Dragon's Dave

Dave, a Sergeant in the 1st Infantry Division, is my third WWII Dragon figure.  He quicklyl became my favorite so far!  While the interest in 6" and smaller action figures may have seemed to wane, look no further than all the terrific 1/6th scale product out there to see where the market is going.

I've kept a large number of links at the bottom for those looking to find these on-line.  Right now few stores carry them, so on-line is really your best bet to find a variety.  Some on-line stores will also sell individual items from the characters, but their stock is often limited so make sure you buy early if you see something you want.  The official Dragon site is at

Articulation - ****
I've raved about this body all three times now.  The articulation is excellent all the way around, and the only thing that would be an improvement is if more of their figures had finger articulation.

Sculpts - ***1/2
The best sculpt so far, Dave has a gruff Sargeant quality about him, and looks a little like George C. Scott.  The flesh tone is much better, and there isn't the glossy appearance to his face paint.

Packaging - ****
Dragon does a wonderful job with their packaging, some of the nicest on the market today.  This one is no exception.  To accommodate the larger number of accessories, they packed them in a plastic bubble attached to the inside flap.  Again, they managed to do so without forcing the buyer to destroy the package to get everything out.  Nice job, Dragon!

Uniform - ****
Sweet!  The uniform is perfectly detailed, fits fantastic, and is great quality.  Some people feel that these uniforms don't look 'weathered' enough, but I don't mind in the least.  The helmet is two piece, with the inner liner removable.  The boots are interesting - I prefer the cloth uppers that Hasbro used on a similar figure, but at least these have an elastic strap across the bottom of the boot, giving the impression that they are separate. *NOTE* A friend just let me know that they are in fact two separate pieces, with the uppers removable!

Accessories: ****
Unlike the previous two WWII figures, Alfred and Hermann, I felt I as getting my money's worth on accessories this time.  Dave comes with a belt, various pouches (including his cloth ammo bag), canteen, M1916 revolver, his Thompson, several clips for his Tommy gun, and his bayonet and sheath.  Items are held to the belt with metal clips, and the plastic used in items like the bayonet and canteen is very high quality.  The M1916 has a removable clip, and the detail on the stock of the Thompson submachine gun is great - wood grain!

The only thing to watch out for are the small pegs used to close the holster and the canteen.  They can easily pull out of the plastic and get lost.  One pulled out for me, and I replaced it with a little super glue.  I'd also avoid snapping the top loop on the sheath holding the bayonet.  It looks weak to me, and I've heard others say it breaks easily.

 Overall - ****
Can you say 'kicks ass'?  I knew you could.  The best sign of a terrific figure is if it convinces you to buy another, one you might not have bought otherwise.  After getting Dave, I've already decided to order Scott, and I highly recommend you do the same!

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Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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