Star Wars Mas Amedda

After many months of nothing new, Star Wars fans are being treated to some new card art and accessories along with their new Collection 1 and Collection 2 figures now shipping.  These are called 'Power of the Jedi' or POTJ for short, and each includes a 'Jedi Force File' rather than a Commtech Chip.

Right now, I only know of these hitting at Target.  And while the price was SUPPOSED to drop to $5.99 with the removal of the chips, someone must not have told Target.  These are $6.79 there, 

Accessories - *
The only reason they get any stars is that I'm counting the Jedi File Card as an accessory.  Poor Mas doesn't even get a blaster!  Nada!  Zippo!  And the Jedi File Card is an utter rip - very little value here.  It's an eight sided, folded piece of paper.  Yep, it has some info about each character, but it's pretty much just a glorified version of what used to be on the card back.  These aren't nearly as nice as the chips or the freeze frames - if you're going to save us money, that's fine, but I'm still paying almost seven bucks for these.


Packaging - ***
Some sweet looking cards.  I really like the more 'active' look that the card art portrays.  The colors are extremely vibrant, and these really stand out on the peg.  At least for now ;-)

Articulation - *1/2
The usual Kenner 5 point treatment.  The plastic robes tend to reduce the value of the articulation even further, leaving very little 'posing' you'll be able to do.

Sculpting - ***
Excellent work on Mas.  Great head sculpt, and the cloak and body are quite nicely done as well.

Value - *
At first, I really thought this figure was great.  Until I actually started to consider what I had bought.  Seven bucks?  No accessories?  I felt cheated instead of pleased.

The back and front of the tremendously disappointing file card.

Overall - *1/2
A great sculpt and nice packaging can't overcome the extremely poor value.  If these were $5, I'd have been happy, but for almost $7 I certainly can't be too pleased with Hasbro.  Some of the other figures, such as the Coruscant Guard, at least have another accessory, making them slightly better than poor Mas.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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