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Spider-Man Fearsome Foes

It's been awhile since our last Coheteboy review - too long!  CB checks out the ML set Fearsome Foes of Spider-Man - what's the scoop, CB!

Toy Biz has been keeping fans and collectors real busy this year with an astounding amount of product, and as much as I love the Galactus and Sentinel build-a-figures, there is a box set that thrilled me even more: SPIDER-MAN FEARSOME FOES. 

The name suggests it all. You get Spider-Man, Vulture, Rhino, Lizard, and Carnage. That's five figures in one go with Vulture being the completely new character of the batch!

Some may consider passing on this set because they already have figures of Spider-Man, Rhino, Lizard, and Carnage, but the Rhino is all new, Lizard is all new, and even Carnage is different enough from the initial release to be okay with. 

This set has been hitting shelves for the past month and a half at Toys'R'Us and Wal-Mart stores, so get out there if you haven't already!

Packaging - ***
All five figures are packed into a sturdy box, clearly displaying each figure inside. The front and back of the box detail statistics of the characters themselves, which is a great touch. Pictures of the enclosed poster book can also be found on the box. 

Getting into the box will take patience as always, as you'll come face to face to twist-ties, so get that nail clipper handy (that's at least what I prefer to use). Overall, the packaging works well and you get a good look at the toys inside. I really dig the box color too, since it's relatively bright, it should be easy to spot when running through the toy aisles. 

Sculpt - Foes: ***1/2; Spider-Man: ***
You guys all know by now that the Marvel Legends toys get above-average sculpts, and I think this set is among the better sets so far. While four of the five figures included in this set are re-sculpts of characters already released, these are definitely the best I've seen, except for poor Spider-Man. I've seen so many versions of Web Head that I almost have no reaction whatsoever about it. This version included is probably some variation of another figure released in the Spider-Man Classics line but unfortunately I'm not a big collector of those so I couldn't tell you off hand. It is a so-so sculpt but probably not the one you'd use to display with the rest of your Marvel figures. But if you don't have a Spider-Man, this one will do fine.

Lizard is probably my favorite sculpt and is exactly the figure that fans have been waiting for. The reptilian skin is well defined as is his sculpted lab coat.

The third Rhino figure released is completely different than the previous versions and another great addition to your collection. All the scratches and scars of his hide are nicely sculpted and the face is given the perfect expression. I do wonder why his horns are so clean but that's a minor complaint. 

Carnage is almost identical to the previous release but the head sculpt is different enough and I actually prefer it. The first version of Carnage is given a more toothy grin that resembles Venom a lot. This updated head sculpt has a more gummy look and looks even more menacing in my opinion. Though Carnage probably isn't the favorite choice to be in the set, this version at least beats out the old.

Last but not least is the old Vulture, the only NEW character in the set. The old man is sculpted superbly. The wings have a lot of great feather details but I do wish a softer rubber was used. The wings are sculpted directly onto the arms so some poses don't come as easily, since they get in the way of each other frequently. All in all, the sculpt work is still very good. 

Paint - ****
I usually tell everyone in the known universe to make sure they keep an eye on their Marvel Legends for any sort of paint errors or spills. That simply isn't the case with this box set and I found absolutely nothing wrong. True, the paint applications aren't as involved in these characters but to have no spilling over is a major plus. Especially with Lizard's reptilian cracks all painted in, Toy Biz did a fine job with my set here. 

Articulation - ****
Ok wow. These are Marvel Legends and doggone it, they have the most articulation for your buck. Every figure has a ball jointed everything, giving a wide range of motion on every limb. Rhino actually is the one who suffers from some fewer joints due to his size but not by much -- mostly in his arms. 

Lizard has a good amount of articulation that includes an articulated lower jaw and bendable tail. The one complaint I have is with Spider-Man, but not really a fault of the articulation, but of the fabric webbing on the arms. It makes his range of movement a little more restricted and I'm not too fond of the webbing to begin with. 

Overall the joints are tight enough on the set I have to hold a variety of poses, so these should not disappoint. 

Accessories - *
Each figure comes with a unique base to stand on with an illustration of their head on it. Not really an accessory. 
The set also includes a poster book that leaves me a bit cold. Previous poster books show off a variety of illustrations of each character but this book is a bit one-note. 

Fun Factor - ****
Super articulated comic book characters are bound to please everyone!

Value - ***
This set is retailing for about $39.99 which means you're paying about $8 per figure, and for me, that's a dollar more than what I pay per figure. But if this is the only way to get these well sculpted figures, then it's not a bad price. 

Overall - ***1/2
What can I say? A great assortment of villains, well sculpted, well painted, well articulated... what isn't there to like? If you're a fan of Marvel Legends, then this set definitely isn't one to miss out on. 

As I said earlier, this Spider-Man isn't my favorite version but all the villains in this assortment are a definite improvement over previous releases, and Vulture is only available here. That should be reason enough to like this set!

Things to watch out for -
I usually watch out for paint on Marvel Legends and though mine were fine, I still recommend taking a good look before you buy.

Score Recap:
Packaging - ***
Sculpt - Foes: *** 1/2; Spider-Man: ***
Paint - ****
Articulation - ****
Accessories - *
Fun Factor - ****
Value - ***
Overall - ***1/2

Where to Buy - 
Toys'R'Us and Wal-Mart is where you can get this set as far as I've seen. You can find it online at for $39.99.


Figure from the collection of Coheteboy.

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