Sideshow Jason Part 6
Jason Lives!

You have to be a major fan of the Friday the 13th films to keep all of Jason's styles separate. This guy has more looks than Cher on a farewell concert tour. Although he tends toward gray, it's not just his outfits that change appearance, but his face. And most of the time he's still better looking than Michael Jackson.

Part 6 of the never ending series was called "Jason Lives." "Lives" was a bit of a stretch though, since he was dead at the start of the film, but reanimated by one of those wacky teens, Tommy Jarvis, who killed him off in part 4. This was a turning point in the franchise, when Jason went from human and mortal to inhuman and completely unstoppable. Just like the franchise itself!

Sideshow has been doing a nice set of Jason based figures in their sixth scale Modern Horror line. We've gotten Jason from part 2, part 3, Jason from Freddy Vs. Jason, and now Jason from part 6. Let's also not forget that his mom, Pamela Voorhees, was released just a couple months ago. Still to come is the excellent quarter scale version, and a part 7 12" figure. That's a lot of Jason's, and since part 1 and 5 didn't have Jason, pretty much the full set so far.

Packaging - ***1/2
Another nifty box, with some great artwork. No dental floss this time around, but a handful of twisties. Personally, I like this better, and it's very collector friendly, as you can easily put him back in the package once you're done scaring the hell out of everyone with him.

There is one annoyance though - the standard twisty that goes around the neck, through the plastic tray, and through the cardboard tray (yes, this figure is back to that), is wrapped around the shoulders and torso, requiring that you remove his clothes to get it free. That's an unnecessary pain.

Sculpting - ****
Easily the highlight of this figure is the nasty looking visage awaiting you under the mask.  That's actually amusing, since I don't think you get to see his face in the film for more than a few seconds.

The sculpt of the teeth, rotted flesh and pulled back lips is extremely realistic, right down to the one missing tooth and gaping hole.  There's even a dead leaf caught in his left eye socket!  They've included the gash on his forehead from the machete blow to his mask, and this is definitely one of the least attractive - but best sculpts - of the line so far.

He has gloved hands, which work fairly well with the accessories and look like standard leather work gloves.  

Paint - ***1/2
The paint ops on the head are very well done, giving him a gruesome, rotted, blackened appearance.  His one remaining eye looks glassy and dead, and there's a great use of different finishes to highlight different areas like the teeth, lips and skin.

The paint work on the face mask is fairly basic, although they did try to go for a 'dirty' appearance this time.  It's not bad, but not quite perfect.

In general, the paint work is solid, avoiding many of the issues we've seen in the past, and showing the kind of quality we've come to expect.

Articulation - ***1/2
He comes on the standard big guy Sideshow body, and fits in nicely with the rest of the line. The ball jointed neck also works pretty well, which is always a plus, and I had no trouble with any loose joints. I haven't had a Sideshow figure with loose joints in quite some time now, so I'm hoping that it's an issue that they finally put to bed.

Outfit - ***1/2
The outfit includes his shoes, gray work pants and shirt, and 'hair' vest. Everything is well tailored, and the stitching is excellent.

The pants look good, and fit well, but you might want to crack out the iron. I had creases above either knee caused by the plastic tie that holes him in the tray that wouldn't come out without a little steam.

The shoe sculpt is good, although I would have thought boots were more likely. He's feet seem a tad small as well, but he still stands fine.

The hair vest is one of those Frankenstein types, very wooly and thick, but it does not have arms. The arms of the figure itself are painted black, most likely to match the black undershirt of the film. The bulky vest adds some size to his upper body as well, buffing him up a bit.

Around his waist he sports a work belt, with a canvas bag for his throwing knives. I'm pretty sure the bag is on the wrong side, and it is stitched in place. In fact, the belt itself is stitched in place, which is a first I believe. However, it keeps the belt looking good, and you can cut the thin stitches pretty easily if you want to rearrange things.

Finally, he has his work shirt, complete with various bloody holes. And yes, that's a very bright red spot on the front of his shirt, but it's actually a very nice touch straight out of the film. That's a paint ball shot, and it's in just about the exact spot it was in the movie.

Accessories - non-exclusive ***1/2; exclusive ****
The regular Jason comes with his mask, several bloody throwing knives, a Kabar knife and sheath, and a very bloody machete. There's also the now standard display stand, with the logo on the base.

The exclusive version pictured here includes one additional accessory - a nice, bloody arm stump. What's cool is that this is an arm right off another figure, complete with all the standard articulation. The gory stump end is added, but it's as if he tore it off another sixth scale figure, rather than a 'person'. That's interesting in a very Robot Chicken sort of way, and allows you to pose the arm and hand in more ways than if they had cast a solid arm special for this set.

The machete is a reuse of course, but the other stuff is new. The mask fits the ugly mug well, and has the slash included on the top right. I tried to get the machete to actually fit in the slash (and the corresponding cut in his head), but unfortunately it just wouldn't work for me.

Fun Factor - **
Not really a factor in my overall score, but still a category worth mentioning. While kids who love gruesome monsters will go for him, I'm still not sure if serial killers may good play things for eight year olds. Better than dead birds, I suppose.

Value - **1/2
At $45, he's a fairly standard, average value. The value is a little better with the exclusive version of course, but still not stupendous. If you've become accostumed to current sixth scale prices, you won't suffer sticker shock, but I really think this figure is about $5 too high.

Overall - ***1/2
This might be my favorite Jason so far. Of course, I still don't have my quarter scale or my part 7 versions, both of which look excellent. But this part 6 version is neck and neck with the Freddy vs. Jason version for the top spot.

Things to watch out for - 
Be careful pulling the knives out of the tray. The handles are quite thin, and you could break one pretty easily.

Packaging - ***1/2
Sculpt - ****
Paint - ***1/2
Articulation - ***1/2
Accessories - 
Fun Factor - **
Value - **1/2
Overall - ***1/2

Where to Buy - 
I got my exclusive version through Sideshow, and they sold out long ago. They've even sold out of the regular version! But there are options for the regular version:

- Killer Toys has him for $45.

- and while it's not Jason, I thought it worth mentioning that Southern Island has his mom for just $27 right now.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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