Blue Box Toys ( has been producing military and police 12" figures for a few months now, but I hadn't yet picked one up.  It wasn't because they didn't look nice, it's just that I already enjoy enough 12" fun from Dragon and 21st Century.  No more - Scar is my first Blue Box figure, but he'll be far from my last.

Scar is an evil mercenary, an ex-Navy Seal who was badly injured in a mission gone bad.  His men were killed, and his face scarred, and he blames the Seals rather than himself.  He's out for vengeance, and he's one mean little puppy.  He's part of the Elite Force Terminate line, the villains who are hunted by the Elite Force figures.  His partner is Carlos, also available now.

I bought this on-line - which is your best bet for these figures - from Echo Base Toys.  They figure was shipped very quickly, and in excellent shape.  There are tons of other dealers on the net for these figures, and I've listed a few others at the bottom whom I've bought from before.  Most places are selling Scar (and his partner in evil, Carlos) for $35.

Packaging - ****
Superb work here, stealing from Dragon but that's the right idea!  The box has beautiful graphics with excellent text explaining Scar's background.  All the accessories come packaged in such a way that they can be removed - the figure as well - without any damage to the box.  The best for both MIB and open collectors.

Articulation - ****
Blue Box again has followed the lead that Dragon set almost two years ago, and have provided a tremendously articulated body very similar to theirs.  It seems to have a little more heft to it though, and some may very well find this preferable.  I had no trouble posing Scar in tons of positions, and he holds his weapons well with one or both hands in multiple stances.  This is truly an 'action' figure!

Sculpting - ***1/2
It looks like Scar stepped off the screen, right out of an Ahnold film.  Here's a man with hate on his mind, and a nasty scar on his face.  The head sculpt is very well done, and the way they've allowed the cigarette to fit in his mouth without giving him a hideous head sculpt like the 21st Century cigar-chompers is quite unique.  It doesn't work perfectly, since the ciggie still likes to fall out of his mouth, but it's still an improvement.  Along those lines, the right hand sculpt works very well with all three guns, something that other companies should note.

The only improvement might be to get the face color a little less 'dead' looking.  My wife thought he was supposed to be a zombie - the face coloration does look a little corpse-like.  But overall, this is one excellent sculpting job.

Accessories - ****
Wow.  This guy is packed with fantastic accessories!  On the weapons front, there is a SIG 3240 handgun, with laser sighting device (which is removable) that fits into a great shoulder harness.  His hard plastic combat knife fits into a hard plastic sheath that straps between his belt and upper leg.  He has his AK-47 with removable grenade launcher attached to the front, and you can place one of many of the grenades into the launcher.  The bandoleer holds the individual grenades across his chest.  He also comes with a second, die-cast MP-5 automatic rifle with two removable clips.  And let's not forget the two hand grenades or two canister grenades!  There are also several pouches and pockets, his flak jacket (with hard plastic plate), and hard plastic radio that fits into a soft rubber holder.  And since no mercenary can be late, he has a great wrist watch, the most realistic 1/6th scale watch I've ever seen.

The only problem I see is that several of these accessories are extremely fragile.  Be particularly careful with the radio - the soft rubber cords are very likely to break.  The extreme detail in these items makes them naturally delicate, so be careful. Also, a couple of the clips have a tendency to fit poorly in the guns, dropping out quite easily.

Uniform - ***1/2
Since I've covered most items as accessories, there's not much left to discuss as uniform.  The boots are the highlight, although the soft rubber isn't too realistic, because of the wonderful sculpt.  The pants have rope ties at the ankles, and the uniform fits extremely well.  The flak vest is nice and tight, and even the colorful scarf (somewhat bizarre for such a man) is well done.  My only complaint is that none of the pockets are 'real', something that I'm starting to expect in most uniforms.

Value - ***1/2
$30 would be perfect, but even at $35 these are an extremely good value.  The level of quality in the accessories is simply amazing, and since many of the weapons are die-cast metal, you're getting something that even Dragon doesn't provide.  On top of it, the number of accessories far exceeds what you'll receive with the average Dragon figure.

Overall - ****
I don't buy too many modern forces figures, which is why I hadn't yet picked up any of the previous Blue Box figures.  But I do like villains, and Scar is one of the finest I've ever seen produced.  Grab one of these now - you certainly won't be disappointed.  I've ordered Carlos!

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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