FX7 and Rebel Trooper

Hasbro has released the final new wave for 2001, and two of these figures really stand out.  FX7, another droid, and a new version of the Rebel Trooper highlight this set.

These all have new cardbacks, only showing the latest four figures.  FX7 is designed to go with the Bacta Tank Luke.  These figures still sell for the $7-$8 range, although there is no force file card or any other sort of add in.  Wal-mart seems to be the first store getting this wave in quantity.

Packaging - **1/2
The backs of the cards have larger pictures of the figures, since it only shows this wave of four.  But the picture for both FX-7 and the trooper are very poor quality shots.  I've seen custom cardbacks with far superior images.

Sculpting - ***1/2
The sculpt work on these figures follows the consistently nice work that Hasbro has been doing recently on the small Star Wars figures.

The detail on FX-7 is excellent, and the sculpting of the hands and arms on the trooper to hold the gun is nicely done.  Of course that means he can't do much else, but I suppose that since this pose is the most interesting and important, you can cut him some slack.  There's also plenty of detail on his uniform and helmet, and the face sculpt is fairly good for such a small scale.

Paint - ****
The paint ops on both figures is excellent, particularly FX-7.  The small details all around his 'body' are very well done, and there's certainly no slop.

There's not as much detail work to the trooper, but his eyes were well done, and the colors were all clean and consistent on the uniform.

Articulation - ****
You can't argue with 39, yep, 39 points of articulation on FX-7.  His 'head' turns, his central arm repository turns, the small side arm turns, and all 18 arms have two points of articulation each.  Obviously he's the most articulated Star Wars figure ever, and he's unlikely to lose the crown.

The trooper is pretty good as well, but additional arm articulation would have given him some other pose opportunities.  As it is, he has neck, shoulder, hips, knees and ankles.  The legs are very much like the 21st Century eXtreme Detail figures, and because of the 90 degree cut joints at the knees he can manage sitting and kneeling positions without a problem.  Standing is a little tricky, but by putting one leg in front of the other you'll manage to get him upright.

Accessories - **
On the accessories front, we're pretty light here.  FX-7 comes with nothing, although he does work very nicely with the Bacta Tank if you also have that deluxe figure.

The trooper at least has his blaster, but a removable helmet would have been cool.  The hands are rubber banded around the blaster, and I'd suggest leaving them that way.

Value - **1/2
Some places like Wal-mart will have these for $7, and that's really pushing it.  Other stores will be charging as much as $8, and that's way too much.  A few stores may still have them for $6, and that seems far more appropriate.  Prices on figures have gotten completely out of line this last year, and I'm hoping we see that reverse in 2002.

Overall - ***1/2
FX-7 is one of the nicest 3 3/4" Star Wars figures they've produced, although he's not the most exciting character in the world.  I wish they'd put that much effort into the cooler aliens once in awhile.

The trooper is certainly an improvement over earlier versions, and I like the majority of the articulation.  The price is the only thing really hurting these figures.  The high marks in articulation, sculpting and paint helped these two to a higher overall.

Where to buy
The first bricks and mortar store that these have shown up at is Wal-mart, although I doubt either Toys R Us or Target will be far behind.  They are also hitting Electronic Boutique stores, and some have reported getting them for $6 there!  On-line:

- Action Figure Express has the set of 4 in stock for $33.95 plus shipping.  Search for 'FX-7'.  (MROTW Affiliate).

- Entertainment Earth isn't as good a deal if you can only by one set, but they might have them when others don't.  Their set of 4 is $39.99, and a case of 12 is $90.  Obviously, if you can get two more folks to go in on a case, it's a heck of a lot cheaper.  (MROTW Affiliate). 

- Aisle Sniper has them for $8 each, so if you only want one or two of this set that's the best approach.

- Michael Wong let me know that have the FX-7 and the new Amidala for only $5.99 each.  That's the best on-line price I've seen so far!

I checked about 6 other on-line retailers, and they were all either more expensive, or they didn't have them yet.  If you have a suggestion for a good on-line retailer, please let me know.  I'm always looking for new possibilities!

Figure from the collection of John Muse.

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