Little Big Heads - Universal Monster Wrestlers

Why do I like these guys so much?  It's an odd thing really - I had never expected to buy any of the Little Big Heads.  I thought the sports versions were ridiculous.  But I've always loved PVC figures, and I think that, combined with my love of the Universal Monsters, has overcome my original dislike.  I now own all the LBH Monster figures, including the extremely silly Thrashers.

The new set of Wrestlers has just started showing up at TRU stores around the country, and I picked up my set over the last week or so at different stores.  Looks like the Creature might be the toughest to find, but you shouldn't have too much trouble completing a set.

Paint application - ***1/2
As usual, Sideshow toys did a very nice job on the paint application.  The colors are sharp, and there's no slop here.  A cute touch is the use of the Monsters 'symbol' on the wrestling costume.  In cases where there wasn't one, they improvised well.

Sculpting - ***1/2
Sideshows greatest strength is their sculpts, and all of these are very good for the LBH style.  I particularly like Drac and Frank, but none of them are bad.

Accessories - ***
I count the little stands as their accessories, and they are well done.  Cute names, and the stands ensure that each character stands through your average earthquake.

Overall - ***
While these aren't as cool as the more straight forward, yet true-to-source figures, they are very well done.  At $4 a pop at most retail stores, they are certainly easier on the pocketbook then the latest Star Wars figures to boot.

Packaging - **
Similar to the other LBH's and Universal Monsters that they've done, the packaging is fairly straight forward.  As I understand it, Universal doesn't allow for much leeway or artistic interpretation by Sideshow, which is too bad.  The packaging could certainly be spiced up with some original film images. 

Articulation - *
Sideshows greatest weakness, in all their figures.  Yea, I know some people are impressed by the 8" figure articulation, but even that is a poor combination of cheap engineering, and practically unusable design.  Here you get one joint - the neck - and it is pretty much worthless.


Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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