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Lots of folks have been anticipating these figures - here's Coheteboy with a guest review!

HULK the Motion Picture:  Super-Poseable Leaping Hulk with Real Leaping Bungie Cord!
by Toy Biz

Toy Biz and Marvel have been creating wonderful product for a while now, and with the growing anticipation of Ang Lee's Hulk coming to theaters in the Summer of 2003, fans can get a glimpse of what this CG Hulk will look like in the movie. 

Toy Biz has created three basic Hulk figures that are arriving in most Wal-Mart stores in California and should be hitting the rest of the nation very soon.  The three different gimmick-filled Hulk figures are as follows:  Super-Poseable Leaping Hulk (which will be reviewed below), Punching Hulk, and Smash & Crush Hulk.

As far as I know these are all shipped in equal numbers so there shouldn't be a figure that is rare or hard to find.  Question is: which Hulk will be the most popular with toy collectors?

Packaging - ***1/2
Toy Biz takes a step away from their clam shell packaging to go for the older style of card backs and bubble, though the bubble for these Hulk figures are massive, for obvious reasons.  The bubble features a cardboard insert that resembles a radioactive "cage" where your Hulk figure is cramped into.  The package looks great but it does make it more difficult to see exactly how the figure will look outside of the box. 

The card back is similar to Spider-Man Movie figures with a diagram showing how the gimmick works, etc.  Nothing fantastic but nothing wrong with it either.

Sculpting - ***
It's hard to tell at this time how good the sculpting is in comparison to the film likeness, but it's pretty easy to tell if it's a good or bad sculpt regardless.  While the sculpt isn't bad, it's quite simply not the best it can be.  The Leaping Hulk, in particular, lacks a neck, and is quite obvious when looking at the carded figure.  When Hulk is looking upwards, it looks more natural. 

The head on top of the shoulders is done quite well, actually, showing the typical raging expression that Hulk often has.  The rest of the body is done quite well also with attention to veins and his "ripping muscles".

Paint - ***
Though Hulk is just a giant green figure, Toy Biz made sure that there was more depth to the figure by adding darker shades of green in some areas, highlighting the sculpt.  The teeth are painted white and farily clean and the eyes are nicely done as well.  Overall, a good effort in paint.

Articulation - ***1/2
The articulation in this figure is pretty impressive.  I can count about 25 points (7 in each arm alone) though there might be more.  Even though Hulk doesn't have a neck, he still has up and down and side to side movement, though the up and down articulation is the main focus here. 

The left hand offers one articulation on four of the fingers while the right hand is forever in a fisted position, but there is articulation so you can position his fist in any direction.  Very nicely done here.

Accessories - *
If you count the included gimmick handle as an accessory, then Leaping Hulk gets one point for it.  If you don't count it as an accessory, then Hulk here gets a whopping ZERO.  Yah, pretty disappointing, but this is a leaping Hulk after all.  Would be nice to have a crushed car to leap onto though.

Action Gimmick - **
Since this is a "leaping" Hulk, exactly how does this feature work and is it done well?  Many of you who collect the Toy Biz figures for the Spider-Man film may remember the super-poseable Spidey with the rappelling line.  I "thought" this same feature would be used here so Hulk would be pulled up from the string.  No the case.  The string does roll up inside the "engine" handle but you have to do it manually.  The string is attached to a hoop on Hulk's back so that is quite a disappointment.  To create the "leaping" feature, you just pull the accessory up and down and lo and behold, the Hulk leaps.  Fascinating.  I can make Hulk leap farther by throwing him.  Basically, you're looking at the first Yo-Yo Hulk toy.  Very disappointing and sad gimmick.  I'd say just cut the poor toy loose from his chord.

Value - ***1/2
At only $6.77 at Wal-Mart, this is a good price for an action figure of this size.  Keep in mind that this isn't as large as the Marvel Legends Hulk, but it's still slightly larger than Spidey toys.

Overall - ***
The action gimmick is a failure so I'm only judging this figure on sculpt and articulation, and those features do make up a fair amount.  Opening the figure, it was disappointing to see there was no neck, but I noticed that even before opening.  But once the head is facing up, it looks great.  A well articulated toy is hard to pass up.

Where to Buy - 
Right now they are hitting Wal-marts around the U.S.

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