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Dan checks in tonight with a guest review of the San Diego Comic Con Sideshow exclusive Anakin Skywalker - take it away, Dan!

Hello again, it’s Dan! 
The San Diego annual Comic-Con is one convention I’ve always dreamed about going to, but living on the East Coast makes getting there a pain. So, every year, I’m stuck trying to get as many convention exclusives online as I can. So far, I’ve only been able to get one: Sideshow Collectibles’ Darth Vader-Sith Apprentice 12” figure. 

Like most other companies, Sideshow went with a cost-cutting exclusive and came up with an interesting repaint. On the surface, this figure is just their Anakin Skywalker figure with red eyes and a new base...and pretty much that’s all it is. Still the figure is nice enough for me to get and interesting enough to warrant a review! 

Packaging - ****
Sideshow used this figure to begin the new ‘Lords of the Sith’ line, so the box is very unlike the current ‘Order of the Jedi’ boxes. Replacing the green is a vibrant red. The graphics are really amazing on the front, back and sides, which all have a nice illustration of the figure. The box still has the magnets (and includes a new warning on the bottom about them) and the same basic format. It also has the extensive text on the inside panels. 
Unfortunately, I was not as lucky with the first Anakin. My box came slightly damaged, leaving the actual figure’s box to have scrapes and a few dents. However, the actual figure and parts all survived. 

Sculpting - ***1/2
Sculpt-wise, you are getting the same basic figure, with the same likeness and hands. Sideshow did no tweaking with the face, so it still looks like Hayden Christensen. Again, I’m convinced that the nose should be a little rounder and that his mouth looks slightly small. 
Also, the hands are still amazing, but look to be molded in a darker colored mold, as does the head. 

Paint - ***1/2
This is where Sideshow really needed to shine; otherwise a lot of people would not want to buy this figure. The lips have less color to them than the original version, so it does look a lot more natural that before. 

The new red eye paint is really nifty. It makes ‘Vader’ look like an unnatural zombie with a very dramatic and almost sad blank stare. 

His hair is also painted in a lighter shade, which I don’t think is right, as I thought that the dark paint used on the original was fine. 

Finally, in an attempt to make Vader look mad, Sideshow erroneously made his eyebrows bushier. This really doesn’t work well, as I think that by making his eyes red, he already looks mad enough.

Articulation - ***
For those hoping that Sideshow may have fixed the ‘falling arm problem’, you might be a little disappointed. 

Yes, the arm will still fall off if you are not careful when posing. While mine has not fallen off yet, it always ‘un-plugs’ whenever I put the cloak on, so I don’t do that very often. 

Other than that, Vader has basic articulation. Nothing is different that the original Anakin figure. 

Accessories - ****
All the accessories are the same. He comes with the commlink, Jedi Holo projector, Jedi Aquata Breather, lightsaber, lightsaber with beam, Jedi food capsules, belt with pouches, the robotic hand (which seems to be painted in a more ‘shinier’ fashion), the hand with glove, and the two left hands. 

The only major difference, which really makes this figure worth it, is the base. During the fight on Mustafar in Revenge of the Sith, Vader stood on a floating droid, so the base is actually the top of the droid. The base is really painted nice, with a really cool glow. Sculpted onto it is some molten lava or what could be melted parts of the droid. 

This certainly was the main selling point of the figure, as ‘red eyes’ couldn’t be the only reason to buy it! 

Outfit - ****
Also the same is the outfit. The cloak and pants are all the same. However, Sideshow made one change with the outer tunic. This tunic is made of a softer type of material. I don’t mind this change, but it certainly wouldn’t have mattered if this was not changed. 

The fake leather material that makes up the outer part of the outfit is the same and is really good. 

His cloak also seems to be a little rougher, but that might just feel that way because it was just taken out of its box three days ago. 

Fun Factor - ****
Like the basic Anakin, ‘Vader’ is just as fun to pose. Again, though, it is definitely not for youngsters. 

Value - **
Like most exclusives, this was not cheap. The non-attendee version was $5 more, plus the shipping, which was another $7.14, coming to a total of $68. Basically, for new make-up and a new base, I paid nearly $13. On top of that, I also get one less accessory, because I got the exclusive version of the basic Anakin. 
This figure is really nice, but I honestly don’t think it was really worth it, so I’m dropping the score to only two stars. 

Things to Watch Out For – 
Really nothing. Just make sure you don’t lose things (that’s what the belt pockets are for). Again, his arm might fall off, so watch out for that.

Overall - ***
I really like this figure and I think it’s a unique exclusive, however, like all exclusives; it’s really not worth it. 

The figure only has two things to bring to the table: new eyes and a new base, so if you happen to miss this exclusive it shouldn’t be a major deal. He can do the same things that the basic Anakin can do, plus the original might be a little cheaper on the secondary market. 

If you’d like a more in-depth review on the actual figure, there is the review I did for this site here. This review also has more pictures, showing all the small accessories. 

Score Recap 
Packaging - **** 
Sculpt - ***1/2
Paint - ***1/2
Articulation - ***
Accessories - ****
Outfit - ****
Value - **
Fun Factor - ****
Overall - ***

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Where to Buy - 
This was a convention exclusive, so the only way to get it now is through the secondary market, where it’ll be more than twice the price. Basically, if you haven’t got it, try for next year’s Comic-Con exclusive. 

Figure from the collection of Dan.

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