Portrait Edition Return to Naboo

Three Portrait Edition dolls were released in 1999 - two of Queen Amidala, and one of Princess Leia.  There were (are) supposed to be four more this year - this was the first.  I haven't heard of the other three getting released yet, or what they will be.  The reason for this review - once again, I'm alerting you to a major deal.  These had been selling on for months for $59.99, the same price that the others originally sold for.  I had never seen them at any store, or from any other retailer for that matter.  But this last week they went on sale at KB stores for $14.99.  They are no longer at the web site, but that may change.

Packaging - ***
The same size and style as the previous Queen Amidala Portrait Edition packaging.  You can see all sides of the doll without opening it up, and the packaging is bright, sturdy and well designed.  Unfortunately, I know from opening these boxes up that the Queen will have all kinds of odd ball twisties and cardboard inserts in her dress.

Sculpting - ***
Nicely done, although since the Queen had that 'porcelain doll' look to begin with, it isn't hard to replicate.  The paint work is extremely good however, and the eyes are very detailed.

Articulation - *
The articulation on this body is very poor. Think of it as a poor version of Barbie.  Neck, shoulders, waist, hips and knees are it, and the feet are too small and rubbery to hold her up without the included doll stand.

Uniform - ****
The real reason you buy something like this.  The detail, quality and work put into these portrait edition outfits make it well worth the fifteen bucks.  This outfit is a particularly beautiful shade of uh, purple I think (I'm color blind :).  It isn't a perfect match for the movie version, but it's damn close.

Overall - **1/2
If you're a Star Wars collector, this is a must buy at $15.  I suspect they may be tough to find at that price - our KB only got in four of them so far, and I had to bum these pictures off a friend's.  But with a little perseverance you might get lucky, as it is in many things in life.  If you're not a Star Wars fan, well, spend your money on something else.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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