Yamato Bounty Hunter Hanna

The fourth figure in the Bounty Hunter series from Yamato is out, Hanna.  Each of the previous three have been based on famous actors - Sheriff Jim was John Wayne, Kelly was Sharon Stone from The Quick and the Dead, George was Clint Eastwood - and now we have Hanna.  So who is she?

I haven't heard any official word.  It could be Raquel Welch from 100 Rifles.  How about Jane Fonda from Cat Ballou?  During the 30's, Rita Hayworth was in plenty of westerns, but never quite like this.  Unfortunately, the female face likenesses aren't quite as good as the male ones in this line, so sometimes they are up to interpretation.

I picked this up from for about $45.  Yamato raised the price on these this time around, but Echo Base Toys was about the cheapest I found them.  Most other sites were around fifty bucks.

Packaging - **1/2
I liked the box design with this, particulary the swinging saloon doors.  But it's still not the level of quality we've seen with Dragon or 21st Century. 

Articulation - ***
Man, this girl has some long legs.  These are not the same legs that Kelly has - they are actually longer!  The articulation is pretty basic, but the neck joint still is poor, similar to the average Barbie.  Otherwise, the articulation is good, but they have a ways to go to reach the leaders in the 1/6th scale market.

Accessories - ***1/2
Hanna comes with a lever action rifle, handgun with turning cylinder, and an extra set of hands.  Oh, and let's not forget these God awful spurs. They still give us silly spurs that fit only by luck.  At least the extra hands are great, and swapping hands is very simple.  The rifle looks terrific, but the lever is in the drawn position on mine, and seems glued that way.  I expected it would move, but this may just be mine.

Sculpting - ***
This head sculpt is better than on the Kelly figure.  Kelly looked like a pretty blank blonde, but Hanna has a little personality.  Unfortunately, it's not enough for me to figure out who this is in a definitive manner.

The rooted hair is well done, and is done in an attractive style.  It covers the head well, and stays in it's style fairly well.

Value - **
At the original price of $35 or so, these figures were a pretty good value.  Unfortunately, bumping them another $15 has hurt the value in a major way.  I suspect Yamato will be selling far fewer Hanna's and Jim's than they did George's and Kelly's.

Outfit - ****
Easily the best part of this figure is her outfit.  The boots are the same style as the previous figures, and allow the figure to stand on her own.  The jeans fit her very long, skinny legs just like they should.  The shirt is nicely done, and the vest is excellent - the stitching and fit are fantastic.  The serape fits well, and is a great pattern, and they finally got it right with the hats.  This hat is such a tremendous improvement over the hats that came with the first two figures that it's amazing.

The only flaw is still the rather weak holsters.  But I can tolerate these, if they can keep up the quality on the rest of the outfit.

Overall - ***
If they hadn't raised the price on these, the score would have gone up.  They've done a better job with the outfits by improving the hats and clothes fit, and the sculpting is getting better as well.  But at $50 a pop, they should have either greater articulation, or a greater number of accessories - or both.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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