Hasbro has released the number two winner in the Fan's Choice contest they held awhile back - Amanaman.  While it is released under the Power of the Jedi logo, it's part of the 'deluxe' assortments.

I found mine at Toys R Us, where they seem to be popping up first.  Regular retail is $11, and they are shipping with the new deluxe Slave Leia.  Anyone else think of the Maytag Repair Man whenever you here 'Amanaman'?

Packaging - **
As card packaging goes, it's okay.  Nothing really special here, but they do give you a pretty good still shot of Amanaman on the back of the card.

Sculpting - ***
The work on Amanaman himself is alright, but not of the kind of quality we've seen on some other recent releases.  The sculpt isn't as detailed or well cut, and the face is very 'soft' looking.  Better paint ops would have helped.

The sculpt on Salacious crumb and the other accessories is extremely good, however.  The skulls and the skeleton are both well done, and dear Crumb looks far superior than some of his previous incarnations.

Paint - ***
The paint ops on none of the pieces is particularly eye catching.  Poor A-man suffers from fairly weak colors to begin with, and when the source material hinders you rather than helps it's never good.  His colors are at least accurate, and fairly clean.  His face is very plain though, and needed greater detail.

The details on Salacious are better, and the colors well done.  The wash used on the skeleton is rather dull.  The nicest paint work is on the skulls that are attached to his staff.  The wash works very well, and the detail stands out nicely.

Articulation - *1/2
What articulation we get is pretty tough to use.  Crumb has zero, as he's just a PVC pretty much.  Amanaman has ball jointed shoulders, although they are very difficult to turn, wrists, and hips.

I suppose this is about the best articulation you could get, but a better design would have made the shoulder and wrist articulation more useful.

Accessories - ***
The best thing here are the accessories.  The skeleton, staff and Crumb are all well sculpted, and fit the character correctly.  He has some difficulty actually holding either the staff or the skeleton (the skeleton is rubber banded to his left hand), but with a little creativity you can find a good way to display them together.

Value - *
This is an eight dollar figure.  The usual Star Wars figure is a five dollar figure.  Throw in a couple more accessories, and it should be eight bucks.

Since we are bending over for the regular figures now, this deluxe figure is also a probative experience.  At least with Luke you get the fairly large and good looking Bacta Tank, or with Leia you get the cannon.  Here you're getting a couple small accessories - definitely not worth the eleven dollar price tag.

Overall - **1/2
If Hasbro would drop their ridiculous prices, these figures would be getting far better scores.  But as long as we're paying a good 30% or more too much, I can't rate them any higher.  I feel sorry for the completist in the Star Wars universe.  Their wallets have to be hurting.

Where to Buy -
Most bricks and mortar stores will be carrying these, although TRU seems to be getting them first.  On-line, thirteen bucks seem to be the norm:

- Entertainment Earth has the pair of Amanaman and Leia for $25.99 plus shipping. (MROTW affiliate)

- Aisle Sniper has them available for $12.99 plus shipping.

- Planet Action Figure also has them for $25.99 for the set. They are in the section for Star Wars.


Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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