Solomon Grundy

DC Direct's latest release is another in the Justice Society of America series, but a villain this time - Solomon Grundy.

Okay, so he's also been portrayed as misunderstood, but he always is on the wrong side of the JSA.  This figure is proving to be extremely popular, but that is likely to be due to the Pocket Heroes Wonder Woman that's packed with him.  She's called a 'free sample', but at $25, you have to figure she's part of the cost of Grundy.

Packaging - ***
The graphics and style of the box are good, and it's nice, collector friendly packaging.  There's a few too many twisty ties, but I can overlook that.  The big problem is that the box is very thin and cheap, and of the five I saw at my comic shop, not a single one was still in decent shape.

Sculpting - ****
DC Direct tends to be inconsistent with their sculpting.  One figure is great, the next so-so.  Fortunately, this one is the former.

The sculpt is extremely detailed, and looks terrific.  While the sculpt on the body and hands is nice, it's the face sculpt that really stands out.  If only DC Direct could do this good of job every time!

Paint - ***1/2
Paint ops were very good as well, and help make an excellent sculpt even better.  There's not a lot of detail in the ops, but the eyes and teeth are good, and the black is consistent and clean.

Articulation - ***
Articulation is another inconsistency for DC Direct, and this figure falls in the middle.  He has neck, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees.

He may also have waist - it moved slightly for me, but I didn't want to break it.  The only problem with the articulation here is the design of the sculpt.  Because of the sculpt, there isn't much range of motion for the joints.

Accessories - ***1/2
I'm counting two items here, the club and Wonder Woman.  I know she's a 'free sample', but she still comes with Grundy.

The club/torch is nice, with a good sculpt.  It fits perfectly in his hand, and is right in scale.  Of course, Wonder Woman kicks butt.  For more details on her, check my previous review.

Value - **1/2
This is a category where DC Direct is always hurt.  $25 for this figure is way too much, considering the quality and style we see in other figures in the $10-$15 range.  Yep, he's big, but so are many McFarlane toys.  And yes, I know that the more limited distribution causes prices to be higher, but not this high.  Normally, I'd tell you to shop around for a low price, but because of the Wonder Woman pack in, you might want to grab the first one you see.

Overall - ***1/2
This is one of my favorite DC Direct figures.  I'm not sure why - I'm not a big Grundy fan or anything - but he was a nice surprise.  Perhaps it's because he's a nice example of articulation and sculpting, or perhaps it's just because we don't get enough cool villains in the DC Direct line.  Or maybe the fascination with the Pocket Heroes Wonder Woman effected my judgement.  But he's on a shelf in my toy room right now, and he looks terrific!

Where to buy
If you haven't picked one up yet, you might be out of luck, at least at suggested retail.  Because of the Wonder Woman, these sold out fast.  Check with your local comic shop first.  On-line:

- Convergence Comics has them listed for $20, but like most retailers don't have any in right now.  They say they may get a few more in though... 

Another possibility with this figure is to hit the message boards at the various sites.  See my Frosty awards last week for some possibilities.  You may find someone that bought the Grundy only for the Wonder Woman, and would be happy to sell you the Grundy separately.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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