Playmobil Santa and Sleigh

If all my toys that I currently own were to somehow disappear, and I had to start all over again, it's very likely that I'd only collect one line - Playmobil.  The diversity of the figures and sets, covering everything from Western, to Pirates, to Knights and Fantasy, and even tons of everyday and unusual characters, make it one of the coolest brands out there.  

About three years ago, they started doing Advent calendars, which have become very popular.  They've done a basic Santa for awhile now, and this year they've added a Manger scene, the Three Wisemen, and this terrific Santa/Sled set.

Sculpts - ***1/2
It's Santa and an angel, done in standard Playmobil style.  If you like this style, and don't mind a slightly European Santa, then you'll be quite please with this set.



Packaging - **1/2
Nobody I know keeps Playmobil mimb, but if you do, they provide terrific color pictures of all the contents.  The boxes are sturdy, but go ahead - open that guy up!

Articulation - ***
Playmobil figures all come with a standard six points - neck, shoulders, wrists and one at the hips.  Hey, they're only 3" tall, and it's one more point than standard Hasbro.

Accessories - ****
Playmobil's greatest strength is the terrific variety of figures and accessories they produce.  This set includes the sled, well designed and engineered.  The four reindeer connect easily, and there is far less chance for breakage or problems with this set than with similar toys.  Santa has his big black boots, white cuffs, and red hat, while the Angel comes with a halo, wings, and wand.

There are presents a'plenty.  Three boxes fold together easily and neatly.  The basket can be used to carry the teddy bear, soccer ball, horn, and race car.  And four Playmobil 'videos' top off the presents.

Value - ***
An area that Playmobil is often hurt is in value.  Yep, they are terrific toys with tremendous play value, but the economic value often suffers due to the high cost of importing the sets.  However, as more and more stores, particularly big chains like Target, start carrying the brand, we're seeing prices come down some what.  This set is actually an extremely good buy at Target for about $13.

Overall - ***1/2
If you're looking for a unique Christmas decoration, this is truly it.  I plan on picking up the other Christmas items for a nice holiday display at work.  Although some of the sets are expensive, Playmobil never disappoints.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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