Ballqube Display Cases

Every collector is always looking for new, inexpensive, attractive ways to display their figures.  One such option are acrylic containers such as those manufactured by Ballqube (  They manufacture a wide range of sizes and shapes, something to fit just about every collectible.  I've pictured two different ones here - the 'Figure Holder', which is sized for 8"-9" figures, and the 'Basketball Holder' which is sized for basketballs.  Duh.

Their standard figure case works quite well for a single 8" or 9" figure - a 10" one might fit, but he'd be crowded, and there's no room for a 12" figures.  Exact dimensions are 5.20" x 3.90" x 10.45".  You can see below that a Famous Cover figure fits nicely, as does the Lone Ranger figure to the right.

At 2 for $14.96, or 10 for $66.10, they cost as much as many of the Famous Covers figures themselves.  I'm not sure that the value is there for the average figure, but if you want to ensure that you will keep your favorites dust free, I'd recommend these babies.


They make lots of other sizes as well, intended for all kinds of collectibles, from sport jerseys to cereal boxes.  One of these other cubes is the Basketball Holder, and it's dimensions are 9.44" x 9.44" x 9.44" - it's too small for anything bigger than a 9" figure, but it's squarer design will allow you to hold more than one figure, or set up small dioramas under protection.

To the left you'll see this holder containing a bundle of Star Trek Megos, and three Famous Covers figures.  I've also seen this cased used to set up the Flatt World Bela Lugosi with his coffin and extras.  If you're looking to set up a scene, but still want the protection from dust, these larger models will do the trick.  This one costs $25.83 for one, $23.08 each for 2 or 3, and for 4 or more they drop to $20.70 each.

They also make wooden bases for these larger figures, at an additional cost.

All of these cases open and close the same way - there are two pieces, each one accounting for three of the sides of the cube.  They slide together to form the plexiglass box.  This makes for a very seamless container, but I found that you have to be very careful taking them apart and putting them together to avoid scratches and breakage.


Overall - ***
This product works just like advertised, and looks terrific on the shelf holding your action figures (or other collectibles).  My only complaint is the price - whenever an 'extra' costs more than the collectible itself, you have to question the value you're getting.  If the figure holders were more on par with $5 a figure, I'd be much more pleased with these.  Still, if you have a few figures you consider your favorites, it would be worth it to give them the kind of dust and damage protection these will provide.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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