Shelf 'Enhancers' for Displaying Figures

Dimensions - 9" deep, 3.5" high, expands from 14.5" to 28.5"

Finding good ways to display your figures is always tough.  Here's a couple products that can be found at your local Bed, Bath and Beyond store for a very reasonable price, that will greatly enhance your shelf layout.

The first one is called the 'low profile' Expand-A-Shelf.  It's manufactured by a company called Neat Things!, with a website at:  To the left you'll see a couple pictures displaying Star Wars figures with this arrangement.

The neat thing about this shelf, is it's ability to expand from about 14" to 28", fitting most standard bookcase shelves.  At a price of $7.99, it's an exceptional value, and I give it an easy ****.  There are other sizes available as well (and other prices, of course), and some have black strips along each shelf.  I prefer the low profile version, since the figures are not that tall themselves.

Up next is an acrylic version, manufactured by USAcrylic.  More aesthetically pleasing, it does not expand but is fixed at 18" wide.  This will work well for most bookcases, but lacks the versatility of the previous model.  The acrylic is slightly more expensive - the one pictured here cost $9.99.

However, you can't say enough about the good looks of acrylic.  If you have other acrylic cases in your display, this piece will be an excellent addition.  Another easy ****.

I have only found the acrylic versions at the actual store - for online buying info on the white plastic, expandable ones, see below.

Bed, Bath and Beyond also had a very nice, wooden version, at $14.99.  This may fit in with your decor better.  I suggest stopping by the store and wandering around for awhile - they have quite a number of interesting items that may spice up your displays!


Dimensions - 8.5" deep, 3.5" tall, 18" wide


As I stated earlier, these are available at any Bed, Bath and Beyond store or at their online site:

Or you can buy the white Expand-A-Shelf directly from the manufacturer:

Connie Basham reports you can also find these at many Walmart and Kmart stores, in their housewares department.  They may even be cheaper - check it out!

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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