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Jeff Parker is back, doing a comparison of the two Warrior Aliens from Hot Toys.  Take it away, Jeff...

Thanks as always to Michael. This isn’t so much a full review but more of an update on the previous Aliens Warrior that I reviewed a couple of months ago. So to get the full low-down you can basically read my old review for the standard black/blue Alien viewable here.  That is until you get to paint apps, as that is a whole new ball game once you get to that category.

You can see more pics on the HT official website here.

Packaging: ****
Identical to the previous review bar for the fact this one carries a sticker on the front letting you know this is the limited re-pint edition.

Sculpt: ****
As before.

Paint: ****
With the last release Hot Toys managed to reproduce pretty faithfully the colouration that we all remember seeing in the movie. However the way we remember the Alien drones looking on screen is not how they looked on set. 

Stan Winston the special effects maestro and his team used much more earthy, cockroach like colours when applying the paint and make up to the outfits, and this time that’s what Hot Toys have given us, so all you Hot Toys Xenomorph completeists will want this for your collection (Hello, my name is Jeff Parker and I’m a Xenomorph completeist, but I don’t have a problem… I can stop any time I like!), but for your more casual buyer I guess it’s gonna be a toss up between the two, and that is pretty much down to personal taste.

They’ve also added a little more airbrushed tiger striping detail effect on the rear of the head and on the back breathing tubes. So all in all this is a great paint job, as we’ve come to expect from HT. Its brown/green colouration and glossy slimy finish certainly give this release a far greater gross out eeewwuugh effect. 

My kids were happy to play with the first one (closely supervised of course!) but they don’t even want to touch this one, and my youngest asked if he was made of pooh… so that gives you an idea of how ‘icky’ it looks… but that’s a good thing… right! 

Articulation: ***3/4
Pretty much as before except I did hear some people had damaged or loose ankles on some of the first release, one ankle on mine was slightly looser than the other but nothing major.

But I did notice that both were a lot stronger and stiffer on this version, whether this is just mine or an over all improvement made to the whole of this release I can’t tell you, but mine definitely stands better. 

Accessories: ****
As before.

Outfit:  N/A
As before.

Fun Factor: ****
As before.

Value: ***
As before.

Things to Watch Out For:
As before.

Overall: ****
As before.

Score Recap:
Packaging - ****
Sculpt - ****
Paint - ****
Articulation - ***3/4
Accessories - ****
Outfit - N/A
Fun Factor ****
Value - ***
Overall - ****

Where to Buy -
This is officially a SST exclusive in North America, but plenty are floating around on ebay for around the $130 to $180 mark, and Sideshow still have it on pre-order for $129 as does Forbidden Planet for £99.99.

Michael's Spnosor MyAuctionLinks helps find stuff on ebay as well.

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Figure from the collection of Jeff Parker.

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