Austin Powers 2 - Scott Evil, Fembot and Vanessa Kensington!

I received my Austin Powers 2 figures today, nicely packed from Another Universe.  I've never purchased from them before, but I had a $10 off coupon, so that made these three about $10 each shipped, cheaper than many stores.  Also, finding these three will be a little trickier, as they are the short packs, so this turned out to be the ideal route.  Another Universe packed them well, and got them to me with in a few days of my order.  On to the figures!

Packaging - **
The packaging is well done, from a purely aesthetic point of view.  Good use of illustration and art, and the figures and accessories are easy to see.  The use of the tape to hold in the accessories bugs me - I broke the magnifying glass that comes with Vanessa trying to get it out - but otherwise it's not bad.

Articulation - Scott  **, Fembot *, Vanessa *
Lame, lame and more lame.  Scott is the best of the three, with neck, shoulder, bicep, wrist, waist and thigh.  The thigh articulation could have been skipped though, since it does nothing for the figure.  Fembot and Vanessa are pitiful.  Vanessa has neck (rendered useless by the hair), shoulder (rendered useless on the right arm by the sculpt), elbow, waist, and ankle.  There is one pose Vanessa can strike, and I have absolutely NO idea what I'm supposed to do with the bizarrely designed right arm.  It doesn't look right posed in any way.  Fembot suffers the "I can't stand on my own two feet" syndrome.  She has neck articulation, one shoulder, elbows, waist and thighs.  However, she's pretty much confined to a single pose as well, due to the sculpting of her arms, legs, and the hair makes her neck articulation useless.

Accessories - Scott ***, Fembot **, Vanessa **
All three figures come with decent accessories, particular to the character.  Scott's stand out again, with his skunk, cd player and chain for his neck with little handcuffs and luger attached.  The use of real chain for this and for the chain from his belt to his wallet is a very nice touch as well.  Fembot has a couple fuzzy, pink pillows, along with a fuzzy fan.  Unfortunately, the fan does not fit into the hand it is intended for very well - I couldn't get it to work at all.  Vanessa has a small computer, bottle and champagne glass, and magnifying glass.

In addition, they come with the three stands/sound boxes.  That's fortunate for Fembot, since (like Danger Austin) she can't stand without it.  All three boxes are louder and clearer than the original figures, a definite improvement.  Vanessa says "You can address me as...Agent Kensington", Fembot "Hello Mr. Powers.  Care to have a little fun?" and Scott "A trillion is more than a billion, numbnuts".  I assume since stores had a problem with 'horny' with the first set, that 'numbnuts' is part of the 'dirty' versions.

One final note on accessories - Fembot has an 'action' feature that I've added in here to get her the score of **.  Pushing a button on her back reveals twin gun barrels...


Paint application - ***
Good job on the paint work, particularly the eyes.  Nice work with the makeup, and the black nails on Scott were a nice little touch.

Sculpting - **
Unfortunately, none of these figures stand out in terms of the level of sculpting like Mini-Me or Dr. Evil did in the first series.  As you can see from the closeups below, all three exhibit some flaws.  I'm most disappointed in Scott Evil, and I'm hoping that MAC does a better job with him in the Buffy line.

Overall - **
This series is a disappointment after the first series.  That series contained some terrific sculpts, excellent accessories, and some truly great lines from the movie.  If I didn't have the first series to compare these too, they might have faired better, but knowing that McFarlane Toys can do better meant a harsher review.


Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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