Target Exclusive 12" Speederbike

Target has been dry for quite awhile now, at least for the Star Wars fans.  But suddenly in the last few weeks, we've seen an influx of new product - Collection 2, Y-wings, and the ultimate prize, the 12" Speederbike with rider.

Easily one of the coolest 12" figures so far - rivaling the Han/Taun Taun as best 12" set - this bike and rider have given the 12" line a much needed boost in the arm.  These are a Target Exclusive, and run $49.99.  If you haven't found yours yet, don't despair.  Target claims only a small fraction of the total run has even shipped to stores, and that they will be going out over the next few weeks.

Accessories - ****
It's all about the bike, now isn't it?  And this bike excellent!  The rider fits perfectly, and the bike is the correct scale.  The addition of the cloth pack on the back really adds to the realism, and the clear plastic base allows the bike to tilt to one side or the other.  On top of that, there's the new, very cool, ankle holster for the trooper's blaster.  Overall, this is a fantastic set.  I almost took off points for the cheap material used for the biker's pouch's, but I just couldn't do it.


Packaging - **
This box is huge, but well designed.  For the MIB collectors, you can easily leave it in the package and still enjoy the sheer coolness.  If you are an opener, get yourself a pair of wire snips and leave yourself some time - this thing is well tied in.  As usual with Hasbro, you'll utterly destroy this box taking it out.

Articulation - **1/2
Nothing new here - the standard Hasbro 12" Star Wars body is in use.  These certainly aren't as well articulated as, say, the new 21st Century product, but it's serviceable.  Let's hope they get the hint from the other companies and start giving us great articulation in the future.

Sculpting - ***
Not much to screw up here - the trooper looks as you'd expect.

Value - ***
I think a perfect value would have been closer to $40, but considering this is an exclusive, I'm not at all surprised by the $50 price tag.  I'm hoping that production is high enough on these to make them pretty available to folks, without allowing the scalpers to make too much off of them.  Don't break down yet - if you haven't found one, keep looking for at least a few more weeks.

Overall - ***1/2
Even if you don't normally collect the 12" format, this bike is calling your name.  But as cool as this thing is, I urge you to be patient - scalpers have been buying the early ones up, so you don't have to worry that they won't have them to sell you 3 months from now.  Rather, you should wait and give it some time at the store.  I bet we see this continue to trickle in for at least 3 or 4 more weeks as more and more stores do their fall reset.  Another thing to remember - look up when trying to find these. They are so large, that they are very likely to end up on the top shelf.

Remember - if you get impatient and buy it from a scalper, you're only giving them an excuse to do it again next time.

I'd also like to thank Larry Jones for letting me take these pictures of his loose bike - thanks!


From the collection of Larry Jones

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