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Resident Evil 5 Wesker and Sheva sixth scale action figures by Hot Toys

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Jeff Parker is back tonight with a Hot Toys double header. Up first is two of their latest Resident Evil characters - tell us all about them, Jeff!

A big thank you as always to Michael, and bearing in mind the holiday season is nearly upon us, by the time you read this I should probably be wishing you a happy 2010. EDITOR'S NOTE: And now a happy Valentine's day...

Anyway, here I am back in the world of Resident Evil 5. I’ve already covered Chris Redfield, but now it’s the turn of his long term arch nemesis Albert Wesker, and also Sheva Alomar, the new partner Chris is assigned to guide him around the African territories, the scene of the latest bio-organic weapon (Uroboros virus) outbreak, once again set in motion by the dastardly Mr Wesker.
Resident Evil 5 Wesker and Sheva sixth scale action figures by Hot Toys

Resident Evil 5 Wesker and Sheva sixth scale action figures by Hot Toys
Resident Evil 5 Wesker and Sheva sixth scale action figures by Hot Toys
Resident Evil 5 Wesker and Sheva sixth scale action figures by Hot Toys
Resident Evil 5 Wesker and Sheva sixth scale action figures by Hot Toys
Resident Evil 5 Wesker and Sheva sixth scale action figures by Hot Toys
Resident Evil 5 Wesker and Sheva sixth scale action figures by Hot Toys
Resident Evil 5 Wesker and Sheva sixth scale action figures by Hot Toys
Resident Evil 5 Wesker and Sheva sixth scale action figures by Hot Toys
Resident Evil 5 Wesker and Sheva sixth scale action figures by Hot Toys
Resident Evil 5 Wesker and Sheva sixth scale action figures by Hot Toys
Resident Evil 5 Wesker and Sheva sixth scale action figures by Hot Toys
Resident Evil 5 Wesker and Sheva sixth scale action figures by Hot Toys
Resident Evil 5 Wesker and Sheva sixth scale action figures by Hot Toys
Resident Evil 5 Wesker and Sheva sixth scale action figures by Hot ToysResident Evil 5 Wesker and Sheva sixth scale action figures by Hot Toys
Resident Evil 5 Wesker and Sheva sixth scale action figures by Hot ToysResident Evil 5 Wesker and Sheva sixth scale action figures by Hot ToysResident Evil 5 Wesker and Sheva sixth scale action figures by Hot Toys
Resident Evil 5 Wesker and Sheva sixth scale action figures by Hot Toys
Resident Evil 5 Wesker and Sheva sixth scale action figures by Hot Toys

Albert Wesker is pretty ‘oldskool’, he’s been around in the Resident Evil/Biohazard series since the off set, in fact he’s been affiliated with just about every organisation within the game, from RPD and S.T.A.R.S through to ‘The Organisation’ and the Umbrella Corp. He’s so slippery you can never be truly sure where his allegiances lie… in fact, it’s better just to think of him as a free agent, with delusions of a deity complex!

Sheva on the other hand is an all-new character for part 5 in the ongoing franchise, and she certainly ticks all the boxes when it comes to desirable game play… if you know what I mean. She’s a lean mean, close quarters combat expert with a nice line in weapons training, she’s smart, well informed and of course it never hurts that she’s mighty easy on the eye.

So with the ranks of character figures filling out nicely for this game, will these two prove indispensable?

Packaging - ***1/2
These two boxes follow the same basic layout as Chris Redfield's so we get a predominantly dark box with an image of the character taken from the game on the front alongside the logo and character name whilst the back has photos of the figure with a brief bio. They have a magnetic panel holding them shut along the right edge, this lifts to show the figure through a window in the main box, whilst the flap opposite has a tray holding their many accessories. These inside flaps have differing images for each character, Wesker's shows what looks like a hanger/military instillation, Sheva has a ruined village, showing the after effects of a violent skirmish and Chris’ box had a deserted dusty dirt track at sunset. So, another nice pair of boxes that deserve the same scores as Chris easily.

Sculpting - Wesker ****; Sheve ***
I love Wesker's head sculpt, it’s based closely on the characters features in the game, and after Googling some pics it became obvious that this is (in my opinion) the closest sculpt out of the three to the subject matter. But I’m also seeing quite a bit of a young Bill Nighy coming through as well, now this reference photo here isn’t a ‘young’ pic of the actor, but you get what I mean. I don’t know if the characters facial features were based on him at all, but it’s not beyond the realms of possibility!
This head was sculpted by Kim Jung Mi, and he’s captured Wesker with a very intense expression, staring straight ahead with a determined steely gaze, showing slightly down turned corners to his mouth. His features are lean, almost edging towards gaunt, bringing to mind Bowie as The Thin White Duke as well, I mean, just look at that hairstyle, it’s him!

Everything is wonderfully executed, especially the fine details on that brushed back hair, you will also notice there is a disguised zigzag seam running over the back of his head, it looks similar to the one on the DX Joker, but where as that one was detachable to access the PERS feature, this one is glued in place. It’s actually a clue to one of the stages in this figures construction; as with the flick of a small switch on the side of his neck, his eye’s light up brightly. When this figure was first unveiled as a prototype it was shown as having red glowing ‘Terminator’ style eyes.  But between those initial photos being taken and the production figure landing in our hands he underwent something of an ocular upgrade. What we have are a pair of eyes that actually manage to look pretty natural even when unlit, as the light up plastic lenses inserted into the head are very dark and glossy when not switched on. However, when illuminated the iris has an intense red outer edge graduating to a bright yellow with a black cat like slit down the middle. I really hope my photos can do this feature some kind of justice, as in the flesh it’s pretty spectacular.

Now Sheva is the classic combination… well at least it’s a classic combination in video game lore, i.e. she looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, like a rare and beautiful, delicate flower… whilst also being extremely hot… and dangerous

This means that when called upon, when needs must, when evil rears its ugly head, she is ready and willing to bear arms and kick zombie ass into the middle of the next millennium with extreme prejudice.

This sculpt is another by Hiroki Hayashi, who seems to be fast cementing himself as the resident artist for female head-sculpts at Hot Toys, and it’s on the whole another winner from him. There is a lot to like here, but I do think she has lost just a little of her look in his translation to 3D reality. The figure seems to embody more of the girl next door with an impassive, innocent expression, where as the character of Sheva comes across as a much more dynamic, passionate and down right sexy lady.

When comparing pictures of her I think it’s the same problem as with Chris, the face is just a tad too long again. The observations on her mouth, nose and hairstyle are mostly faultless, her eyes are almost the right shape but a few percent too small, however the thing throwing it off slightly is the over all proportions. If the eyes sat lower in the face, were a tad larger and if a little of her pouty, streetwise attitude could have been captured, then I’d have been a lot happier. One area I have absolutely no problem with is the execution of her hair; it’s worn in a tied back style with a short tousled ponytail at the back and a couple of loose panels at the front hanging over her forehead, this shows some nicely interpreted detail work on individual strands and the relaxed way in which it all falls. She also has a tiny pair of real metal earrings; these are shiny gold in colour and dangle from small piercings made into the actual ear.

So, whilst I don’t think they have nailed the face, I’m still very pleased with her and she’s a very attractive figure, I’d even go so far as to say that you’d have to scrutinize her pretty closely (but hey, it’s my job) to make the kind of observations I did above. '

However, if you are a more casual fan of the game, and more particularly of this character, then I still feel confident about recommending her for your shelf… just not quite as confident as I do with Wesker.

Paint - ****
Like Chris, these are a great representation of how these characters look in the game, and once again this is an aspect of the figures I can’t find any real fault with.

Wesker has that typical Nordic, Aryan’ colouring, paleish pink flesh, the kind that goes ‘lobster’ in the sun and dirty blonde locks that are slightly darker at it’s tips. This means the layers at the back of his head have a slight airbrushed tiger stripe. The rest of the skin tones are all good solid work with nice variations around the mouth and eyes. As I said above, considering this figure has the ‘light-up’ action feature, the eyes look almost as good unlit. They look to have been pre painted then inserted from within the head, meaning that when you flick the small switch at the base of the neck, the ball at the top of the head-post (like the Iron-Man figure) is illuminated, making both the eyes light up good and bright in their ‘mutated’ colour fashion. He also comes with a fantastically built pair of tiny sunglasses, which replicate his game worn ones perfectly, they really help add to his sinister vibe when those mutant eyes shine through the lenses. I did find that his head needed the occasional firm push down, this is not because it comes loose but after a bit of posing with the light feature turned on I did find you could get some stray light escaping around his neck-line, but a good nudge down on the post and it soon stopped.

Sheva is an action woman, more concerned with her day-to-day survival than with spending hours in the salon, but that don’t mean she can’t still look drop dead gorgeous. I’ve already said that I feel this sculpt is slightly off, but the paintwork is still beautifully applied giving her an even and warm complexion. There’s lots of smooth graduation work in her flesh tones and the finer detail work on her mouth and eyes is crisp and accurate showing a well balanced use of tones and a nice glossy finish on those baby browns, they even gave us a nice representation of the tattoo she wears on her upper left arm. Like I keep saying, I can only really find positive things to say about the paint, virtually faultless as always.

Both figures also have some paintwork on their extra hands and many of their accessories, and without exception all are well carried out.

Articulation - Wesker ****; Sheva **1/2
This is another area where Wesker truly shines, but sadly poor old Sheva doesn’t come off quite so well. You see Wesker uses the classic True-Type body (which I just found out is undergoing something of a revamp itself). The only real departure from its classic form is that this version has newly sculpted forearms to aid in his overall aesthetic, because of his short sleeves. They show a little more texture and vein detail, but apart from that not much has changed, and because of the relatively unrestrictive nature of his outfit he can achieve pretty much any pose you could hope for… but as for Sheva, oh poor Sheva!

I don’t mind admitting I felt more than a little let down by her articulation, you see, she is just the sort of figure that is crying out to be posed in some John Woo type ‘bullet time’ mid action sequence shoot ’em up poses, but a combination of body design and tight clothing render this all but impossible…sigh!

Firstly her tight pants and belts that are tethered to her holster make her unable to achieve any deep stances, even a shallow kneeling pose is quite a struggle. But the other sad fact is her arms, which were specially designed for this character, and it has to be said they do look fantastic, just can’t quite do the business.

Their construction is in effect a solid inner armature with a metal hinge at the elbow, over which a nicely shaped rubber sheath fits to form the arm shape. The problem is they just do not have the range to hold her guns in a convincing manner. They bend at the elbow to about 90 degrees, and there is a reasonable degree of movement at the shoulder, but the upper arm has no ability to turn in either direction. I could get her to just about hold her rifles in a style that crossed over her body, and to hold her pistols with a double-handed grip, but if you fancied a decent sniper pose or even a relaxed sideways shotgun/assault rifle pose, sorry, no can do.

A fellow collector, Penn over at Sideshow Freaks managed some nice positions that are worth a look here. So obviously all is not lost, you can either find a pose that isn’t restricted by her ‘limitations’, and although they won’t be that dynamic, there are still plenty to be had. I think the problem was slightly compounded for me by how easily I managed to get the Chacha figure from Goemon to hold Sheva’s guns… but of course she doesn’t need to, oh the irony!

So, in summing up, Wesker’s articulation is all you would hope it could be, and whilst Sheva’s is far from terrible, it still feels very restrictive for a character of her nature.

Accessories - ****
As is always the case with VG characters they tend to pick up quite an arsenal on their journey through the game. Some guns are for specific tasks while others become their signature weapons, but what ever your favourite is, these two certainly come well equipped. Wesker comes packing-

- Knife
- Handgun / ‘Samurai Edge’
- Machine-Gun / H&K MP5
- Shotgun / ‘Hydra’
- Magnum / ‘L. Hawk’
- Magnum / S&W M500
- Laser / Laser Targeting Device 'Shango'
- Shoulder Holster
- Smart Phone
- Sunglasses
- Watch
- Two Sets of Interchangeable Hands with spare wrist pegs
-12 inch figure stand

While Sheva comes with
-Knife (Gurkha style)
- Handgun / M92F
- Machine-Gun / VZ61
- Machine-Gun / AK-74 (same as with Chris)
-Shotgun / Ithaca M37 (same as with Chris)
- Shotgun / M3
- Riffle / H&K PSG-1

- Magnum / S&W M29
- Hand Grenade
- Ammo Pack / Handgun
- Ammo Pack / Machine-Gun
- Headset
- Radio
- Jewellery
- Five interchangeable posing hands with gloves + spare wrist pegs
- 12-inch figure stand

Apart from the Ithica shotgun, all the weapons have articulated elements like sliding stocks, opening barrels, removable magazines etc, so you can expect the usual high standard from all these accessories. The only things I’ll point out as being worthy of particular note is that the earpiece on Sheva’s headset can prove tricky to keep in place, so again like with Chris another miniscule blob of Blu-Tack can go a long way. Also when you open Wesker’s triple barrelled shot gun ‘Hydra’ there are three small cartridges, just be aware, so you don’t lose them. As I mentioned above Wesker also comes with some perfectly scaled sunglasses, these don’t have folding arms but do have tinted transparent lenses, they sit well on the bridge of his nose and tuck in well behind his ears, but they do feel potentially fragile, so take care when handling them.

I also had a bit of difficulty getting Wesker’s Laser targeting weapon (which reminds me of the laser weapon from Akira) to fit snugly in his hand, meaning I got better poses pointing it to the side like a rifle rather than over the shoulder like an RPG.

Both figures also come with a good selection of hands, Wesker’s extra ones are a pair of fists, I made the mistake when I reviewed Chris (for which I apologize) of thinking his extras were just fists as well but his left hand can also open up to hold his knife tightly.

Sheva is actually a south-paw in the game so she comes with two gun grip hands, two relaxed/general grip and lastly a tight fist/knife grip hand, you’ll find through a process of trial and error that these hands all interact in different ways with her various accessories, but they all hold the objects well.

Lastly there are the obligatory black figure stands, both have the game logo and character name, so if stands are your thang they’ll both fit in just hunky dory with your other figures, but I managed to get both standing just fine without them.

Outfit - ****
What is it about bad guys and black, I mean it’s beyond a stereotype?
What goes through the mind of every single one of them, from Lord Vader and Voldemort through to the Nazgūl and Dracula himself?

Do they stand in front of their closet every morning thinking, “Hmmm, what to wear today, the plaid jacket with the sage slacks, or the tan leather bomber jacket and jeans? But there again I do kind of plan on being evil again after lunch… I know, I’ll wear the tight black pants and jacket with the flowing black cape/coat… again!”

Anyway the outfits on all three of these new Resi 5 figures are just outstanding at replicating what we see in the game, and Wesker's slightly camp ‘disco villain’ outfit is beautifully rendered. It’s described as his ‘Midnight’ costume, and has elements of Neo’s outfits in the Matrix, both for the seminal lobby scene and his techno ninja priest look, but with a sinister ‘shiny’ twist.

So what we get is a long coat and trousers made of the same material, it’s quite thin and flexible and is blind laminated with a small chessboard ‘chequered’ effect running over the whole thing, the coat is fully lined and has a high collar that is doubled over and stitched in place so the lapels lay right, but you’ll still find yourself futzing a bit. It has a fine wire running through the hems which helps for both action poses and small folds and flourishes for general posing. The trousers have working pockets and belt loops, through which run his clip-buckled belt, the pants then tuck into his high boots a couple of centimetres below the knee. His boots are made from soft rubber, offering a good degree of flexibility, not quite up there with the ninja boots we got with the two male Goemon characters, but still far better than the old style rigid plastic. He also wears a high-necked, tight, zip up shirt with a belt around the collar. This is a similar design to the material used on his other garments but instead of just being printed it had a raised, embossed effect for the chequered weave. I have to admit I like this effect, and it would have been cool if all of the outfit could have utilized it, but I’m pretty sure it would have hampered some pose-ability because of it’s thicker nature. It fits snugly to the body and has elbow length sleeves meaning the articulation isn’t affected too much at all. He also has a shoulder holster constructed of moulded vinyl, I guess this straddle the accessory camp as well, but simply slides over his shoulders and can hold both of his spare magazines on one side (you may want to add a little padding or Blu-Tack for these as they are a loose fit) and either of his automatic pistols can slide in on the other side.

Sheva’s outfit is less theatrical and far more utility consisting of a snug fitting, patterned vest top, this has some great detail, both in replicating the woven blue pattern and on the delicate leather straps running over its back. On top of this she wears a leather shoulder rig, which like Wesker’s is made of flexible vinyl, this helps to add to that ‘action girl’ look and also to strap her shotgun to. I have to say getting the strap on the back to close tightly over her shotgun took me quite a while, I’ll give you a tip… two toothpicks and a lot of patience! She also wears two belts festooned with a Gurkha knife in its scabbard, pockets, pouches, holsters and trinkets that all sit over her cotton, cargo style trousers, which feature working pockets throughout. To help ‘fill out’ these trousers, underneath them she wears a pair of padded stockings that end at the hip, these do a good job in helping her silhouette look even more natural, but sadly compound some of her articulation problems… but more on that later.

She also wears a pair of real ’pleather’ boots, these are fully constructed of soft leather like fabric on the uppers and are welted to a rigid sole, they bear a striking similarity (though not identical) to the ones that Silken Floss came in, with the most obvious difference being that these are brown. Next up are her leather gauntlets, these are constructed of a soft leather like material as well and have two straps each to bind them tightly to her forearms. Lastly comes her traditional African jewellery, consisting of bands on her arms and an ornate necklace with another band around her neck (this works well in disguising where the head pushes onto the neck post).

All of the garments are without exception well tailored to the body, and mine show no loose threads or bad seams, the only real problem was that when I tried to get any deep poses that meant bending the legs acutely at the upper thigh/groin area, then the Velcro that held the flies shut did tend to pull open. But this seems to be a problem with her over all mobility, leading us nicely onto…

Value - Wesker ****; Sheva ***1/4
Sideshow had both of these for the RRP of $149.99, but all of their allocated stock have been sold out for some time, however with a little detective work (well, actually just link to Michaels sponsors) you’ll find both for a little cheaper, in fact as cheap as $135.

So basing my score on this I have no problem whatsoever in giving Mr Wesker a top score. But Sheva just can’t quite achieve this, it’s a combination of her face not looking 100% right (well to me anyway) and the fact that she can’t get into any easy poses with her rifles, however some may find she fairs better for them, especially if you planned a more general standing pose anyway.

So weighing things up, even with her few faults, I found those arms are so well constructed and finished that even with their limited mobility they do end up looking very life like, and coupled with her fantastic arsenal, then it’s hard being too tough on her!

Fun Factor - Wesker****; Sheva **1/2
Just like the other categories Wesker comes out smelling of roses again. He’s just so easy to pose, has a great array of accessories, a well constructed outfit and to top it off he has that cool light up eyes feature. In short he’s about as much fun as a figure can get in terms of ‘play value’!
Sheva has her problems, as I said above, but is still a fun figure in terms of looking good on your shelf, but if your plans were for some more action orientated poses or you planned a lot of ‘extreme’ photography, then you might have to either re-think, or get ready to do some modding.

Overall - Wesker ****; Sheva ***
Well Wesker ends the review with almost a clean sweep, and he fully deserves it, for me he is definitely the stand out figure from the line, and he has me looking forward to the S.T.A.R.S version  that should follow soon. I love the light up eyes feature, the head sculpt is solid and the paint works well with that sculpt. He has a great selection of weapons and extras so basing my score on a price of $135 he gets a full score as a no brainer, he’s fantastic.

Sheva however does have a couple of problems that I’ve already gone over in depth above, but she is still a great figure with many outstanding features. So if you’re a 1/6th collector, a dedicated gamer, a fan of the Resident Evil series or you just feel the need for a good representation of this particular lady for your display, then this is still a very cool addition for any collection!

Where to Buy -
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Alter Ego Comics - $134.99

Big Bad Toy Store - $139.99

Forbidden Planet - £129.99

Resident Evil 5 Wesker and Sheva sixth scale action figures by Hot Toys
Resident Evil 5 Wesker and Sheva sixth scale action figures by Hot Toys
Resident Evil 5 Wesker and Sheva sixth scale action figures by Hot Toys

This product was purchased for the review by the reviewer. Photos and text by Jeff Parker.

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