Dragon Display Cases

Dragon Models, the now famous makers of exceptional 12" action figures, just released a new display box specifically designed to show off your 1/6th scale figures.

I picked mine up at Reasonable Collectibles ( for around twelve bucks plus shipping.  The folks there shipped it quickly and well packed, and I've been pleased with their overall customer service.  I'm sure that most of the other Dragon sellers on line will be carrying these as well.

The case comes with a protective sheet over the clear plexiglass, reducing the chance you'll get one with any scratches out of the box.  The construction is fairly solid, and the design is quite pleasing.  You could also stack more than one on top of each other if you so desired, although I don't think that would look too good.

One of the more interesting features is the inclusion of two round brackets of different sizes.  These can slip around the waist of pretty much any size 12" figure, and they attach through the back of the case.  This will hold the figure steady, which would be far more important for some of the figures that are feet-impaired like Barbies.

Here you can see Alfred inside the case.  The black background is nice, allowing you to have a good contrast against which you can easily see the figure.  I think I prefer this to the all clear cases.  The front of the case is angled, so you can easily see the figure from all three sides.


Overall - ***
I like this case quite a bit - it's one of the nicer designs I've reviewed.  I'd have given it at least 3 1/2, maybe 4, except for two points - I'd prefer it down around ten bucks, and it's just a little too small!  If you notice in the pictures above, Alfred cannot hold his pistol out in front of him.  This case is designed for figures to keep their arms down by their sides, and that's not exactly conducive to the way you'd really like to pose most of your military figures.  Just another inch of depth and this case would have been perfect.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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