Hallmark Catwoman and Superfriends Lunchbox Ornaments

It's beginning to look a alot like Christmas...okay, not yet.  But each year, Hallmark does a couple DC (or Marvel) related ornaments.  This year I picked up the mini Catwoman, and the Superfriends Lunchbox set of 2 ornaments.  As always, Hallmark did a pretty good job.




Super Friends Lunchbox and Thermos set: ***
This is a really terrific ornament.  The lunchbox is all metal, and has pictures of Flash, Batgirl and Green Arrow on once side, and Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman on the other.  The removable (and second ornament) thermos has Catwoman, Joker and Riddler.  If the paint work on the thermos had been lithographed, like the tin box, it would have gotten a better score, but instead they used a paper label.  But the artwork is excellent, and these two will look excellent on any Christmas tree.

They are all available right now at Hallmark stores.  The SRP on the Catwoman is $9.95 and on the Super Friends is $14.95.



Catwoman: **1/2
Hallmark does an assortment of ornaments they call 'mini', which are obviously much smaller than a standard ornament.  Last year, they did a very 60's Batman and Robin set.  They've followed that up this year with a Catwoman to go with them.

In this small of size, it's tough to do a great sculpt, but the job is passable.  I would have prefered if they had done these figures in full size though.  At least the choice of costumes is cool, and I know there are plenty of fans of the 'dress' look for Catwoman.


This year's mini Catwoman matches last years mini Batman/Robin combo in scale.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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