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Tonight's guest review is from Chewy, and covers one of the Cinema of Fear Jason - take it away Chewy!

I have noticed that the two main competitors of horror movie action figures are Mezcos Cinema of Fear and NECAs Cult Classics. Mezco aims toward creativity and articulation while NECA goes for detail in my eyes. Then somewhere in between Sideshow steps in and does sixth scale figures. 

So over time there have been many toys depicting all the forms of Jason. Now the one I am reviewing is from part 6 entitled Jason Lives. Now instead of this they should of called it Friday the 13th Zombie Jason because he is living but he is not human which is what most people will imply.

Packaging: ***
Now I really could care less for a collector friendly package but I will take half a star off for not being collector friendly. The other thing it got a star taken off was because the plastic is really tough so you will need a knife or something to cut it. Now don’t get me wrong I like how Mezco put all the posters from the figures in the series on the side. Its a nice addition. Oh and it is a clamshell package. 

Sculpt: ***1/2
The sculpt is pretty solid with one exception which is that they sculpted the kind of wrong. Now I know Mezco is going for a more personalized look which is why this was only half a star taken away. Also I am not a fan of Jason’s “gardener costume” but since I am trying not to be biased Mezco really pulled it off.

Paint: **
Now paint is really a weak point for me. First of all Jason is painted with little bones, I guess, for an eye when he really should have it painted so that a part of his eye socket is showing. You can compare to the picture here. 

Now the torso was a huge let down for me. First of all where the gunshots are there is no painted blood. The final thing is his shirt is painted different shades at every point. This might work for other people but for me it doesn’t.

Articulation - ****
This is the big one for me. You get ball jointed shoulders, ball jointed head, pinned elbows, pinned and pegged hands, and I think it is considered a cut waist. The waist moves back and forth. This might not be perfect for some people but I love it. The poses you can make with him are really unbelievable.

Accessories: ***
Jason has a good array of accessories. He has his tombstone, decapitated head, famous machete, some sort of knife, his mask (if you count it), a spear, a heart, and the soldier’s arm. The mask takes a bit to get on but when it is on it I secured. Now I haven’t seen this movie in a few months but I don’t remember seeing a guy get decapitated. To make it even worse Jason cant hold the head so it is basically there for show. All the weapons slip into his hand nicely or with some twisting of the accessory. i.e. The heart. The arm can also hold the weapons too.

Value: ***
If you’re like me and have a million other Jasons you might want to pass on him. But if you are a die hard Jason fan get him. Also check out the Jason from series 1. He’s good too.

Fun Factor : ***
It all depends on your likes and dislikes. If your going to make a stop motion movie called Jason vs. xxxx go ahead. If you are going to have him fight along side your GI Joes then this isn’t for you. 

Things to Watch Out For - 
That darn strap on his mask. But it can be glued back on. Also the more you let Jason hold the spear the more the spears paint chips off so try not use the spear that much.

Overall: ***1/2
This Jason is actually one of the best I have ever had. Articulation is good. Paint depends on your preference. Everything is good. Its hard to say stuff here without repeating myself in the value section. Just a note if you get him and you see the strap is already “peeling” away go ahead and break it and glue it back. It will save you the trouble of one day finding that the strap has been broken and the mask fell to the floor lost.

Score Recap:
Packaging - ***
Sculpt - ***1/2
Paint - **
Articulation - ****
Accessories - ***
Fun Factor - ***
Value - ***
Overall - ***1/2

Figure from the collection of Chewy.

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