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I have decided, the new Star Wars films generally sucked. I came out of Revenge of the Sith totally confused, my years of loyalty wasted. But I havenít about that enough of late so I wonít bother writing anything more here. One thing that can always cheer me up after a disappointment like that is Toys!
For some reason I avoided the main figure lines and only picked up a few Star Wars bits and pieces, namely a few of the less rubbish Force Battlers and my favorite toy of the year, Darth Tater. A potato based version of our favorite Sith Lord. And now comes the sequel, Spud Trooper. And I love him!!! 

Packaging - ***
Our valiant Spud Trooper comes in a very nice plastic box. It holds him nice and safe, and shows off everything you get. Around the box is a card sheet showing of some good pictures of what you get, and even a few ďwackyĒ suggestions of what you can make the trooper look like.

The crazy thing about the style of box used is that, for a childís toy, the packaging is very collector friendly. He can easily be taken in out and still look good.

Sculpt - ***
It looks like a potato and it looks like a Storm Trooper, so you have to say itís pretty good. Obviously youíre not going top find something with intricate detail that you can amaze your friends with, but if you were expecting that I worry for you. Here you have a very fun and slightly stylized version of what we know to be a Storm Trooper.

As well as the traditional Mr Potato Head eyes, ears, nose and mouth our friend comes with the more trooper specific pieces of his feet, two arms a two piece head set and his ďmasherĒ. Managing to get him to look like a Trooper while still keeping him away from a more ridiculous look, isnít easy but those crazy guys at Hasbro who came up with the idea managed it. The one thing that I am a little disappointed about is his masher, in the promo images it was much more like a traditional potato masher, but here itís just a blue squiggly thing. (Iíll try and find the image I mean and you can see what I am talking about). 

He looks great though, I think I love him, but not like that though, that would be wrong. Anyway.

Paint - **1/2
There isnít much paint on our Trooper, most of the parts are actually molded in the appropriate color, but what is there is all good. Everything they have done is as good as can be expected for something this mainstream, only a wee bit of overlap on the arms takes anything away from him. His masher is actually mostly painted, being cast in clear blue plastic it had to be, but the detail on that is good and clean.

Accessories - Bupkis
No stars or lots, depending on how you look at it, none probably. 

He has no real accessories, but at the same time each piece of him could be considered an accessory by some. I however donít think he comes with many, only his ears and mouth could really be considered extra, and going on this I feel he is lacking. It would have been nice to have some extra bits then you could really customize him.

Fun Factor - ****
Any fan of Star Wars should love this, old or young. It may not be the highest quality toy in terms of construction but, sure as hell it will entertain any kid lucky enough to find one, (the ones my shop received were short packed 3:1, but I do know wholes cases exist).

If you have Darth Tater as well the fun will only increase as they look great next to each other, and mixing the parts can create some truly interesting combinations.

Value - **1/2
A normal Mr Potato Head comes in at £5 Darth Tater and Spud Trooper cost twice as much at £10. I know this is Star Wars and a lot of special parts were created for him, but double the price seems just a pound or two too much, £7.99 would have been excellent. But if you compare that to the normal Star Wars figures that price was never going to happen, so £10 was inevitable but a little too much in my book. 

Overall - ***1/2
Although he may be a couple of pounds too much this little guy is still pretty darn awesome, giving a heap load of fun to any one lucky enough to own him. If you already have a Darth Tater ad an extra half star as the extra possibilities make him even greater. 

Packaging - ***
Sculpting - ***
Paint - ***
Accessories - Bupkis
Fun Factor - ****
Value - **1/2
Overall - ***1/2

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Figure from the collection of Matthew Thomas.

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