Marvel Legends Movie Daredevil

Today's guest review is from the ever popular Coheteboy, and he's covering the new Marvel Legends III Daredevil, based on the film.  Take it away!

While Marvel Legends Series III was already reviewed back in January, a certain figure slipped through the radar.  Daredevil was not advertised on the packaging of other Marvel Legends but a small ad within the comic did mention that a movie Daredevil was also available. 

Ben Affleck (c'mon, you know you love him) plays the character of Daredevil in the film of the same name, released February 14th.  What's interesting is how there are legions of Movie Hulk figures hogging the pegs for a movie that isn't out for a few months but not an ounce of anything for Daredevil.  It's also quite a wonder why Daredevil was slapped into the Marvel Legends line, which until now, only featured comic book versions of our heroes.  But now that the film adaptation of Daredevil is now in theaters, what better time is there to take a look at the figure?  And if you haven't seen the film, go on and check it out.  You may or may not like it, but this reviewer thought it was good one.

MWC Note - I did a review of the film here as well.

Packaging - ***1/2
The clam shell packages of Marvel Legends has remained the same, which is always good for continuity.  It protects the figure well and also gives a clear view of what you're purchasing.  This has been extremely helpful since I've been able to pass up figures that had horrible paint applications.

Sculpting - ***
The sculpt of Affleck's Daredevil is uncanny.  This is really nicely done by Toybiz.  Given that signature Affleck pout also adds to the resemblance. 

There's not a lot of detail in the sculpt where you're used to.  For a costume such as this, there should be a lot more wrinkles and details here and there.  The current look is very flat and somewhat disappointing. 

But since the actor is captured nicely, it came away from falling into the lousy ranks of the X-Men movie figures.

Paint - ***
Not much to say about the paint ops since Daredevil is pretty red throughout.  There's a wash making some of the red come out a tad darker but overall, it's still very flat.  But this might be due to painting over an average body sculpt.  On the plus side, the skin tones on the chin is actually pretty impressive, but I don't recall Ben having such a severe 4 o'clock shadow.

Articulation - ***
In contrast to the other Marvel Legends line, this ISN'T as articulated as you can get in a 6" figure.  There's 25 points total, which is still high, but a lot of these joints are useless without other points to balance them out.  There's a ball jointed neck (with very limited range), standard shoulders, single jointed elbows and knees, double jointed wrists, waist, cut hips, ankles, hands, double jointed heels and toes.  The fingers of the hands are articulated to hold his nunchukus or feel the walls for direction. 

What's disappointing is the lack of ball jointed shoulders, double jointed hips, and cut thighs.  Because of the lack of those joints, many of the given joints in the lower leg are unnecessary.  For example, his legs only go one direction, but his feet can point in any direction.  Same goes with the arms, only going forwards and backwards.  For a character that's running around at great speeds and dodging bullets, there needs to be a lot more articulation to keep this Daredevil from being too stiff. 

But what can you do... 25 points is still good for the money.

Accessories - ***
There are only three accessories - nunchukus (that fit inside a pouch along his legs), a stained glass window/cathedral base (repaint of Spider-Man Classics Series 2 Daredevil base), and the comic book.

The comic is a reprint of the original and is always welcome to reintroduce yourself to the character.  It would have actually been nice had they included a small portion of the movie adaptation graphic novel.

The base, that is better seen attached to the wall, is simply a repaint of the first base.  This time painted brown. 

The nunchukus is the ONLY weapon included with the daredevil.  And while it is very cool that it uses real metal for the chains, it would have been nice had they provided more accessories from the film.  Even a removable mask would have been pretty nice.  But these are all minor quibbles since I'm becoming too spoiled of a toy collector.

Value - ***1/2
Marvel Legends are selling for under $7 at Wal-Mart, Target, and Toys'R'Us (unless they raised the price) and $7.99 at KB Toys, where this one was picked up.  A decently articulated 6" figure, decently sculpted, with a few accessories, for $8... still hard to go wrong with that.  Unless you absolutely hated the movie and hate Ben Affleck simultaneously.

Overall -  ***
As an avid collector of all the Marvel Legends, I know what Toy Biz is capable of and I know what they WERE capable of.  This Daredevil more or less falls under the category of what ToyBiz was capable of PRIOR to Marvel Legends or Spider-Man Classics.  The head sculpt is nicely done and there are an equal amount of accessories as any other figure, but the lack of articulation, lack of accessories, and reused base makes this figure a straight up three stars.  Definitely better than Toad but can't compare to the likes of Human Torch, Namor, or the first Daredevil release. 

But, I was a fan of the film, and this is a near perfect likeness so this is the closest to owning official movie merchandise to Daredevil.  It's definitely worth picking up, even if I sounded overly harsh.

Where to Buy:
I picked him up at KB Toys for $7.99, and everyone else should follow suit if not already. 


- has the set of five figures including Thor, Magneto, Wolverine, Daredevil and Ghost Rider for only $37 plus shipping.  That won't be much different than buying the set at the store once you figure in sales tax!

- Aisle Sniper was selling the Wolverine and Daredevil combo, but the website says sold out right now.  You might want to call to see if they have any in.

- Big Bad Toy Store was one of the very first on-line sites to get series 3 in, but they don't have the Daredevil listed.  Another one you might want to call.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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