Biker Scout

We're starting to see quite a few more new 3.75" Star Wars figures now, just in time for the Christmas holiday.  That includes General Leia, Boomer Damaged Battle Droid, Bespin Capture Han Solo, Jedi Knight Ben Kenobi, and the new Biker Scout.

I'm not a big fan of 50 variations on the same character, so I skip most of the Solo in Pink Panties varieties.  But the Biker Scout is an exception, and is a figure that I anticipated.  He (and his wave) is currently popping up at many Wal-marts, running $6.74.

Packaging - **1/2
Same packaging as the rest of the recent waves, and it's a nice change.  Not much I can add though to what I've already said in previous reviews.

Accessories - ***
I don't even want to discuss this worthless little sheet of paper.  But the Biker Scout actually has an accessory - a blaster!  It's gotten so that most of the last wave of figures had little to discuss in terms of accessories, so it's nice to see this cool little blaster included.  The blaster fits into his ankle holster as well.

Sculpting - ***
The sculpting on both the helmet and body on this figure is very nicely done.  Hold it next to the Biker Scout that was packaged with the Speeder Bike, and you'll notice that the depth and detail of the overall figure is much better.  The pose that the legs and arms are sculpted into are also nicely done, and the figure stands fine on his own.

Paint - ***
The paint work on this figure is nicer than the original figure, and has much greater detail.  It's a fairly clean paint job as well, with even the finer details well done.  And he's got cool soles on his boots!

Articulation - *1/2
Here we have a whole six points - neck, shoulders, waist and hips.  They are missing the knees and elbows, but the body is much better looking than that bow legged character we got the first time.  Still, knees and elbows would have been a major improvement.

Value - *
These figures aren't worth seven bucks.  Certainly not with Commtech chips, and sure as hell not with this goofy little piece of paper.

Overall - **1/2
Compared to other recent Star Wars releases, this is a fairly nice figure.  Unfortunately, he's not worth the price that Wal-mart and Target are charging.  If the retailers would just be willing to accept the new suggested retail price that Hasbro is recommending, these figures would be a much better value.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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