The Dark Knight Joker - DX version
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I'm dying to get this figure, but Jeff beat me to it - he's looking at one of the most anticipated releases of the year, Hot Toys deluxe (DX) version of the Dark Knight Joker. Let's hear all about him, Jeff!

Many thanks as always to Michael for hitting us thrice weekly with his cool collectible reviews.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s virtually seven months to the day that a mystery FedEx envelope landed on my desk at work… it contained a small forensics sample bag with a tiny swatch of blue/black fabric. It was the first clue in a viral campaign designed by those clever people at Hot Toys to start us guessing what the next figure from The Dark Knight (TDK) would be.

After some frenzied internet activity it was quickly decided (well, by some!) that it would be The Joker in the cop disguise that he (blink and you’ll miss it) wears briefly in the movie. But nothing at that point prepared us for the fact it would be the first ‘DX’ figure… hell, at that point we didn’t even know ‘what’ a DX figure was.
But now we do, and it seems to be Hot Toys ‘premiere’ series of figures incorporating their latest innovations, best sculpts, finest tailoring, tons of extras, and if this first release is anything to go by, some of the coolest packaging to date! 

So, now, once again 1/6th collecting has stepped up a gear, I remember back when I reviewed the first Enterbay Bruce Lee figure from Game of Death that I commented on how it had taken 1/6th collectibles to a new level, well believe it or not that was nearly three years ago, and one helluvalot has happened in that time!

Enterbay gave us their take on moving eyes with that first figure, a variation on the old Eagle-Eyes’ that Palitoy's Action Man had devised back in the 1970’s. Then ZC Girl got in on the act… so I guess the natural progression was for HT to give us their version. They’ve christened it PERS (Parallel Eyeball Rolling System) and it works very nicely… once you’ve got the hang of it.

Where as the old action man figs could only look right and left, and the Enterbay figs could look in virtually all directions, but each eye moved independently of each other… which was great for ‘comedy’ poses with the likes of Mr Bean, but could occasionally prove frustrating for some people when trying to get both eyes looking in exactly the same direction. Well, with the new PERS technique they will always end up looking in the same direction… hence the ‘parallel’ part of the description. However I strongly advise reading the enclosed instructions for the system and taking it slowly and gently… do NOT force any movements. I feared at first mine wasn’t working, or was too stiff, but after gently turning the handle and delicately pushing it around while holding the head firmly with my other hand I eventually got the knack. You have to remember this is a posing system designed for serious collectors… the kinds of people who will pay $170 to have a miniature facsimile of Heath Ledger as the Joker on their shelf, so don’t expect this to ‘swoosh’ from side to side like a kid’s toy. This is a more delicate, finely tuned little mechanism that needs to be teased with loving care rather than yanked, but the payoff is pretty darn cool, and has set yet another benchmark in figures with poseable eyes!

You really need to get your magnifying glass out to see just how exceptionally detailed these eyes are. They are actually miniature glass eyes, so we get an ivory white ball with microscopic red thread veins coming in from the sides, the iris colour is set back within the translucent construction of the eye giving the finished product real depth and making the pupil actually look like it’s floating… now if we could just make those pupils dilate!
But enough on the PERS… well for now, let’s get on with the rest of this thing!

Packaging - ****
Over the last couple of years Dixon Chan has designed some of my favourite boxes for Hot Toys, and this is yet again another outstanding bit of packaging… but as it’s the first DX, I guess secretly we all guessed we were in for a treat! 

Mine came protected by a brown mailer box, I slid the inner box out and was met by a silk finished pewter/metallic outer shell that wraps around the 4 main sides, while the top and bottom are a deep, bright purple. The back has some distribution details while the front has the movie logo, character name and a subtle blind varnished image of one of the ‘Joker’ cards used in the movie, blown up to fill the space. It’s the same image used on the inside box for the bank robber Joker that came out at the beginning of the year (2009 for those of you reading this in the archive section). 

The right side is a magnetic flap and this lifts to release the top section which opens like a book cover to the left, once fully opened you’re met by a swathe of the deep purple colour, it really is a beautiful full dense colour. The right inside cover has a brief description of the Joker, while the panel covering the contents has cut-outs housing 3 playing card style ‘Jokers’ facing you, the middle card has another brief bio while the outer cut outs house 2 cards each, one on top of the other. One has an illustration of Ledger in his Joker gear while the others are copies of the ones used in the movie. This whole panel lifts out with a small ribbon that sticks out at the bottom, stuck to its underside is a layer of black foam. Now we finally see the figure… or what actually appears to be figures! 

What we have is a sheet of card with two die-cut figure shapes punched out of it, this matches up with two die-cut figure holes in a deep slab of black foam beneath, and swaddled in these cutouts are what appear to be two full figures.

Don’t be deceived though, although the ‘classic’ Joker is fully assembled on a narrow shouldered True Type (TT) the ‘cop’ version next to him is actually just on a plastic vac-formed mannequin. So, although it is all perfectly possible to switch outfits with the single body included, I’d strongly advise getting hold of another narrow shouldered TT if you can, as you have literally everything you need to construct two full figures here, well, accept for the second body! 

This card and foam then lifts out to reveal another layer of foam, this one housing his light up stand and many accessories. So there you have it, the packaging for the DX01, and if this is what we have to look forward to with whatever subsequent DX figures we get, I think we’ll be happy bunnies.

Sculpting - Classic head **** Cop head ***3/4
When HT first set about bringing us a Joker figure from TDK it fell to their mater sculptor Yulli to bring him to life, but as is oft the case with movies still in post production the reference made available to her was sorely lacking.
However she still managed to give a great sculpt of the Joker… even if it wasn’t quite as strong on the Heath Ledger front. But once the movie was released there was all the reference you could wish for, and because of the Jokers multiple costume changes in the film, there was the perfect chance for Yulli to go back and perfect her earlier attempt, with not just one, but two full head sculpts on the bank robber version, this meant you could now do a head swap with your earlier ‘purple coated’ one and have two great looking figures. 

But in the interim, on the many collectors forums in Asia, America and Europe the hardcore fan boys started to point out imperfections with the first versions outfit, and as HT obviously wanted to showcase their new PERS system on an outstanding figure, what could be better than giving us another ‘as near perfect as is possible’ version of every bodies favourite psychopath… well how’s about giving us another two versions!

Anyone already familiar with Yulli’s work will know what a great eye she has for 1/6th sculpts, and the more she works on a character, take Sly Stallone as Rambo and Rocky for example, or even Depp as Jack Sparrow, she gets progressively better and better with each new incarnation.
And so the trend continues here with Ledger as the Joker.

If you thought it was impossible to improve on the fantastic work she did on the bank robber set, prepare to be amazed!
I’ve been studying the ‘regular’ Joker head that came with the BR set closely against the new ‘regular’ head on the DX and it soon became apparent that this is a totally new sculpt, that easily rivals that earlier version and improves on it a number of subtle ways. The nose is now closer to Ledgers and is slightly broader at the tip, the expression is more determined here, with the lips even more pursed and pouty, and the scaring on the underside of his bottom lip isn’t nearly so pronounced. The hair also shows even more detail, and as impressive as the older one was, this shows even finer work on the individual stands, and the area at the back of the head where panel lifts away to access the PERS controls is amazingly well carried out, I’d defy most people to find it unless they knew it was there, the seam is that well sculpted and disguised. This new head also has a better overall shape, as Heath has quite a broad face, and that is represented even better on this version.

The cop head is the best chance we actually get to see Heath Ledger in the movie, as even though he still carries the scaring and facial disfigurement, the mask of his greasepaint is all stripped away. For that reason this is an important version, and I do like it a lot, but when it’s up against the new ‘classic’ head, it doesn’t quite measure up for me. Don’t get me wrong it’s a phenomenal piece of work, but I actually feel on this occasion that Yulli has held back a little too much on the skin texturing, if you check this against the way Heath looked on set you’ll see he was made up to look like a pretty sick puppy. After all, one can hardly imagine the Joker leading the healthiest of lifestyles, this might be more of a problem with the paint though, as if he had been made a tad paler it would have helped get across his sick state of body and mind. From the front there also seems to be something just a bit off with the mouth. I think perhaps the top lip needs to be just a little fuller as here it virtually disappears. However from the nose up it’s all near perfect, the shape of the eyes is unmistakably Ledger and the hair is nicely observed to fit under the hat, its worn tight to the head and even shows a small tight ponytail, where the thin hair has been pressed against his scalp, all beautifully carried out!

He also comes with an impressive array of hands, two white gloved for the Cop outfit and a selection of purple gloved for the classic outfit, they are in a selection of poses for gesturing or holding the included accessories, and all without exception look great.

Paint - Classic head **** Cop head ***3/4
Like Yulli perfecting her sculpts, JC Hong has revisited the Joker just as many times, in fact knowing the variations of the make-up throughout the movie I’d imagine he’s probably done more versions than her. But suffice to say he could now probably paint this character with his eyes closed, and this version of the classic head is the best so far. It’s obviously lacking JC’s amazing work on the eye’s, as this has glass ones inserted, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say part of me misses his painted eyes… but the fact I can pose these means I can live with it. The rest of the face is painted in his heavy theatrical grease paint, and JC has once again done an amazing job of making it look like it has been sponged on, with imperfections where the skin shows through and the eye make-up has smudged and dripped. The green on the hair is slightly more pronounced here as well, not as lime green as the very first figure, but neither as knocked back as it was on the BR head managing to look just about right.

As I said above, I think the cop head should have been just a little paler to get across his slightly nocturnal gothic sensibilities, but that aside this shows some brilliant work on the eyes, crisp and glossy as always. And even though I feel the skin is not quite pale enough, the dark tones around his eyes certainly make him look like he’s not getting his full eight hours a night, not to mention his vitamins!
The skin textures and work on his scars is a master class in understatement, subtle flesh tones and pinks combine to show these once horrendous injuries are now healed, but still angry, and the slight pitting on the top lip to show the hair growth stubble has to be viewed up close to be fully appreciated. The hair is painted quite flat, it does look like a wash has been applied but the quality of the sculpt adds life to it, and it’ll be permanently under the hat anyway.
Some of the accessories and the white gloves also have some light paint effects, and as usual all are up to the standard we have come to expect from HT!

Articulation - ****
The classic outfitted figure comes on the narrow shouldered True-Type, and as I’ve said, for your own ease of use, and to get the full benefit of two figures I’d advise picking another up for the cop figure if you can. I’ve been over the articulation plenty of times before, but here’s the full rundown in this link.

So the only limitations will be those brought about by the outfit, and considering the classic joker has a pretty layered outfit, it’s actually not too bad!

What I will do here is give a few tips on dressing your naked TT in the cop outfit. If you are a seasoned old 1/6th pro, this might be teaching my grandmother to suck eggs, but if you’re not that used to dressing and futzing your figures it might just help a little. First take your base TT; use a hairdryer to warm the neck post and pop the old head off, it’s also worth removing the hands and feet at this stage. Now take the outfit off of the mannequin it is fitted to. I’d advise to completely undo the jacket and shirt, then flip up the shirt collar, loosen the tie and take it off. I slipped the jacket and shirt off together so I didn’t have to struggle getting the shirtsleeves to lie nicely inside the jacket again. You’ll see the shirt neck is sewn closed, so the thing to do is angle both the arms straight back on the body then start to feed them into the sleeves until you can slip the neck under the collar, now futz until everything is straight making sure the shirt is pulled around the front in a comfortable position and is all done up with the Velcro patches. Now slip the tie back over and tighten it gently, at this point heat up the new cop heads neck and gently push it onto the post, time now for some more tweaking till you are happy with the way the tie is falling and the way the collar lies over it.

Now do up the jacket, slip on the sock-tops to the lower legs, warm up the shoes and the gloved hands, pop them all into position and you’re nearly there.

Lastly put the hat on, this is a snug fit so I warmed it gently to make the peaked part more flexible then eased it on till it sat just above the ears, and finally the finishing touch, putting his cop badge and medal ribbons on the strip above his left chest pocket. Looking at the pics on the HT website it looks like its intended that you should slide this entirely under the row of ribbon/tape above the pocket, but I found it was a very tight fit and would end up covering some of the detail, so I had a bright idea, it don’t happen often so indulge me. I just took a small strip of thick’ish acetate and glued the top edge to the back of the badge, in effect giving it a pen-fold which easily slots into the ribbon holder, and in my opinion it looks pretty darn good.

Outfit - ****
Hot Toys clothes have always been just about the best available on the mass produced 1/6th market, but with Harue creative now on board things are getting even more interesting. When the first Joker was released, it wasn’t just Yulli who was left scratching her head over many of the finer details, TAM, then on tailoring duties had to wing it as well, and it’s fair to say he/she/they did a good job at representing the outfit as we ‘perceived’ it on screen.

But many of the features lacked the finesse of this new set. In fact it’s fair to say a little artistic license was employed, especially on the coat!
Every item, bar the shoes and ‘some’ of the gloves is new with this release; even the socks here have a smaller check. The trousers are a tighter fit, amplifying the Joker’s punk attitude and the pinstripe on them is more pronounced. Instead of the belt the last set had he now has a very nicely executed pair of braces with leather details where they button to the trouser waist band, the chain hanging from the right side is now also a much more accurate length.

The shirt is now a slightly fuller cut, giving more room around the neck, meaning the tie, which is also far more accurate in its observation of the pattern, colours and fabric sits much more comfortably around the neck and under the collar. One of the two areas that people pointed out was in need of attention was the waistcoat, this time around it has the full four pockets two with rounded flaps and two simple cut ‘ring’ pockets. The front is held shut by two well placed press studs rather than the Velcro (that vexed a lot of us) on the previous version. The back has a beautiful, vertically striped satin material, which even has a working adjustable back belt. Over this he wears his jacket, this seems to be a pretty similar cut to the last one and the colour is a more accurate grey/plum rather than the grey/blue we got before. But now the garment that has had some people really getting their knickers in a twist. It sometimes seems that people have discussed this garment more than the meaning of life itself, and have got apoplectic when others disagree with how it should be!

Should it have two tails, three tails, four tails… should the lining be red, rust, orange, should it be bigger, smaller, bluer, purpler, longer, shorter, thicker, thinner, cleaner or dirtier!!!

Well, let’s start with the good! The cut is fantastic on this body, even though worn over a shirt, waistcoat and jacket it lies against the figures frame very well. It has a great mole-skin effect that has been distressed to look well worn and suitably grubby, it actually manages to look like it’s been hung in a dusty old closet for years before the Joker pulled it out and slipped it on. The bottom hem has fine wire sewn into it, allowing for some good posing options, especially those ‘bullet time’ action shots, and the inner left hand side also has the elaborate rig for attaching the five grenades (this is quite a fiddly job, so more on that later).

And now for the… well it’s not bad by a long shot! But it does seem that the colour could be just a tad more purple, however, depending which shots you look at, and remembering this is based on the coat as seen in the movie, which can make the colour change a lot from one scene to the next, and not on display in a brightly lit studio, where it’s tonal values would remain constant. Well it actually makes it hard to be too critical, as this still manages to look spot on when compared to ‘some’ photos, especially the darker moodier shots… and lets face it, that means most of them.

However, this ‘being’ the Joker you do kind of feel after years of reading the comics and watching Cesar Romero and Jack Nicholson camping it up (OK, OK, I know Romero’s was virtually pink, but you know what I mean), that he kind of needs just a touch more purple. The movie version certainly wasn’t a bright colour but did seem just a tad more purple than the one we have here.

The lapels are sewn down to lay against the shoulders with a couple of dart stitches, both the upper and lower lapel points come out a similar distance from the edge, where as the upper should be a little closer in, but it’s pretty slight. The linings for the jacket and coat are different colours, the jackets is  in a bright warm red satin effect material, while the coat is a deeper red with a hint of maroon. The stitching and finishing on these linings is perfect as well, I have no loose threads or overly loose or tight seams, this is near tailoring perfection, and at this scale that’s pretty amazing.

So my over all impression from all the garments that come together to make up this outfit is one of being very, very impressed!

I’m sure that for a few hardcore ‘Joker’ fans, the fact that their particular ‘peeve’ hasn’t been dealt with in the way they saw fit, will get them all steamed up again. But I’d say ‘Why so serious’, chill, keep things in perspective, this is an amazing piece of tailoring for a 1/6th figure and Hai Lim at Harue, and Jan Wong who aided in modifications both deserve a lot of praise for helping bring these outfits to life.

But of course on this release, it doesn’t just stop with the ‘classic’ outfit, we also get the complete Gotham City cop honour guard outfit as well, this could be, and in many ways is part of the accessories category, but lets face it, it’s also very, very much part of his outfit, all be it an alternate one.

It consists of black patent dress shoes, black sock tops, belted dark blue trousers and jacket, white shirt, black tie and peaked hat. Both the jacket and trousers are the same material and have working pockets through out, the trousers have a working leather belt, whilst the jacket has an embroidered GCPD patch on his left arm and a small stars and stripes pin on his left lapel. There is also a band of ribbon sewn above the left chest pocket, this is for sliding the badge and medal ribbons under, but I described above how I attached mine. The front of the jacket is held shut by two press studs, but tiny metal buttons have been glued up the front and on all the pocket flaps to give the illusion of the real thing. The shirt is nicely cut to fit the body well and doesn’t bulk out the jacket at all. It’s the same material used on the Harvey Dent figures shirt, which does a great job at this scale of looking like a good quality cotton poplin, even though it’s actually a man made fabric. It’s worth pointing out the quality of the stitching here, but it’s true of all the garments, as the tiny, fine thread work is approaching absolute perfection, I had no loose threads or uneven seams on mine, and the delicate work around the shirt collar looks great. The tie is working, not on elastic, so you can loosen it to get it over the collar, then tighten when you’ve futzed it to the position you want. Lastly there’s the peaked hat. Based squarely on an NYPD police hat, it’s a faithful reproduction of the one we see in the movie, the top part is made of fabric with two tiny metal eyelets on its rim. The peak is also beautifully observed in shiny black flexible plastic, with a vinyl band running above it, book ended with small metal studs. All in all this second outfit is hugely impressive, and is the antithesis of his ‘regular’ Joker wear with its slovenly, unkempt appearance. This all looks like it’s fresh from the laundry, clean as a whistle and pressed to perfection, so this whole category just has to get a full score from me, the last time we got this much bang for our buck as on the 2 in 1 Superman, but as impressive as that figure was, this blows him out of the water.

Accessories - ****
The DX series is certainly not lacking in the accessories department, as a rundown we get-
- Alternate Joker ‘cop’ head without make-up
Gotham City police uniform, consisting of-
- Jacket
- Trousers
- Belt
- Shirt
- Tie
- Hat
- Two white gloved hands
- Gotham City cop badge & medal ribbons
- Black dress shoes
- Sock tops
- M1 Garand Rifle

OK, I know I went over a lot of the above in both ‘outfit’ and ‘sculpt’, but as it’s all packed as extras, it definitely straddles multiple camps.

The only thing left for me to go over here is the rifle. It’s produced to HT’s usual standard, giving us a very accurate replication of the classic M1 Garand, the adjustable strap is in the traditional ‘honour guard’ white for when being used ceremonially, and the ammo chamber can even be pulled back to reveal a clip of 8 removable bullets, very nice.

And for the classic Joker we get-
- Five grenades, with threads and rig to pull the pins
- 7 tiny safety pins to add to the grenade rig
- Knife (with sliding mechanism)
- Pistol with cocking motion and removable long magazine
- Set of scaled Joker cards
- Five Interchangeable purple-gloved hands
- Deluxe figure stand with LED lights

Many of these items have been included in earlier versions, the sliding Knife, cards and some of the gloved hands came with the V1, while the pistol and again some hands came with the BR version. So the new stuff here is the grenade rig and stand. You have to carefully attach the grenades to the loops inside the coat, which is all pretty straight forward, but attaching the safety pins will have you sweating, trust me! However if you follow the instructions included, and take your time, it all goes together very nicely.

So that just leaves us with the stand. This is in its own way pretty understated, being derived from the actual bases used for the touring display of TDK costumes, which makes it all the more classy and relevant to this DX release. The base plate is plastic but convincingly constructed to look like metal industrial flooring, incorporating the TDK logo at the front; this is set onto a shallow black plastic plinth with two positionable LED lamps in the front two corners. You have to unscrew the battery cover on the base and insert 3 AAA batteries then flip the switch on the back edge. The two little lamps are actually pretty bright, it’d be cool if there was a way of plugging it into a mains supply, but it still works very well like this. The front also has an engraved metallic plaque, it has a sticky tape cover to protect it from scratches, but once this is removed its mirror glossy. The support clips into the back edge and is of the ‘crotch hammock’ variety, but you’ll get both figures to stand just fine on the base without it

So the only real omission I can see is the machine gun that came with the BR version, but you certainly still get a fantastic array!

Action Feature - ****
This is the first, of what I hope will be many figures with the PERS feature. As I said in the intro, it’s a delicate mechanism, but with care it operates just fine. I found that it freed up more during my photo session, and by the end I’d really got the knack. A gently sweeping circular motion worked best for me, and if it resists moving don’t force it, just sweep it back and forth while carefully turning the small joystick till it moves to the desired position.

One of the things that has always concerned me about Enterbay and ZC figures is the fear of the painted Iris and pupil rubbing off, and a couple of small areas have indeed rubbed off on my ZC girl ‘Risa’. However with the PERS version it just can’t happen, as the eyes are glass, meaning if you are unlucky, you may in an extreme case get a scratch on the surface but the coloured areas simply can’t be rubbed away.

The only real thing that will restrict the choice of characters this feature can be applied to will be the ability to hide the point of access for the controls.

Here they have done a fine fob of ‘zigzagging’ it into the back of his hair. You simply have to lift the back of the hair away from the base, where it is held by a magnet, alter the eye position then replace it. I also found that for anyone out there planning some stop motion, you can leave the back of the hair off, as from many front facing views it’s not apparent as to whether it’s there or not.

Fun Factor - ****
Some people seem to feel like Hot Toys have OD’d on Joker figures, but I’m not sure why. Not only did both versions of the earlier figure sell out faster than expected, leaving many collectors either disappointed or paying well over the odds on the secondary market, but this in effect gives us a 2 in 1 figure. I don’t recall as much negativity when HT announced the Superman 2 in 1, most were just happy to get the chance of getting hold of one… the extras were just a nice reward for our patience.

And so for me this is FUN writ large. I love posing my figures and reeling off a few photos, so the added feature of moving eyes is certainly a big bonus to me, and the ease at which you can create a second figure for your shelf adds to its value. And not forgetting they have included a stand that even I, a fully paid up member of the ‘Standaphobic’ society plan on using, well, just how much fun do you want. Full score...


Value - ****
When this was first announced I had a feeling that HT was going to break through that $200 glass ceiling… so I was pleasantly surprised to see it hadn’t, and by quite a big degree! 

If you pre-ordered you may have been lucky enough to get hold of one of these for as little as $155, but even at $175 I consider this a bargain, as all you need to do is pick up a Narrow shouldered TT for $30, and you have two amazing figures for just over $100 each, and hi-end figures rarely come for that price these days! 

So taking that into consideration, and the fact we get the new PERS feature on one of the heads plus a very cool stand. Well top marks without a doubt!

Overall - ****
When talking about an actor (or someone from any profession for that matter) it might sound trite to say that a ‘toy’ figure of them is a fitting tribute…
So I won’t!

However, I was listening to an interview with the great Terry Gilliam just the other night, and he could not sing Heath Ledger’s praises high enough, and this wasn’t the empty sycophantic, rhetoric of a Hollywood director kissing the arse of his overpaid ‘star’, this was a man paying respect to one of the finest actors he had worked with, not once, but twice! An actor who might well have gone on to prove himself one of the finest of his generation, had he not met with his tragic early demise. So I won’t say this ‘toy’ is a fitting tribute to Heath Ledger, but it’s a damn fine representation of him in the role of the Joker, and that’s good enough for me!

So, at this price, with this many accessories, a beautifully presented bit of packaging, and what in effect almost amounts to two figures for the price of one, (go on, treat yourself to another TT) well it’s a no-brainer that this deserves a full score.

And in what has been a hugely competitive twelve months, this is definitely a very strong contender for figure of the year; it’s just such a classic figure. It’d work great as a standalone piece for any ones home theatre, but when book ended with the forthcoming DX02, TDK Batman figure… well, this’ll be one of the sweetest little displays out there!

Scoring Recap:
Packaging - ****
Sculpting - Classic head **** Cop head ***3/4
Paint - Classic head **** Cop head ***3/4
Articulation - ****
Outfit - ****
Accessories - ****
Fun Factor - ****
Value - ****
Overall - ****

Where to Buy -
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Figures from the collection of Jeff Parker

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