have to say that I'm quite impressed. It looks quite good, but I do have my fears as to how well it will last. Fortunately, his sack doesn't fit all that tight, so perhaps he'll avoid getting balder. 

The purists might still have issues with the hair though, because I'm pretty sure in those brief glimpses at the end of the film we say longer hair than this on Jason.  It also doesn't look quite as good as the prototype version did, although that's not too surprising. Therefore, I suspect some major fans might have complaints that I do not.

The hand sculpts are pretty basic but serviceable. He holds the weapon accessories well, and looks great doing it in a variety of poses.

Paint - ***
The paint ops in general are solid quality, with little slop and nice consistency.  There aren't a lot of paint ops though, further reduced by the hair piece.

I like the work on the face, eyes, and teeth, but I have to admit that the beard bugs me here, more than it does in the sculpting category.  The painted hair in combination with the rough sculpt ends up being a bit too much, making what seemed to be minor growth in the film into something you can't tear your eyes away from on the figure.

There is blood on the accessories, although it might not be obvious at first.  The pitchfork has blood on the tines, but oddly, it's at exactly the same 'level' on all four.

Articulation - ***1/2
If you own any other Sideshow figures, then you know what you're getting. Jason doesn't have anything particularly unique about the body, and he has the usual cool Sideshow wrists and ankles that sets this body apart from others in the sixth scale market.

One slight detraction for me is that this figure is smaller than the previous Jasons. I don't know if that was a conscious decision, and it's only sort of movie accurate. The actor that played Jason in this film was Warrington Gillete, and it was the only time he played the role (actually, Jason has had a ton of actors in the part). He's listed at 6'2", while Robert Brooker (who played him in part 3, which the other Jason in the photo I've included is based on) was 6'3". These two figures have a lot greater difference than that. Now, Ken Kirzinger, who took over as Jason for Freddy vs. Jason, was a whopping 6'7", so the difference in these figures makes much greater sense. What the hell does all that mean? I have no idea, but it bugs me that one version of Jason is noticeably smaller than the others.

Outfit - **
My biggest gripe with this figure lies in the outfit, and it's largely a flaw with sixth scale clothes in general. To make clothes in this scale work, the material has to be very thin. If not - if you use a normal material - it looks to baggy, and hangs poorly on the figure.

Usually, Sideshow does as good a job as possible with this limitation. And I just want to say, contrary to what Todd Mcfarlane thinks, sixth scale and larger figures with sculpted plastic clothes do NOT look better, since at that scale the realism is lost with plastic. But this time they faced a tough challenge - denim.

Jason is wearing his denim overalls, with a checkered shirt underneath. The shirt looks great, as do the shoes. But those overalls are simply too thick to get just right. They have a tough time creasing, are too baggy, and just don't fit quite the way you'd like. The quality of the stitching and materials is excellent, but the thickness of the cloth ends up hurting the appearance.  There is a nice smear of some blood/dirt on the front though, and that works well.

Jason also has his bag, with one eye hole cut out. The bag, similar to a feed bag or grain bag, fits nicely over his head with plenty of material to work with. There is a cord to tie around his neck, and taking off and putting on the bag is pretty easy.

In the photos you'll notice I left the corners up on the bag - that's the way he comes in the box - but you can also tuck the corners in similar to how Sideshow did in their photo. It isn't easy, but it's doable.  While the tucked in version is closer to the film look, it's not identical, because it seems to me that the bag didn't even really have sharp corners, but rather a more rounded bottom. Again, this means the outfit takes a hit in the overall score.

I've also included a photo of part 2 Jason wearing the hockey mask from the part 3 version, in case you were wondering.

Accessories - ***1/2
As I mentioned earlier, this is the exclusive version of Jason. He has that extra accessory, which is so damn nifty that this score drops by at least a half, maybe a whole star without it.

But first lets talk about the standard accessories. Jason has his usual display stand, which looks good but is pretty much unnecessary here. I had no trouble keeping him standing without it.

He also has a pitchfork and an pick axe. The Sideshow site also lists a machete, but mine does not have one. I'm not sure if that's another difference between the exclusive and the regular versions, or if it was just a mistake on the website. Either is possible, and the website calls the pick axe a 'pitch-axe', something I've never heard it called before.

Both weapons look great, are in excellent scale, and fit nicely in his hands in just about any "I'm ready to gut you" pose. Both of these are also specifically used in this particular film.

Ah, and then there's the lovely Ms. Voorhees. In part 2, one of the hapless female victims stumbles on Jason's home, an old shack in the woods. Inside she finds a shrine of sorts, dedicated to Jason's dearly departed mommy. Sitting in the midst of the candles and knick knacks is mommy's severed and mummified head. In the film, the young lady tries to pull a fast one on Jason and pretend to be the Pamster, but even he's not that stupid.

The exclusive head accessory looks great, with an excellent sculpt and perfect paint ops. The scale is great, and she'll look great on your own little shrine. Perhaps the sculpted hair isn't quite as wild as the actual thing, but I think going this way worked alright here. These exceptional extra accessories really make pre-ordering the exclusives early well worth the trouble.

Fun Factor - **
Kid's are unlikely to find much 'fun' with this figure unless they know the character, and they are unlikely to know that much about the character. This version is not one they tend to use for a Halloween costume, and most kids are much more accustomed to the hockey mask look. This figure is really for the major fans of the entire series, looking for a unique version.

Value - **
At the full forty bucks, the value here is slightly lower than normal. That's due to my issues with the outfit, along with generally less appealing sack-for-a-mask look. I have some suggestions below though where you can get this for as cheap as $32, and you can add another half star to this rating at that price.

Overall - ***
My grade is for the exclusive version, which I'm happy with. The Pamela head sculpt looks great, and it's nice to have such a unique looking Jason on the shelf with the other Modern Horror figures. However, had I gotten the regular version, this score would have been another half star lower, and even with Pam's head, he's my least favorite of the three released so far.

With the addition of the Pamela Voorhees and part 6 Jason, the sixth scale Friday the 13th family is getting pretty well rounded. And while I'm at it, I think it's worth it to mention the quarter scale version again from the FvsJ film. I'm not that big of a Jason fan, so while I love Sideshow's quarter scale stuff, I couldn't see myself spending $250 on the figure. That was until I saw the prototype in person at SDCC. This thing is amazingly well done, and looks fantastic. Needless to say, I have one on order, and am very hopeful that the final version comes out as well as the prototype.

Packaging - ***1/2
Sculpt - ***1/2
Paint - ***
Articulation - ***1/2
Outfit - **
Accessories - ***1/2
Fun Factor - **
Value - **
Overall - ***

Where to Buy - 
I ordered mine through Sideshow ages ago, but there are other on-line options as well. However, none of the stores are going to have the exclusive version with Pamela's noggin', so you'll probably have to turn to ebay if you need her.

- as I said, Sideshow still has the non-exclusive available for order at $40.

- Fireside Collectibles doesn't have this smaller version available, but has a great price on the quarter scale version.

- Alter Ego Comics has this Jason (part 2) for just $32, which helps the value score since you're missing out on the exclusive accessory.

- Killer Toys has Jason Part 2 available for $35, along with a number of the other sixth scale and quarter scale Jason stuff.

- Aisle Sniper only has the FvsJ version available, but at an excellent sale price of $30!

- Southern Island doesn't have this Jason listed yet, but does have the FvsJ version for just $40.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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