Little Big Heads Series 2

Once again I find myself buying up these Little Big Head figures as soon as they hit.  This time I didn't even wait until they made it to the local Toys R Us - I bought them at the on-line store at  If you're a first time buyer there, using the code SPRING should get you $5 off your purchase plus free shipping!

The new set of LBH figures roll together several of the soon-to-be-released 8" lines.  The Metaluna Monster, Mole Man and Phantom of the Opera are particularly nice, and make a great addition to your Universal Monsters display.

Paint application - ***
Great application, as you'd expect from Sideshow.  However, there's something about the colors of the Mole Man and the Metaluna Monster that don't quite sit with me - it's hard to put my finger on, but they don't seem quite right.

Sculpting - ***1/2
Another terrific set of sculpts.  In particular, I really like the Phantom of the Opera - Mat Falls did an excellent job on both the head and costume.

Snazzy pajamas!

Overall - ***1/2
Certainly cooler than the slightly silly wrestlers and skateboarders, these are some very nice sculpts of rarely seen Universal Monsters.  Even if you're not a particular fan of the LBH style, check these out at your local store.  At $3.99 each, they aren't a great value, but certainly not a rip off either.

Packaging - **
Been there done that.  Again, I wish Universal would let them do a little more with these.  Pictures of the creatures from the films or posters would look terrific.

Articulation - *
Practically none, just as with the other LBH figures.  There's a neck joint, so you can turn their heads slightly.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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