Austin Powers 9" Series 2
(updated 4/21)

Imagine my surprise when I found these at the local Kaybee Liquidators store.  I had no idea there were be a second set of three 9" Austin Powers figures from Trendmasters, and considering that I found these on clearance ($8) at an out-of-the-way liquidators, I suspect they won't be showing up at too many major retailers.

There are three in the series - I only bought two for now.  Two are Austin variations - the 'randy red suit' shown below, and the blue striped suit similar to the figure produced by McFarlane Toys in their second series.

The red suited version has the same head sculpt as the original (see above for head sculpt pictures), but says two new things - 'Groovy Baby', and 'I put the grrr in swinger, baby!'.  His special accessory is a Mojo Vial.

The Dr. Evil comes in his 'silver suit' this time, with the addition of a tiny Mini-me.  This Mini-me has a nice head sculpt, but is very small, approximately the same size as the McFarlane version.

Dr. Evil says two new lines - "I will not tolerate your insolence" and "Why make trillions when we can make...billions".


Overall - **

No surprises here on sculpting or costumes - they follow the same quality as the previous Trendmasters figures.  But the new sounds are good - particularly Dr. Evil's - and it's unlikely these will see too wide of a release.  If you're a big Austin Powers fan, I'd grab them when you get the chance.  If you weren't enamored with the first three, I'd stay away from these.

4/21/00 Update - Shagedelic Suit!
I ended up picking up the third figure in this series - the new striped suit.  He says four phrases - Smashing, Baby!  Oh, Behave! Yea, Baby! and Very Shagedelic! which is identical to the first series 9" Austin figure.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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