Green Goblin Mini-bust
Diamond Select

I never planned on collecting mini-busts.  God knows, I collect enough stuff that I didn't need to get sucked into something else.

Several years back, when the Bowen mini-busts first started to hit, I saw them...I was deeply tempted...but yet I found the strength to resist.

But eventually, between Palisades, and Sideshow, and Gentle Giant, and Bowen, and Diamond Select, and Dynamic Forces, etc. etc. etc., there were simply too many cool licenses being done in the format for me to resist any longer.  Now I have three full shelves, with a fourth to start soon.

My latest addition is the Diamond Select Green Goblin.  This mini-bust was sculpted by the infamous Digger, head of the gonzo group known as Art Asylum.  This is part of their 'Rogues Gallery' collection, and is limited to 7500 pieces.  Next in the series, and also sculpted by an Art Asylum inmate, is Electro, due in January.

The bust retails for around $40, but you may be able to find a better deal at your local comic shop.  I have some great on-line suggestions for you at the end of the review.

Packaging - ***
It's a box.  Okay, it's not that plain and does have photos of the bust, but it lacks the nifty window to allow you to see what you're really getting in all it's glory.

What gives this score a little boost though - other than the very secure foam insert - is the nice, large and colorful COA.  I wish all busts came with ones this nice.

Sculpting - ****
Homina, Homina, Howaa!  I've never said that about a guy before, let alone one with green skin.  But this sculpt is really amazing work.

Digger outdid himself on this project, and the level of detail vs. comic book style is absolutely perfect.  The sculpt also implies motion and movement perfectly, and you can easily imagine that the big green is riding on his glider, coming right for you.

This particular style may be too modern for some folks tastes, as this is certainly not the Goblin of the silver age.  But for modern fans, the huge ears, wild hat (didn't Digger used to wear one just like this?) and insane expression are perfect.

Paint - ****
The perfect sculpt is highlighted with perfect paint ops.  The work on the face is particularly good, but the rest of the bust is also done with expert precision.

Each of the colors is consistent and clean, with great definition between them and no slop, even around the whites of the eyes.  The beautiful color of the flaming pumpkin bomb contrasts perfectly with the harsher colors of his uniform and the various pumpkins around the base  There's plenty of variety and detail, all done with care and quality.

Design/Quality - ****
The quality of the sculpt and paint, along with the exceptional design, is what sets this bust apart from the pack.

By using a multitude of pumpkins around the base, you're treated to more detail and color than would be otherwise possible.  And the transparent/translucent red fiery tail of the flying pumpkin bomb looks absolutely amazing.

Okay, so a big bad like GG probably wouldn't have his name monogrammed on the front of his purse.  But if you can overlook that little detail, you'll see one of the coolest and most active designs in a mini-bust all year.

Value - ***1/2
I do wish that busts weren't in the $40 - $50 range.  The market is allowing it though, and compared to other busts in this price range, this is an exceptional piece.  This is easily my favorite Diamond Select bust, although I have to admit I only own a handful currently.

Overall - ****
I haven't passed out that many four star ratings this year - less than two dozen out of almost 200 reviews - and I'm pretty sure this is my only four star bust review.  But this thing really ranks up there with the best, especially with the extremely cool design.  This bust is neck and neck with my Gentle Giant Boba Fett as the favorite in my collection.

You may not like the design though - this raving lunatic Green Goblin may not be the goblin of your childhood.  But for me, this bust is exceptional all around.

Where to Buy - 
Comic shops will have them of course. On-line options include:

Alter Ego Comics doesn't have this particular bust listed on their site, but you might want to check with them, as they do have the Jean Grey listed at $36.

- Red Planet Toys (a new sponsor so new I don't even have their graphic up on the main page yet) also has the Jean Grey on the website, but no sign of the Goblin.  Since they carry Diamond Select busts, you might want to give them a call.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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