ZC Girls

Rosanna ZC Girls sixth scale action figure
Rosanna ZC Girls sixth scale action figure

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Guest reviewer extraordinaire Jeff Parker checks in tonight with a look at another of the ZC Girls - take it away, Jeff!

A big thank you again to Michael.

Well, after a positive drought of 1/6th ladies, here we are with yet another. She’s my fifth ZC Girl to date, and is pretty much my favourite so far, but not because she has moving eyes, not because she has a well articulated body and not because she’s wearing a great set of biking leathers (well, actually it is slightly because of the leathers), but the main reason is she comes with just about the most impressive accessory any figure has had this year thus far, a fully realised 1/6 motorbike.
But is that bike enough to put her on your ‘to buy’ list?
Rosanna ZC Girls sixth scale action figure

Rosanna ZC Girls sixth scale action figure
Rosanna ZC Girls sixth scale action figure
Rosanna ZC Girls sixth scale action figure
Rosanna ZC Girls sixth scale action figure
Rosanna ZC Girls sixth scale action figure
Rosanna ZC Girls sixth scale action figure
Rosanna ZC Girls sixth scale action figure
Rosanna ZC Girls sixth scale action figure
Rosanna ZC Girls sixth scale action figure
Rosanna ZC Girls sixth scale action figure
Rosanna ZC Girls sixth scale action figure
Rosanna ZC Girls sixth scale action figure
Rosanna ZC Girls sixth scale action figure
Rosanna ZC Girls sixth scale action figure

Packaging - **1/2
Sadly my box took quite a bashing in transit (no that’s not a euphemism) so it’s pretty dinged-up… in fact, crushed wouldn’t be too big a word. So I was pretty concerned when I opened her up, and was relieved to find everything was just fine.

The box is covered in loads of photos of Rosanna and her various accessories, the front has a large die cut window through which you can see her astride her ride. The card used is pretty thin, it could really do with being a heavier stock, but at least the contents made it to me undamaged. Most of the protection came from the vac formed clear plastic tray she and her bike sit in. Like Hot Toys they use the triple layer approach. The base tray holds the main bulk then the next over tray is formed to hold everything in place without the need for twisties, and the last over tray serves as the window when inside the box. So the over all design is basic but pleasing, the only real downside is the quality of the card the box is constructed from.

Sculpting - ****
Each release from ZC seems to be a slight improvement from the last, which is a good and indeed logical progression. Her face still isn’t perfect but it’s far more natural than either Carol or Risa and looks like a cross between Jamie Lee Curtis and Hot Lips Houlihan from M.A.S.H so she has quite a Scandinavian look, with strong features, meaning it’s not a cutesy Barbie face but is certainly attractive and less doll like than the previous ZC’s. She also incorporates the ZC ERT (Eye Rotation Technique) so once again you can have her looking in any direction, it’s a nice feature, but can make the figure look a little ‘Gerry Anderson’ puppet from some angles, but as I grew up watching Gerry Anderson shows and love’em that’s not such a bad thing. 

You have to pull the head of completely, and then remove the back of her scalp with her rooted hair to get to the internal eye stems. These can then be swivelled to point where you want.

She has just one set of hands in Oakley style tactical gloves, these are nicely observed carrying a lot of the features you would find on a real pair and can serve to either hold the bikes handle bars or her machine gun.
The real hair is platinum blonde and done well, it falls in a pretty convincing way (most of the time). Its style tends to fall over the right eye but can easily be tucked back when the helmet is on. If it needs styling I’ve been told some hair gel can work well. One of the elements that helps keep this figures score high is the great work on her bike, but I’ll cover that in more depth for the accessories section.

Paint - **3/4
The paint work here is very minimal, the eyebrows are simple slick lines, her eyelashes are delicate and ultra crisp, the lips are a bright pink, but tonally lighter than her skin, a look favoured by many ladies in the 80’s. They have a darker tone in the line of the mouth but could do with a little more subtle detail in the paintwork, but they still work well as much of the detail is achieved from the delicate lines sculpted into the lips, which catch the light when viewed in hand.
Her actual eyeballs are an ivory off-white colour onto which the iris and pupil are painted, the edge of the iris is pretty much a black ring, this could do with softening and should really just be a darker tone of the iris colour. In the case of Rosanna you get a choice of two eye colours, the ones she has fitted are a light hazel and the spare pair are an emerald green.
Apart from this the only other paintwork is on her boots and gloves. The boots have some white aspects picked out while the Oakley style tactical gloves have some super fine work on the grey accents. The bike also has quite a few details picked out, but I’ll cover that later. So all the paintwork is clean and no slop is evident, but it lacks the hi-end finish we are becoming increasingly used to.

Articulation  - ***1/2
I gave a pretty in-depth description of the EVE bodies articulation in my first ZC Girl review for Janice and Ros comes on the same body, so it’s the same low-down of ball jointed ankles, double knees, ball jointed hips, waist and mid-torso. A peg mounted head with a good range of movement, though Rosanna’s head is a little looser than my previous ZC’s. The shoulders are attached by means of a pegged and hinged fully rotational universal joint, with a cut upper arm and double-elbows, she also comes with a second torso that is swap-able by removing the arms and head and pulling the soft formed rubber body off (a little hair-dryering to make it more pliable is a good idea), the breasts are the same size and though it looks more natural for semi nude outfits showing her midriff it also means you lose the mid torso articulation and alters her height a little. Also the nature of the skintight leathers means some of the articulation this body is capable of is restricted. I still managed to sit her on her bike just fine, but if you’ve ever worn thick biking leathers you’ll know that the payoff for all that protection can be a loss of some mobility. So when unrobed she would be approaching a full score, but when kitted up she does suffer a little. Her tall lithe physique is also accentuated by this tight clothing, giving her legs that Kate Moss would envy.

Outfit - ***3/4
This is just about the best ZC Girl outfit to date, Rosanna comes with-

- Black leather biker jacket
- Black vest crop top
- Black leather pants
- Black racing boots
- Black protective arm/elbow pads
- Black protective knee/shin pads
- Black Motorcycle Helmet
- Gloved hands

I really liked Carols outfit and this is easily as good, in fact I’d say it’s better, and her Schott Perfecto style jacket is almost up their with the similar one from Hot Toys, Marlon Brando figure (note ‘almost’). The zips work on the front, cuffs and pockets, and the belt can buckle up as well. The leather pants are tailored tight to the body for that biker/rock chic look, they have working pockets and a Velcro + stud fly. The crop vest top is well tailored and super skin-tight which highlights the accuracy of her primary sexual characteristics (lets just say it’s a cold day). The boots are molded plastic but the material used is soft enough that not all ankle mobility is lost. Over her leathers she has a set of protective pads that are made of plastic stuck to elastic straps, they just slide onto the arms and legs till you find the desired position. I found that totally removing the hands and feet made this a much easier job. 

Lastly comes her helmet, this is pretty cool and has a pleather lining, chin strap, retractable visor and the chin/face guard can also be lifted to fully expose the face. A very nice selection and put together in a way any hi-end company would be proud of.

Accessories - ****
Rosanna has-

- Backpack
- Scorpion Vz 61 Submachine Gun
- Extra unarticulated torso
- Brown iris eyeballs 1 pair (already fitted in the box)
- Green iris eyeballs 1 pair
And last, but most definitely not least-
- Black Motorcycle

The backpack is basically a hold all, but it’s nicely put together and has some good quality scaled working zips. Her Scorpion Vz 61 Submachine Gun is very well observed and has three sizes of magazine which all seems pretty accurate to the source material, it also has a choice of slide on torch or fore-grip for the bottom rail. She also has a set of alternate coloured eyes and an alternate torso for her body (all ZC Girls come with this option).
Now, lastly she comes with an accessory that’s almost worthy of a review all on its own, so I’ll break it down like a mini review within a review. 

Bike Paint - ***
Looking at the underside of the front windbreak it appears the base plastic is white, where as around some of the screw heads on the side cowls you can see tiny flashes of the red base plastic, so the whole thing is in effect painted. The main body is matte/silk black, after all if you're a hit-man… sorry hit-woman, then a high gloss finish that reflects every stray beam of light just does not cut the mustard when you need to get in and out without any witnesses. Other parts of the wheels, engine and handlebars are painted in a matte, brushed steel colour. It's a nice flat dense colour over most areas, and it looks good for a showroom fresh bike but could do with a little 'dirtying' up to make it more authentic for a street used vehicle, an easy job for any customiser, and I have a feeling this bike might be in for quite a few makeovers! 

The disk breaks are super shiny like chrome and lastly a few details like the handlebar-bolts, petrol-cap, break details and the drive-chain are picked out in a gold/bronze colour. There are a few areas of minor over and under painting, but on the whole it’s a good solid job. There’s even a tiny sticker on the dash to show a speedometer and other gizmos.

Bike Sculpt - ****
This appears to be a fictional bike, probably made up from elements of different 'real' models, it bears the name PHANOM (not sure if this was meant to be PHANTOM?) on the rear fork swing arm, and above it are the words 'UNIT PRO-LINK', this refers to its type of suspension, linked to the swing arm. Both wheels have ‘slick’ rubber tyres that do add grip when it’s pushed along (Brrrrmmmm, Bruummm!). 

A lot of work has gone into this piece, it has plenty of detail on the engine even though most of it is obscured by the cowl, and the breaks, wheels, steering wheel, hell, basically the whole damn thing is a mass of engineered detailing. I shall once again have to hope my photos (and lukazou’s in the link below) can convey the layering and details this thing has. But suffice to say it's a cool looking bike and would make a cool ride for anyone from GI Joe to Bruce Wayne!

Bike Articulation - ***1/2
Well as it's a bike, the front forks are steerable, the swing arm is spring-loaded so it has a bit of bounce, both wheels can spin and the kickstand can flip down. So as far as 'articulation goes It does everything a bike should! It also comes with a ‘display’ bike stand that attaches to the rear wheel.

If you want to see more pictures have a look at this link over to OSW where lukazou has taken some outstanding shots of his figure set.

Fun Factor -  ****
The bonus of that bike really opens this figure up for a lot of pose, and indeed play potential. I’ve said before that the ZC Girls do bring back a lot of the ‘fun’ that is missing in some hi-end 1/6th scale stuff these days. They feel like they were meant to be handled and played with! So whether you’re a big kid who wants to zoom her around your lounge carpet or just love posing and photographing your figures this is most definitely a top ‘fun’ item.

Value - ****
Considering she comes with a bike and a great set of leathers then $120 isn’t too wide of the mark, in fact if she’d been another $20 she’d have still been in the realms of an acceptable price.

That said if you scour eBay you can find some pretty good 1/6th bikes from $25 upwards, I should know I’ve bought a few, but none of them have a working swing arm suspension, so to me this is still a sweet deal!
However, it’s not what you’d call a hands down bargain, but a very realistic and competitive price nonetheless for such a bundle of goodies.

Overall - ***3/4
This gives you a considerable amount of the proverbial bang for your collective bucks, nothing here is ‘absolutely’ perfect, but a lot of it is pretty damn close, especially for this price.

Her gun is well detailed and can be stripped down, I love the leathers, especially the jacket, and the face will grow on you, trust me it’s grown on me a lot, but the black cherry on top of the leather clad cake is the bike, this is a great little set.

Where to Buy -
You can contact ZC directly through their website or try who stock this and a whole raft of other figures and accessories, many of which I hadn’t seen before, it’s an Alladin’s cave of 1/6 goodies. Have a trawl there’s some cool and quite original stuff on offer.

Rosanna ZC Girls sixth scale action figure
Rosanna ZC Girls sixth scale action figure
Rosanna ZC Girls sixth scale action figure
Rosanna ZC Girls sixth scale action figure
Rosanna ZC Girls sixth scale action figure

Rosanna ZC Girls sixth scale action figure

Figures from the collection of Jeff Parker

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