Dragon's John Steele, RCMP

Dragon Models continues to make superb 1/6th scale action figures.  I've bought several of their WWII figures, both American and German, and have been impressed with the excellent quality and detail.  So when they announced a unique figure, John Steele, Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman, I knew he'd look terrific on my shelf.

On line is your best bet to pick up these figures.  Some specialty shops carry them, but you tend to find better deals with your net retailers.  I've tried several different places - this time, I used the Toy Cellar (, and was very pleased with the prompt service, good price, and excellent packing.  At the bottom of the review are some other suggestions for online retailers that carry Dragon figures.

Sculpts - ***1/2
An improvement over some of their others, at least John doesn't have a huge nose.  Rather than looking German, he could certainly pass for a Canadian.  However, they really need to get a new hairstyle for their guys.  Clearly, they all get their hair cut at the same Fantastic Sams.



Packaging - ****
Setting the standard in packaging for others to follow these days.  Excellent graphics, and a very good overview of the RCMP on the inside flap.  Of course, it's in both English and French ;-)

Accessories - ***
I'm a little disappointed in my selection of accessories this time.  The new American WWII figures have spoiled me.  John comes with his gun, holster and belt, and a couple pouches, but that's it.  The gun is extremely well detailed - the bored barrel is a nice touch of Dragons on most of their weapons.  What you have here is very nice, but I would have liked a few more items considering the cost.  Extra gloved hands would have been one additional accessory that would have been nice.  Also, the hole intended for the snap on the holster is somewhat blocked by the pistol itself when it's inside.  It's a slight design problem that they should have considered.

Articulation - ****
The standard Dragon body.  For those that haven't had one yet, the figure has a better than average number of points of articulation for a 12" figure - neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees, and ankles - but throws in double joints at the knees and elbows to allow for almost any pose.  The ball jointed neck and waist assembly are also well above average, making the Dragon body one of the most poseable on the market today.

Uniform - ***1/2
Another excellent job on the uniform.  The quality is extremely high, particularly on the insignia on the jacket.  The hat is excellent, although lacking a strap.  I'm assuming that's accurate, although I could have swore that this style hat had a strap.  The gloves are actually separate from the hands - the hands are little 'stumps' that fit inside the gloves and the gloves are glued to them.  In this way you still have the wrist articulation, but get an excellent looking glove.  The boots aren't bad, but the spurs needed to have points - dull, round spurs, while perhaps accurate, don't do much for the figure.

Value - **1/2
Dragon figures are sometimes excellent values - I think the American WWII figures provide wonderful value.  But this isn't one of those cases.  Dragon is charging more for this figure, presumably because it is an exclusive for a Canadian company called Mikerian Mercantile, but the figure itself does not have enough accessories to justify this higher cost.

Overall - ***1/2
Unfortunately, this figure didn't quite live up to what I had hoped.  The fewer number of accessories at a slightly higher cost was the reason.  But I'm still very pleased with the purchase.  What is here is as exceptional as ever, and I applaud Dragon for branching out into some characters that add color and conversation to your display.

"Freeze, scumbag!"

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Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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