1:18 scale Batmobile

Javier steps in today with a great guest review of something I've been dying to get my hands on - the new 1:18 scale Hot Wheels Batmobile.  After seeing this review, I can't wait!

Thanks Michael. I've only done three reviews for Michael and they all seem to have something to do with Batman. It's funny 'cause I'm not that big of a Batman fan. I know Michael's site primarily deals with action figures, but I figured (no pun intended) most of his readers would definitely consider picking this toy. I have some die-cast cars, but I wouldn't consider myself a diehard for this type of toy. However, with that said once I saw this thing I knew I was going to have to purchase it. It's that cool.

Packaging - ***
The packaging is nice and clean, but it has no text about the car. Nothing about what movie it's from. Nothing about the specs. Nothing about nothing. Oh yeah, it was made in China and Hot Wheels is owned by Mattel. Well, what isn't made in China? And, Mattel...well...I'll refrain. The box is nice, but give me something to read. I'm a kid at heart and love reading fantastic tales about my toys. For the MOC'rs there shouldn't be a problem finding excellent packages.

Sculpting - ****
What can I say this thing is the best 1:18 die-cast Batmobile on the market. What am I saying it's the only one on the market. I was going to mark it down because the tires aren't rubber but are hard plastic. I figured it wasn't enough to warrant a deduction. The metal is nicely done. The phallic thing at the nose of the car extends from its encasing. There is some detail work, not a lot, but enough. The rivets and the bat symbol on the rims are nice and sharp. The cockpit cover slides forward to reveal were Bats and the Boy Wonder would sit. There are no moving parts that I could see, but the steering wheel, seats, pedels, shifters, and monitor are all there. The instrument panels are all stickers and they look good. They are not great, but do the job. The front tires turn, but the movement is limited and I wouldn't suggest turning them too much they felt fragile. One thing that was unexpected were the machine guns. There are machine guns on the right and left fenders that rotate out. You can
have them out or rotate them back under the car frame. This is a nice touch. This car is not in scale with the 6" figures, but would probably be more in scale with the animated Bats. However, the style of the car is better suited with the 6" figures.

Paint - ****
It's black. Nice black. Don't think any of it was painted. The metal sections have a tinge of brown producing a nice hue. I would recommend putting this thing in a case. It's a lint magnet. I only had it out for about 20 minutes and it had lint everywhere. You can see in the pictures. I didn't help that I used a sheet as a backdrop.

Value - ***1/2
I bought mine at a local "toy swapmeet/scalperfest." Most of the shops there had it for $30 and most of them did not want to lower their price. They kept insisting that only shops were getting them, no TRU or KBs. I finally found someone to sell it to me for $25. At that price I'm okay with the purchase. My understanding was that these should retail for about $20, so $25 isn't bad. The half star taken away was just 'cause those other guys pissed me off. If you are a Batman fan this is the car to get.

Overall - ****
I didn't want to give this thing four stars because nothing can every be truly perfect, but this comes close. Like I said the tires really should have been rubber and not hard plastic. If anything I really wished this was in-scale with the 6" Batman figure line. It's closer to the Animated Batman line, but those figures are more cartoony and look so-so next to the Batmobile. So why did I give it a ****? Well, you should hear the responses I get with this thing. I have a very wide collection from Minimates to 1/4 scale figures to 1:16 to 1:24 diecasts to busts to statues and I've never gotten the responses I've gotten with this car. I've had friends come over who like to look at my stuff and say things like, "that's cool" or "I remember these." But upon seeing the Batmobile their mouths literally dropped. They looked like kids pressed up on a glass counter drooling for that piece of candy just beyond their reach. If that was not enough friends who consider my obsession to collect toys rather odd, if not childish, are also enamoured with this thing. Expletives that could not be typed have been spouted over this Batmobile. This is definitely a must have if you even remotely like Batman.

Where To Buy:
I haven't heard of any retailer having these in stock. I have seen them at car hobby shops for $35. I've also seen them online for $20-$21 plus shipping, but most of them were pre-orders.

Figures from the collection of Javier Osuna.

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