Wonder Woman (Masterpiece Edition)

When they first announced this figure - a 9" Wonder Woman figure to be packed with the Les Daniels book in a Masterpiece Edition - the buzz started humming.  Would she have a new body?  Would they use the Amidala body from the Escape from Naboo set?  They had just released the exceptional Dark Knight 9" figure with the Batman Masterpiece Edition, so hopes were high.

But things didn't quite turn out as one might have hoped.  Such is life I suppose, but rarely do I find a figure this loathsome.  Hell, it's pretty rare you can find an action figure that actually deserves the term 'loathsome', but I found one.

If you, like me, had a head injury early in life, you can pick these up at many book stores for $40, or on-line at Amazon for $28.  Or you can save yourself a terrible trauma and just buy the book for $20.

The figure/book combo is actually available two ways.  I bought it in the smaller box with window, but there is also a larger box, similar to the previous Masterpiece Editions, that also includes a first print comic.  That runs $49 at Amazon.

Packaging - ***
The packaging is the best thing about this figure.  That gives you some idea of where this review is going.

The box is sturdy, and it's collector friendly.  You'll be able to remove the book to read, and the figure to scare small children.

Sculpting - bupkis
Well, it's apparently a woman, and the wonder is how this ever got produced.

Okay, I'm being a little harsh on the sculpt.  The head sculpt actually isn't too bad, but the tremendously poor body means you'll never notice.

She does have a blank, doll stare, and the arm and torso sculpts are just horrendous.

Paint - **
While I'd like to slam everything about this figure, at least the paint ops are neatly done.  There isn't a lot of detail, but what is there isn't bad.

Articulation - 1/2
She has more joints than you'd think just by looking at her.  The neck turns slightly, the shoulders and hips are jointed, and the knees are actually click joints covered with skin like rubber.  This skin though makes the figure feel oily or sticky.  Ewww.

The total lack of articulation in the elbows and wrists, along with the God awful arm sculpts, make me think she's the love child of Frankenstein and Captain American.  *shudder*

Accessories - Bupkis
I suppose I could call the book the accessory, but I didn't buy this for the book.  Oh sure, it's a decent book, not quite as good as Les' Batman work but not bad, but it's still not much of an 'accessory'.

She has her whip, a flimsy little gold piece of string on her belt, and her skirt is cloth.  But that doesn't mean she's getting and stars for accessories.

Value - Bupkis
This figure isn't worth five bucks.  Considering that the book is the condensed version, there's no way this figure/book combo is worth more than 15-20 bucks.  What for a clearance sale at Barnes and Noble.

Overall - Bupkis
This figure is so awful I
had to give it my first ever complete Bupkis. If you have a coffee table that's just screaming out for a nice Wonder Woman book, buy the book WITHOUT the figure.  Your eyes will thank you.

Where to buy
Don't.  But if you have to, most book stores have them.  I've seen them at our local Barnes and Noble, and I bet Walden Books or Borders carry them too.  On-line:

- has both versions of the set, and just the book by itself.  Search under 'wonder woman' and you'll find them in the book listings. (MROTW Affiliate) 

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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