Sith Lords 2 pack

The latest in the continuous barrage of 12" Star Wars figures is the Sith Lords 2 pack.  Unlike the new Bounty Hunters, here we get a weird combination of over done characters, reused parts, but new stuff as well.

These aren't exclusive to any particular store, although they are showing up at Toys R Us first.  I bought my set at for $49.99, but they should be a little cheaper at TRU, and I can guarantee these will end up on clearance some where eventually.

Packaging - **
As dull as the rest of Hasbro's packaging.  At least we get a shot of the final battles of both Vader and Maul on the back.  The head shots of both on the front aren't bad either.

Articulation - **
Same body Hasbro continues to use, although the rest of the industry has moved on.  Maul does split in half however, allowing you to do some serious damage to the bad boy.

Outfits - **1/2
The outfit on Vader is the same one as the electronic version, but with a removable hand as well.  The Maul outfit is the same as previous without the outer robe.

Accessories - ***
Maul has his double ended light saber that comes apart, and that's about it.  Vader comes with his light saber, and a removable helmet and hand.  Nothing exciting here, but not bad.

Value - **
Unless you're a nut about 12" Star Wars figures like me, wait until clearance.

Sculpting - ***
It's the same head sculpt on Vader as the electronic version, but it's a nice head sculpt at least.  The Maul head is another new sculpt, better than the single packed version, but not quite as nice as the Maul that came with the Sith Speeder.  Below on the left you'll see this Maul, and the Sith Speeder version on the right.

Single Pack Maul

Maul with Sith Speeder

Sith Lords Maul

Overall - **
The big selling feature here is the split apart body on Maul, and the removable hand on Vader.  Beyond that, you've already seen these figures more than once.  I certainly can't recommend that you spend $40 or more on this set, when it's extremely likely that you'll see these pop up eventually at $25 or less.  Spend your money on the Sith Speeder Maul instead.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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