Larry Talbot

Sideshow Toy released the third Universal Monster figure in three weeks - Larry Talbot.  Who?  Oh, you remember Larry, the poor guy from the Wolfman who ended up sprouting hair every time a full moon popped out.

Lon Chaney Jr. portrayed the character marvelously, and the movie was a huge hit.  It's still one of the great classics, and fans of 30's horror are thrilled to get this character. This figure sells for $40, and is limited to a run of 3,500.

Packaging - ****
Hmmm...the last two releases almost got four stars, but were just slightly shy.  How did this one improve?  Well, it's got the same fantastic graphics and text.  It's the same collector friendly box with the tray insert.  It even still has that twisty tie running through the tray and the cardboard insert.

But they made a change - the annoying twisty is at least twice as long this time.  Why does that help?  It makes it far easier to put everything back together again.  The shorter twisty tie was going to be a bit of an effort to thread, but this one will be very easy to work with.

Sculpting - ****
Another wonderful sculpt by Mat Falls.  I bet Ron Chaney is very proud of this figure.  It does a marvelous job of capturing his father.  Too bad the price point is so high, because this figure could be used as a base for several other Chaney Jr. custom figures.

Paint - ***1/2
The paint ops are good, but there's still a little slop around the hair line, and the face wash seems a little off.  But both the eyes and the lips, so often messed up on action figures, look excellent here.

Articulation - ****
Can I saw anything more about Sideshow articulation?  They've got one of the most articulated sixth scale bodies on the market, and they've corrected the loose joints problem, particularly in the hips and knees.  At this point I supposed they could find ways to add new joints, but I can't imagine them adding much actual usable articulation.

Accessories - ***
This figure is extremely light on the accessories.  He comes with the standard base, the wolf's head cane, and his hat, which could be considered part of his outfit or an accessory.

The cane is the same as the one that came with the 8" Sideshow Wolfman from a couple years ago, sized up to the 12" scale.  It fits nicely in his hand, and he looks great holding it.

The hat fits very nicely, and is much better than a cloth hat.  The molded hat keeps it's shape, and looks much more realistic than any material version could.

The's the same stand as always.  There's not much more you can say.

Outfit - ***1/2
This outfit is very attractive, and looks great on the shelf, but isn't quite as good quality wise as the outfit with Murder Legendre.

The tie is the same cheap style that was just released with Murder Legendre.  Thin material with no seams, at least it's easily removable.

The jacket and pants look terrific, and are well done with great stitching and quality material.  You'll probably want to iron the pants though since the plastic band used to hold his legs tends to wrinkle them up pretty good.

The shoes are a new sculpt, and fit the style of the 30's outfit.  Overall, this is an excellent period piece.

The only failing here that holds this figure back from four stars is the shirt.  Unlike Murder Legendre, this shirt is really a vest, with no sleeves.  The sleeves you see poking out of the arms are fake cuffs, which is certainly better than nothing.

Value - **1/2
Larry takes a bit more of a hit on the value rating, since he has even fewer accessories than the Murder Legendre and Fritz releases, and yet still costs $40 through Sideshow.

Overall - ***1/2
Sideshow continues to kick some serious butt with their fall releases.  This grouping of figures looks amazing together on the shelf, and I really can't wait until I get my hands on the Six Gun Legends.

Where to buy
I don't know if we'll see these at any bricks and mortar stores, so you best bet is on-line.

- Sideshow of course has them, for $40 plus shipping.

- Entertainment Earth has them for $35 plus shipping. (MROTW affiliate)

- The Toy Cellar doesn't have them listed as in stock yet, but they are $38 again.

- you can also try TNC Universe, but they don't have Larry listed on the site.  They sold Fritz for $35 though, so I'd bet he'll be the same.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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