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Regular guest reviewer Coheteboy checks in tonight with a great review of the last of the Marvel Legends series 5 figures to hit his hot little hands - Blade!  On to the review...

At last, the remaining figure from Toy Biz's terrific Marvel Legends line has arrived and Blade, based on the Wesley Snipes movie character of the same name (not the dude from the Masters of the Universe movie), is only the second film character made in the line (the first being Ben Affleck's Daredevil). It's not too far of a stretch though since Toy Biz has been making film versions of the X-Men and Spider-Man figures for some time. 

The half vampire half human Blade joins the rest of series five in the biggest assortment to date with a combined total of SEVEN figures. The other figures we've reviewed previously are: Silver Surfer, Mr. Fantastic, Sabretooth, Colossus, Nick Fury, and the chase figure Red Skull. The Blade figure doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the assortment so it's probably a good thing that this was the one delayed. And to be perfectly honest, no, this isn't the best figure of the series in case you're wondering why he has his own review. This is a complex figure and there IS a lot to cover, however, so let's get started. 

Packaging - ***1/2
Like all the previous Legends, the same packaging is used for Blade, which is a good thing. The plastic shell won't be free from all damage but does a better job than a card and bubble alone. My only complaint, and it's a minor one, is that the title on the included poster book is on the very bottom of the cover, leaving quite a bit of negative space on the top part of the book, where it's in clear view. It's not horrible by any stretch but it does stray from what has been done with every other figure. Having Wesley Snipes head there is more awkward than not. 

Sculpting - ***1/2
I really should be a better sport and give Blade here a perfect four stars because it really is great. But for some reason, I can't bring myself to give it more than three and a half. The face sculpt is incredibly dead-on and looks to be identical to the Marvel Studios sculpt but smaller. The details and texture on the clothing are also quite impressive and pretty accurate to the film. A really superb job in this category. 

Paint - ***
Paint paint paint. Not very many colors here but that's to be expected! But it also makes it harder to judge if they got lazy or not. From first glances they did a pretty good job keeping everything on the outfit clean, but I've noticed some slop spilling onto the arms when I removed the trench coat. 

The face is done with a decent amount of care and I'm still uncertain if this is a good or bad thing, since I know Wesley Snipes had a glazed expression in the films but this figure appears to have smoked a dozen blunts or so. If that was the intent of the artists, then they did a great job. If not, this is one drowsy figure! 

The nicest application here I would have to say can be found on the back of the neck. Blade's tattoo is nicely done with an interesting design but it's a shame it had to stop there, as he should have tattoos extended to his shoulders and upper arms if I'm not mistaken. 

Articulation - ****
With thirty four points of articulation, what's not to love? It's not the highest amount nor is it the lowest, but it's a very appreciated amount after the horrible Daredevil figure. And just for the record, this does NOT make up for that previous Marvel Legend figure. Most of the joints here are similar to other figures but the most interesting of all is the mid-torso joint allowing him to even lean to the left or right. It's rather great when you start messing with it.

Accessories - ***1/2
There's quite a bit offered with Blade, but unfortunately there's something to be disappointed about. There are six pieces included, seven if you count the 20 page poster book. The poster book is filled with full color stills from Blade II since there never really was a Blade comic book in my recollection. 

Let's start with the GREAT accessories. A pair of removable shades is always awesome, and while they fit pretty well, I'd suggest anyone to leave the rubber band attached to prevent it from getting lost. As nice as the shades fit, it still comes off rather easily. It looks goofy but at least you won't have a sleepy Blade figure fighting vampires. 

The removable trenchcoat is another nice accessory. Completely black like in the film, it adds the well needed flair that Blade needs. It is on the tight side so you will lose some articulation with the coat on. The samurai sword is also a great accessory and fits nicely on his back. There's even a slit in the coat for easy access. Now THAT'S convenient. The "blade-a-rang" is also pretty darn cool since you're able to fold it up if preferred. 

Now that's usually enough cool stuff to make the casual toy buyer happy, but it's more disappointing when they dropped the ball on a few things that would have made this figure nothing short of PEACHY KEEN. Before I discuss the motorcycle too much, I do want to say that it's PERFECT. Yes, perfect if you're giving it to a G.I.Joe or Star Wars figure! The included motorcycle, which also serves as a base (weee, I'm riding up the wall!) is MUCH smaller than the bike given Ghost Rider. This motorcycle is more of a training cycle or a scooter than a motorcycle. It's just too darn small and it's a true shame. Blade being too big for his circus bike, usually topples over when riding, as the kick stand is not very strong. Here's a perfect opportunity to deliver something great but it was missed. Some of you may not mind so much but I'm positive that at least one of you out there is crying on the inside. 

The last accessory I'm going to discuss just plain disgusts. It's a gun that looks cool enough, has a working ammo slide, but it's JUST TOO DAMN BIG!!!! What's wrong with toy companies these days where they make something that the figure CANNOT even hold! 

Bike too small, Gun too big. 

Value - ****
Ignoring everything I just said, this is a terrific value for $6.88 at Wal-Mart. Definitely take some off the full score if you pay more than that. Even without the bike and the gun, I'd still think it's a great value at that price. 

Overall - *** 1/2
In the end, this is still a figure that fans just can't be without. If you don't like the movie, then well, you don't need to get it, but if you're a fan of toys, this won't disappoint... too much. It's still a pretty strong offering with 34 points of articulation, removable shades and trenchcoat, a motorcycle, and some other weapons. This is also a fantastic sculpt of Wesley Snipes so it's still a great buy. 

Just a side note, I had major problems with the joint in the hips preventing my figure to move side to side. Use extreme caution even after freezing for I broke his leg off after writing this review. It's a motorbike curse of some sorts. The only toys I've broken and needed replacements were: a Spawn Nitrorider, Ghost Rider, and now Blade. All of which comes with a motorcycle. Most peculiar. 

Where to Buy:
This was found at Wal-Mart for $6.88 but will be available where ever Marvel Legends figures are sold.


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