Austin Powers 2 - Dr. Evil and Mini-Me Deluxe Set

The Deluxe boxed set of Mini-Me and Dr. Evil is now showing up at your local Toys R Us stores.  At $15 for the pair, with the scooter and four sounds from the movie, it's not a bad deal, price-wise.

Packaging - ***
An improvement over some of the other boxed sets from McFarlane.  The box isn't overly huge, and for the MIB collectors the figures are well posed with some decent artwork in the background.  Not quite as many twisty ties as in some situations, but there is one holding Mini-Me's left arm to the plastic insert surrounding their legs that is just too much.

Articulation - **
Do you have the first set?  Then you know what this set is like.  The elbows on Dr. Evil swivel, and the ankles and waist on Mini-Me are also articulated, but otherwise it's pretty standard McFarlane fair - neck, shoulders, wrists.  And unfortunately, the hands do not hold the handlebars well at all on their own.  The sculpts just aren't set up for it very well.

Accessories - ***
There is only one - the scooter.  But it kicks butt!  The design is solid, great paint work, and the double foot pegs for both Evil and Mini-Me ensure that they stay on the scooter - particularly important since the hands don't hold the handlebars well.  The voice chip is built into the scooter, and says four things - "Eeeeee eeeeee iiiiiii...", just like the first series Mini-me, "I will not tolerate your insolence", "Come Mini-Me", and "Breath taking...I shall call him...Mini-me".  The Dr. Evil voice sounds a little off on mine, not quite as good as the first version was in reproduction.  But it's nice and loud, and fairly clear.

Paint application - **1/2
The application itself is pretty good, considering the massive amount of silver paint on the two bodies.  There isn't any variations across the bodies, or the scooter, which is good - but if you look at the closeups above you'll see that both figures have problems with a lack of paint on the top of their collars.  The paint work on the heads themselves is really terrific.  Unfortunately, I don't really like the silver, and as I remember they were wearing the standard gray outfits at this point in the movie.  But I suppose they felt they needed to differentiate the figures on the shelf.

Sculpting - ****
I don't give four stars very often, but these sculpts are great.  They are both new - and both capture the characters fantastically, unlike the new Austin sculpt or the Scott Evil sculpt.  In particular, the look on Evil's face is priceless, and really works well in this scene.

Overall - ***
Easily the best of the second wave of Austin Powers 2 toys, I was quite surprised by them.  I hadn't planned on picking up any of the re-done figures from the first wave, but when I saw these in person I changed my mind.  A must have for the big Austin Powers fan, and they deserve a second look for even those with only a passing fancy.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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