Famous Covers Toad 2 Pack

It seems like it's been an awfully long drought for the Famous Covers collector.  But shipping now to Toys R Us is the X-men Movie Toad 2 pack.  This set is a 'then and now' sort of thing, with a classic version of Toad packed with the Ray Park movie version.  These are exclusive to Toys R Us stores (and their web site).

There are two more 2 packs coming - one for Storm, which is rumored to be delayed for at least another month, and one for Wolverine, which some stores have received.  They are a limited run of 15,000 and retail for $24.99

Packaging - ***1/2
Excellent, as usual.  The graphics are bright and clear, and although there is no 'comic' on the front, they do provide a shot of Giant Size X-men #1 on the back.  On the inside flaps, they give a brief history of both versions.  As always, the figures are removable without the need for damage, but this time the inner sleeve is silver rather than gold plastic.

Sculpts - ***
The original Toad sculpt itself is excellent, if a bit oversized.  The head should be this large, but the problem is that the body isn't quite fat enough to make it in proportion.  The movie version looks to be identical to the small, 6" version.  It captures the Ray Park look extremely well.

Articulation - ***1/2
It's the standard type 1 Famous Covers body.  The classic Toad body has been 'padded' to give it extra fat.  He has regular male toed feet.  The movie version has new 'boot' feet, however, here's a problem.  Mine looks like he has two left feet, literally.  I'm not sure if they tried to cut costs and thought they could get away with one boot mold, or mine is just defective.  It's pretty obvious though, so you should watch for it. 

Costumes - ***
Some folks may find classic Toad's less than appealing, but you can't fault them for trying.  The purple accents on his costume are all removable from the main piece.  My wife says the colors are off - too gold and fuschia, not green and purple from the illustration.  I'm color blind, so don't ask me.  The padding works well, but they could have used more.  The padding is sewn into the front of the costume.  His only real weakness is the boots - they look good, but they are constructed in such a way that keeping him standing is going to be tough.
The movie version sports a terrific costume, with a long sleeve turtle neck sweater, pants and jacket.  The construction is excellent, particularly the jacket (with hood!).  One negative note - for some reason, after doing such a good job every where else on the costume, they decided not to hem the bottom of his pant legs.
Value - ***
For $24.99, you're getting two very unique figures.  While we've gotten a little too spoiled with 6 and 7 dollar FC's at lots of stores, it really isn't reasonable to expect that kind of price point.  This seems very appropriate, and it's well worth the cash.

Overall - ***
This pair is a welcome addition to my Famous Covers collection.  Maybe it's just my natural addiction to these things, but I like even repulsive old classic Toad.  But don't tell him that when his collar's flipped up in back he looks like a daffodil.

There is one thing that might turn some folks off.  If you look at the picture below, you may notice like I did that the classic figures from these 2 packs will fit into the overall FC line much better than the movie versions.  Their costumes are too 'modern' I think to really fit well with the other comic book versions you already have.  Actually, I think the movie versions may look best with the wrestlers - God forbid.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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