Dragon Alfred

Dragon continues in their abilities to produce top quality, 1/6th scale action figures.  This is the second WWII series figure I've purchased and reviewed, and I'm still in awe at their talents.  I really wish they'd turn their attention to some other areas of history, and some other wars of the past.

I've kept a large number of links at the bottom for those looking to find these on-line.  Right now few stores carry them, so on-line is really your best bet to find a variety.  Some on-line stores will also sell individual items from the characters, but their stock is often limited so make sure you buy early if you see something you want.  The official Dragon site is at

Articulation - ****
Dragon is still kicking ass with this body.  Excellent range of motion, and the double jointed knees, elbows, and excellent neck joint still make this the finest 1/6th scale bodies on the market today.

Sculpts - ***
Alfred is an improvement over Hermann, my previous figure.  The sculpt is a little more 'lifelike', but he has a bit of a smirk that makes him appear a little less tough.  I like the addition of the scar on his cheek, although it is a little too straight and perfect for a scar.

Packaging - ****
Another beautiful packaging job.  The figure is easily removable without doing any damage (although I still think they can skip the two twisties they still used) and the graphics work is fabulous.  A nice history of the figure and the specific involvement in the war is included on the inside flap.  Excellent work!

Uniform - ****
Another area that Dragon excels.  The detail on this uniform is particularly good, with things like the small metal eyelets on the camouflage tunic reminding you how detailed these figures are. The camouflage cover on the helmet is removable, and the coat underneath his camouflage is the same quality as you've come to expect.  I particularly like the boots on this figure, and the level of detail they put into the sculpting of all their boots is something I've really appreciated so far.

Paint - ***
Another area that was a little better than Hermann.  The skin tone and paint work is more even here, and looks much more realisitic.

Accessories: ***1/2
The accessories are their usual excellent quality.  Alfred comes with two stick grenades, the usual ammo pouches, his rifle and a bayonet and sheath.  While I like the details used in these accessories, it still seems a little light in terms of quantity.  Also, the sheath material isn't quite up to par with the other items, and it doesn't appear as though this bayonet can fit on the rifle.  Still, they are minor complaints.

 Overall - ***1/2
There is one caveat about this particularly figure - Alfred is an SS soldier, so if you or someone you know would be offended by that, take heed.  Alfred has the traditional lightning bolts on the collar of his inside jacket.  However, if you aren't bothered by the politics but are interested in the history, this figure is for you.  I have already ordered my third Dragon WWII figure, Dave, and will be reviewing him when he arrives as well.  I suspect I'll be buying quite a few more of these!

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