Famous Covers Wolverine 2 Pack

Today I returned to my local Toys R Us, and what should my eyes spy, but the new Wolverine Famous Covers 2 pack.  This is the second in the set, after the Toad set I reviewed just yesterday.

There are two more 2 packs - one for Storm, which is rumored to be delayed for at least another month, and one for Toad, which is currently shipping to stores.  They are a limited run of 15,000 and retail for $24.99

Packaging - ***1/2
See yesterday's review.  I like this package slightly better than the Toad package, however.  This is probably due to the fact that neither the classic or movie Wolverine are as butt ugly as poor Toad.

Sculpts - ***1/2
Excellent work, even better than the Toad set.  The movie Wolverine looks a lot like Jackman, and the classic Wolverine is a tremendous improvement over the original, removable mask Famous Covers version.  See below for a comparison shot.

Articulation - ***1/2
Classic Wolvie is a type 2 body, while the movie version is a type 1.  Nothing particularly unique here. 


What is that circular thing on the back of his costume supposed to be?  Why don't I remember this from the movie?
Costumes - **1/2
At first glance, these are pretty nice.  The classic Wolverine is in particular an improvement over past versions.  The sculpted head is far nicer than the previous removable mask versions, and the new hands with cloth cuffs are far superior to the old 'toxic waste gloves'.  However, I'm not happy with the new boots - I actually prefer the big boots the older versions had.  Also, we can see one of the major cost savings in the feet - these boot feet are the exact same ones for the movie Toad, movie Wolverine and classic Wolverine.

Movie Wolverine looks good, but the pleather they've used feels thin and cheap.  It's also tough to use the articulation of this figure, since the pleather does not bend and move the way the spandex or cotton uniforms do.  Again, the movie versions really don't fit in well with the other, older FC figures on the shelf.

Value - **1/2
If you hurry, there is a $5 off $25 dollar coupon in the store circular that is only good through 8/12/00.  If you grab one, they will let you use it (wish I'd known that at the time!).  For $20, these are an even better value!  This set is a little tougher to spend $25 on, since the average FC collector already has two previous versions of the classic Wolverine.

Overall - ***
Cool, though not perfect.  If the pleather material had been a higher quality on the movie Wolverine, I would have liked this set better.  But if you are looking for a strict comparison, I prefer the Toad 2 pack right now.

The previous FC Wolverine (l) meets the new kid on the block (r)

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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