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CoheteBoy sent over a great new review of Starscream - take it away!

Takara Toys is the company producing Transformers toys for the fans in Japan, and most notably, toys for The Transformers: Generation One.  While Hasbro is only just beginning to satisfy the hunger for Generation One in the states, Takara has already produced a slew of product overseas. 

In addition to the reissues of original product and PVCs (Heroes of Cybertron in the U.S.), Takara has produced a line of Mega figures of popular characters.  These are similar to the PVCs but are fully articulated and larger in scale (approx. 5").  There's talk of producing the line in the states so hopefully you won't need to wait long or pay a hefty price for these beauties.

Packaging - ***
Collectors who like to play with their toys and then return them to the box can rejoice with the packaging here, as the figure and accessories are easily removable.  No twist ties to be found here! 

What you get is a nicely detailed box that clearly shows the figure and the accessories inside.  The back of the box shows the three basic combinations that you can create with this figure (more on this below) with full color photographs.  The bubble tray is removed from the box without a need for tearing, and Starscream is thus ready to be removed.  Overall, it's a very nice way to display the toy.

Sculpting - ***1/2
The sculpting overall is top notch, recreating the version of Starscream that all fans will remember from the cartoon series.  Where improvement could have been made is with smaller details.  Since he is a robot, there shouldn't be so many flat and plain surfaces, but that's a minor quibble as it looks exactly like the cartoon.

Paint - ***1/2
While I award Starscream a pretty high score for good, clean paint applications, I take a half star away for not going the extra step.  All the colors are the same throughout and the result looks two-dimensional because of it.  But how could I complain?  It's Starscream and he originated on a 2-D format!

Articulation - ***1/2
Starscream gets high marks in the department for its articulation, but it's not a perfect score.  The figure features ball joints for both the head and shoulders (:::snicker:::), and features articulated biceps, elbows, wrists, legs, and knees.  The legs have limited forward and backward movement but can be rotated to face any direction.  Articulation would be perfect if there was a way to allow a full range of movement in some areas.  The head is limited to left and right due to the way the figure is sculpted.  Same goes for most of the other major limbs such as the shoulders and legs.

Accessories - ****
Wow, there's a lot of stuff here for a robot that pretty much has his own weapons attached to his arms!  The fists are detachable and can be replaced by a different pair of hands; mix and match for your favorite combination.  There is also a third right hand that is permanently holding Megatron in rifle form, just like in many episodes of the cartoon and in the movie.  Another version of Starscream that can be created is with the extra head w/ crown, cape, and shoulder pads, recreating the scene from the Movie where he takes charge of the Decepticons.

Value - **1/2
Had this figure been released in the states and priced reasonably, you can probably add another full star.  But since Starscream was an import from Japan, I paid just a tiny bit over $20 for a 5" figure.  But keep in mind that you're getting a nicely articulated and sculpted figure with a good amount of accessories.  Not to mention that there isn't another way of getting a Starscream action figure that looks this good.

Overall - ***
Once this line of figure hits the U.S., then you can add another star to Starscream since retail price will be much more reasonable.  But fans of Generation One will love this figure because a) of nostalgic reasons and b) it's a great action figure.  Starscream, however stands taller than the MegaSCF Optimus Prime, but it's still the best non-transforming figure of this character you will ever find.  Do use caution when removing and replacing hands though, for the rubber isn't the strongest material and can break rather easily.

Where to Buy - 
I picked up this Starscream at for $21.99. They also carry the rest of the Mega SCF assortment.

Figure from the collection of Coheteboy.

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