Cy Girl Electra

Sean Teeter likes his Cy Girls, and tonight he's reviewing the new Electra.  Yes, that's Ele'c'tra, not Ele'k'tra.  It's all yours, Sean!

While waiting for the next wave of Clone Wars figures to come out of Hasbro, I decided to expand my sixth-scale figure collection. And what could possibly be a better addition than a brand-spanking-new Cy-Girl from bbi?

According to the write-up, “Electra is unique and possesses a “Special” ability. Her top-secret bio-suit and wrist bracelets generate electrical energy, which can be used as an offensive or defensive weapon. In addition to these she is armed with conventional weapons. Electra is a close quarter battle specialist.”

Well it don’t look much like an electric bio-suit or whatever the hell the write-up says, but she’s still dressed to kill. She also packs some rather unconventional “conventional” weapons . . .Ladies and gentlemen; boys and girls, meet Electra. 

Packaging - ***1/2
Cy-Girls has an all-new look with this figure. The front of the box shows the back of a Cy-Girl (possibly Blaze or Kat) in silhouette holding her Desert Eagle. The bottom has the figure’s name and description applied via sticker. 

The back has a write-up about the Cy-Girls (or Cool Girls in Asia) and what they actually do, as well as a nice montage of the different figures in action. Some of the photo art looks computer enhanced. 

Of course, the box still isn’t completely collector friendly. I suppose you could be really careful about removing the accessory flap from the inside, the double tape holding it in is hard to remove without ripping the panel.

Sculpting - ***
All of the Cy-Girl figures have somewhat generic head sculpts; there’s nothing really unique to their looks. Each one is made to look like an attractive woman who could break their boot off in your ass if they wanted to. Electra has a narrower face than some of the others. She’s also slightly softer than some of the other Cy-Girls out there, and as a result is a half step closer to being just another pretty-face, but is still well out of Barbie territory. Basically, she looks like the teenage intern at the Cy-Girl headquarters. 

However, her hair is a different story. While the length and style look great, you have to brush the hair just right or else Electra will look like she’s inherited female pattern baldness. This is kind of a low blow since the rest of the head, especially the paint ops, look pretty nice. If not for the hair problem she would have rated at least half a star higher. Luckily she looks good in a beret.

Paint - *** 1/2
The subtle eyeliner and soft lipstick compliment Electra’s face sculpt nicely. The eyes are well done as always and the over-all look combined with the sculpt make her look younger than the other Cy-Girls. In fact, she vaguely reminds me of B-Movie actress Misty Mundae with darker hair and eyes. Come on, I’m sure at least five of you guys know who I’m talking about . . . 

Articulation - ***1/2
This is the 2.0 Cy-Girl body, with retooled articulation. As always, bbi does a more than serviceable job with their sixth-scale figures. Electra has ball-joints at the neck, shoulders, wrists, hips, limited ball-joints at the knees and ankle, bicep cuts, double elbow joints and a limited ball-joint midsection between the waist and upper torso. It’s not perfect, but shows improvement over the older models. The design allows for great posability, and it always helps to have tight joints.

Accessories - ****
Wow, is this girl loaded.
Electra comes with four pairs of interchangeable hands (two gloved, two not), a vacu-formed beret, an I.D. card, a stand, a pair of semi-opaque black folding shades, two bracelets, large-caliber pistol (Colt?), a removable folding pistol stock, a removable pistol clip, a rifle conversion barrel for the pistol, a scope mount for the pistol, two different scopes (one large, one small), the slide holster used for the Maggy Hammer found on other Cy-Girls, a soft leather holster, and her TS 5000X which can be broken down into several pieces.

Except for the I.D., slide holster, and some of the hands, these are all brand-new accessories. The shades depart from the standard wrap-around versions and can now fold shut so you can hang them off her neckline when not in use. The stand is also a new design –in a pentagonal shape with three pegs for Electra to choose from. The beret also looks new and come with the Cy-Girl logo on front. The bracelets are nice little additions as well.
Of course the true highlight of this figure are her weapons. The amount of customizing allowed between the two guns is pretty awesome. The pistol itself is a new side arm, and has some really nice features. The slide pulls back all the way (and can be removed from the front), the clip is removable, and there’s a swinging guard in the front of the trigger. When the slide is open, the top bullet of the clip can be seen in the breech. The only drawback to the pistol itself is that there’s nothing to stop the slide in the front of the gun, and it can fall off pretty easy. And then there’re the extras. You can add any combination of extensions to the pistol to make Electra’s sidearm even more impressive. You can mix and match scopes, add a barrel extension, or a folding stock. The scopes are really nice and come with clear aqua-blue lenses in front. Either one can also be used on the TS 5000X.

The TS is a lightweight gatling gun. The main body breaks down into four pieces: the scope mount, the frame (with stock, trigger, and grip), a long cylinder (ammo drum?), and the front cannon. The cannon rotates freely; there’s a dial on the side of the gun that turns it. You can also add the scope of your choice to the top of the gun, as well as an additional grip for the front to allow for two-handed control. 
The slide holster is the only accessory that seems a tad out of place. The only thing that seems to fit inside is the barrel extension for the pistol.

Outfit - ***1/2
There are some nice things at work here on Electra. Her bodysuit is two-tone black and glittery blue pleather. One thing slightly different from other Cy-Girl outfits are her ribbed elastic shoulders. It looks nice and allows for freer shoulder movement. 

Over her top is a black vest-bustier combination. Overall her bodysuit fits nicely, but is slightly looser than some of the other figures from bbi, which really helps her movement.
One interesting addition is the chain hanging from her belt to a gun hostler. You can choose whichever one it hooks to, but it would have been better to include two chains. 

Her boots have more extreme, pointier heels than former Cy-Girls. While she can still stand just fine on her own, she prone to tipping over a little more often. 

Value - ***1/2
On average you can find Cy-Girls for around $30 or under. If you can get her at $25 or lower, bump that score up to four stars. She’s an excellent figure. Good Stuff to Go is probably one of my favorite sites for sixth scale figures. Not only do they have low prices on most of their stock, their customer service is top notch and one on one. Big shout out to the gang over there. They have Electra at $26, and all the other Cy-Girls at $26 or under. Old Joe Infirmary has her at $27.95. You can also purchase replacement parts, hands, bodies, and outfits for your other Cy-Girl figures.  And Entertainment Earth has her for preorder at $29.99.

Overall - *** 1/2
While not a home run, Electra is pretty damn close to being a perfect figure. If not for her bald problem, I could have easily given her a full four-star rating. Blue Box keeps turning out really cool figures in their Cy-Girl line, and I can’t wait for the next one. Another bbi figure was going to be released along side of Electra: Angel. However she’s been shuffled back and forth between the Cy-Girl and Elite Force Terminate line and pushed back at least a month, with the new mantle “Bloody Rose”.
I’d love to see more figures along the line of Electra. I like being able to break down and mess with the weapons, I just wish there were more parts to play with. I would have also liked a second pistol clip and a magazine holder on her belt, but I’m not going to nit-pick.

Figures from the collection of Sean Teeter.

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