U.S. Navy Corpsman

21st Century has been pumping out 12" figures like mad over the last month or so.  One of these new figures is the U.S. Navy Corpsman.  Another in their W.W. II line, this figure is available at most Toys R Us stores for $29.99. However, I found him this weekend at a J.C. Penny outlet store for $10.

Packaging - ***
The usual terrific graphics and background text is included once again with this figure.  The only thing that they still need to do is follow Dragon's lead and set the accessories in the package in such a way that the box doesn't have to be damaged to liberate them.

Articulation - ***
It's the high level of articulation that you've come to expect from the Super Soldier body.  Ball jointed and cut jointed neck, ball jointed shoulders, double jointed elbows, cut biceps, wrists, waist AND chest, hips, ankles and double jointed knees make this a very poseable action figure.  I'm not thrilled with this shoulder joint design, but I can't complain about the number of points this fella sports.

Sculpting - ***1/2
The head sculpts at 21st Century are also improving. The soldier has a serious look, but no ridiculous grimace.  The face paint is excellent, and this is one of the best 21st heads so far.

Accessories - ***1/2
Some 21st Century figures have too few accessories, such as the Police of Fire Helicopter Pilot.  Others have too many, hard as this is to believe, like the Operation Market Garden or 82nd Airborne figures.  The Corpsman manages to get it just right.  He has no weapon, of course, but he has several very well done pouchs, canteens, backpack, shovel, and portable cot.

The quality on these is improving drastically.  The Velcro strips on the accessories are now 'riveted' on, and the level of detail and sculpting is fantastic.  These would have received four stars except for two things - first, the ends of the cot supports were included as separate pieces, most likely because it was too long otherwise to fit in the package.  No problem, except that mine didn't fit well into the ends of the cot, and were so loose that I had to glue them to keep them in place.  Second, his helmet is too large.  It's not obtrusive, but a slightly better design would have greatly improved the look.

Value - ***
At $30, these are finally getting to be worthy of the cost.  At $20 or less, you should jump all over them.  If you have a J.C. Penny Outlet store in your neck of the woods, I'd recommend doing a recon soon.

Overall - ***
This guy looks great, and fits right in with any W.W. II display you have going.  I'd recommend picking up the medical set from the Soldiers of the World line as well, and add them to his pile of accessories.




Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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