X-men 2 Wolverine

I reviewed one of the new X-men 2 movie figures awhile back - Nightcrawler.  This week, I have a great guest review of another one of the first series, Wolverine.  Tonight's review comes all the way from the U.K., and was put together by Yik-Hai Chan - take it away!

The master of the berserker rage returns in the sequel Marvel fans have been waiting for. The Super-Poseable Wolverine is one of the figures from the first wave of X2 figures.


Packaging - ***1/2
As soon as I saw these packages in Toyfair 2003, they started to grow on me. Simple yet effective design, the graphics are really good especially on the inserts (with a portrait of Hugh Jackman and a promo shot of the figure on the left and right on the lower insert) and back of the card. The shape of the blister and the card are slightly different then what you’d expect and that’s probably why I like it so much. Its nice to see a change from the side panel packages as seen in the X-Men and Spider-Man movie lines.

Sculpting - **1/2
Although ToyBiz figures have been improving over the last couple of years in the sculpting area, there are quite a lot of errors for this figure. Firstly, the head sculpt has improved since the Wolverine from the first movie line but there’s still something about this figure. The raised eyebrow expression leaves much to be desired as its hard to distinguish if the figure’s trying a cocky smile or an angry growl. The other problem with the head is that the eyes are too small. The likeness would have been better if not for the confusing expression. Apart from that, the suit is well detailed and looks very impressive when comparing it to movie images. The claws are also very nice but seem to bend a little like the ML Wolverine, but they are thicker to match the style of the movie universe version of the character. 

Paint - ***
Rather then using the glossy paint from the first movie line, its good to see ToyBiz deciding on a matt look for figures. True, the actual suits in X2 are made of leather but trying to do this look for an action figure is rather difficult as seen in X-Men movie line. There’s no slop for the main bulk of black for the suit while the head is well painted (no bleed in the teeth) especially the 5 o’ clock shadow. However the missing of stars in the score is due to the poorly painted tubing along the suit. The orange paint seems to miss the tubing slightly while the x-symbols around the collar are poorly done.

Articulation - ****
No complaints here. After last count, there’s approximately 28 points of articulation. The main articulation to point out is the fully hidden waist joint which is well under the upper part of the suit (which is made of rubber for easier movement) as well as the excellent ball joints for the shoulders and upper arm biceps for a full range of movement.

Accessories - ***
Only a Battle-Action base is provided with the figure. It’s fairly large and painted well. The sticker for the ‘controls’ is stuck on well. The circular part of the base contains two pegs holes which are fairly close together. The action feature is basically the button press causing the circular part of the base to rotate. Nothing all that great to be honest but it does look cool. It’s not wall mountable unfortunately.

Value - ***1/2
This figure is worth the £7.99 I paid (a good $8 in the US should do you). Good sculpt with a good base and great articulation.

Overall - ***
All round, a good figure but what really hurts this figure is the fairly poor detail painting and the head sculpt. Overall, this is a major improvement over the first movie figure and hopefully the later figures will keep the quality or hopefully beat it.

Where to Buy - 
- From what I hear, KB is the best bet while many online sources should be starting to stock these.

- I got mine from catalogue shop, Argos which only have Wolverine and Nightcrawler listed
- Also try comic shops in your local area or Forbidden Planet.

Figure from the collection of Yik-Hai Chan.

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