300th Boba Fett

It seems like there are far more than 300 figures...but I suppose Hasbro knows best.  The claim is that the original Carbonite Han was 100, Mara Jade was 200, and this is 300.  I believe them.

Boba Fett is an appropriate figure for the honor, since he remains one of the most popular characters of the entire trilogy.  This version is more expensive than the average 3 3/4" figures, running $9.99.  They are shipping in cases of six, and showing up at Wal-mart and Target right now.  The one's I've seen are .01 for those who care about such things - I don't know if a .00 version exists.

Packaging - ***1/2
Hasbro is notorious for it's awful packaging.  This time they've certainly out done themselves.  I've seen 6 or so on the shelves so far, and everyone looked in great shape.  They seem pretty resistant to damage, and they display the figure perfectly.  Rather than the usual twisty tie hell, they've formed the interior plastic into a shape which will hold the Fett in the perfect position.  The graphics are great, and this is a very well designed box to display the figure.  He's clearly intended to stay in the box.

Articulation - *1/2
I'm being a little rough here.  The figure has 5 points, and perhaps waist, although I'm not sure.  What it does not have is elbow, knee or wrist, and that means it is only going to hold this one position.  He's a small statue - a very good looking one, but a statue nonetheless.

Sculpting - ***1/2
This is easily the finest Fett figure produced.  The sculpting is excellent, and the colors are extremely accurate.  This is a tremendous improvement over past figures.

Paint - ****
The sculpt is certainly an improvement on this figure, but even with the better sculpt, without this excellent paint application it wouldn't be the same.  They've gotten the colors right for a change, and you can set this guy right next to your Marmit Fett without worrying that he'll feel inferior.

Accessories - ***
Fett comes with a very nice little cloth cape, blaster rifle, handgun, and rocket for the backpack.  The backpack actually has two rockets - a gray one that is for display purposes, and a black one that fits into the backpack and can be fired.  All the accessories are nicely done, but there is one problem.  Every one I've seen has some level of bending on the blaster rifle.  Because of the stance and packaging, the rifle is forced too tightly against the shoulder, causing it to bend.  If you can, look for one with the least trouble. 

Value - **
The current price of 3 3/4" figures is $6.99 at most retail outlets.  Considering that for $3 more, you're getting a far better figure, it's not a terrible value.  Still, the current figures are way over priced, so it's not a fair comparison.  This figure should have been around $8.

Overall - ***
Drop the price a couple bucks and this figure would have been near perfect.  I can live without the articulation, but this is still over priced.  For the Star Wars fan, this is clearly a must have.

Below are pictured the three faces of Boba Fett - the original version on the left, the more recent Power of the Force version, and in the center the new 300th version.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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