Sigma 6 Destro

The Sigma Six line from Hasbro continues to be one of the coolest TOY lines out today. The introduction of the small scale figures didn't do much for me figure-wise, but the vehicles are fantastic, with a ton of play features and options.

The larger scale action figure line has just hit with a new wave including the much anticipated Destro. This initial version is part of the 'deluxe' figures, with ultra cool packaging, a butt load of accessories, and a price tag to match.

In the world of G.I. Joe, whether it's RAH or Sigma Six, Destro is the man. Oh sure, Cobra Commander was the leader of Cobra, but it was Destro who was always the more serious and intelligent of the villains. While he doesn't have the same tumultous relationship with CC that he did back in the early days of RAH, he's still pretty damn cool in the SS universe.

I snagged him at Target for $15, but you should see him popping up soon at other retailers as well.

Packaging - ****
As a deluxe figure, Destro gets the uber-cool packaging. Yes, you're paying extra for it, but in this case where the package is actually part of the accessories, it's forgivable.

The hard shell top and bottom of the 'box' becomes Destro's footlocker. The foam padding holds his many accessories, and is a great way to store them AND works as an additional accessory to boot. This is one of the most creative packaging designs we've seen in years, and big props go to Hasbro for getting back to the basics of what makes toys fun even in when it comes to the box it comes in.

Take some care when getting him out though.  The light up feature is wired through the back to the battery pack, and you'll need to pull the light out carefully first through the back of the foam to thread it up and out of the plastic tray.

Sculpting - ***1/2
Destro looks quite a bit like the source material, and I think the translation from old Destro to new Destro is one of the better translations in the overall designs for the new show.

He is in the new style though, of course, so if you're not a fan of the general Sigma 6 look, including sharp lines, big calves, and narrow waists, you won't be happy here either.

Destro is larger than the 'normal' guys in the series, standing about 8 3/4 inches tall.  He has sort of a basketball player physique, with long legs and a short torso.

The musculature is deeply etched into the overall figure, and even the two tone paint job on his head follows sculpted lines. While the overall designs themselves don't allow for a lot of detail, the more broad style is done with lots of care, right down to the treads on his boots.

Paint - ***
In a similar vein, there aren't a lot of small detail paint ops.  On top of that, some of the broader colors, like his torso and legs, aren't paint but the color the plastic was cast in.

This is an issue for the torso and arms, where the gray plastic shows mold marks and swirl lines, inherent in the mixing and manufacturing process.

The head is very bright and shiny, done in a nifty two tone color, silver with a touch of copper on the sides and back.  It doesn't photograph well, but believe me, it looks damn cool in person.  There are a couple plastic marks in the color though, along with damage where the parts were removed from the sprue.

And before you ask, yes, the jacket is purple.

Articulation - ****
He's not quite hyper-articulated, but he's certainly well articulated. Just as important, the joints are all very sturdy, with a good range of movement, and very tight so they hold poses well.

There's a ball jointed neck, with decent movement and posing possibilities, along with ball jointed shoulders and hips.  These joints are single sided, but there's also pin and plate elbows and knees, where the joint pegs into the upper arm or upper leg.  This allows the lower arms and legs to turn completely around, along with moving forward and backward, making cut biceps and thighs less important.

The ankles and wrists are also these type of joints, where the plate fits into a ball like joint on the lower piece (like the hand), and then the peg goes into the upper piece (like the forearm). These joints allow for turning along with forward and backward movement on the plate.

Finally, there's a cut waist and chest joint, allowing for a little movement in the torso.  All this articulation means he can take lots of poses, including some very deep stances, without any trouble staying upright.

Accessories - ****
As is always the case with the 'commando' or deluxe versions, there's a huge number of spifftacular accessories.

I'm counting the jacket as an accessory, since it's the only piece of soft goods.  It's removable, and has a velcro closure in front.  If fits fine and looks pretty good, although I had lots of issues keeping the collar either all up or all down.

There's also a dog tag, which I had on one photo before tossing it in the foot locker.  It's too big for my tastes, but you might appreciate it.  And speaking of the footlocker, it works terrific, holding all the accessories (including the briefcase) easily.

There's the large rocket launcher which fits inside the foam insert.  There are four missiles, two with red grenades and two gray grenades, that can be fired by the rocket launcher.  There's also a large 'targeting screen' that attaches to the side of the launcher, and provides the handles for Destro to hold.  The rest of the launcher rests on his shoulder or arm.  The targeting screen has a clear red plastic screen, and fits neatly to one side.

The rocket launcher supposedly 'recoils' when you fire it, but I don't feel it. Perhaps it's simply to light of a recoil for me to notice, but either way, that's fine.  I prefer action features that don't get in the way of the enjoyment of the figure.

There's also a blinking light.  This is cool, because it is blinking in the package, right on the peg.  There's two AA batteries running it, that can fit in under the foam insert in the locker.  Again, I'm not exactly sure what the purpose of the light is, although it reminds me of a bomb.

While those accessories are cool, the best is the briefcase.  I'm not sure how secretive it is, since it has a large Cobra logo on the outside, but hey, minor details.  Inside is a terrific gun that can pop straight up from the case, or be completely removed by opening the case and carefully following the instructions.  It's not difficult to take apart, if you pay attention and once you've done it you won't forget.  But do pay attention and check the instructions, because you could break it if you fumble around and try to force something.

What's cool about the briefcase is how well everything fits together.  The sliding mechanism fits in one way only, and slips up and down quite well, considering this is a mass market action figure. Inside are piles of money in various currencies sculpted in relief on one side, with a lap top computer sculpted in relief on the other. Very cool!

These accessories are bulky, and they are somewhat cartoony in style.  But that's perfectly in step with the show itself and the design of the characters. 

Fun Factor - ****
These are great toys, something we just don't see enough of in the action figure aisles these days.  Hasbro is doing everything it can to prove that action figures can still be fun and compete with video games for the role playing market.

Value - **1/2
At fifteen bucks, the deluxe versions aren't cheap.  But you're getting an amazing group of accessories, with a terrific looking, well articulated figure. It's not a great deal, but you won't feel ripped either. 

Things to Watch Out For - 
As I mentioned, take some care when disassembling the briefcase for the first time.  Hasbro was nice enough to include some instructions, so use them.

Overall - ***1/2
Destro is another hit in the series, and makes for a terrific bad guy.  I wasn't thrilled with Cobra Commander, largely because I'm not a big fan of that particular character design, but Destro translated into this line quite well.

If you know a kid that loves the shows, do them a favor and introduce them to the toys.  Both the large scale and small scale lines have a tremendous amount to offer as toys.

Score Recap:
Packaging - ****
Sculpt - ***1/2
Paint - ***
Articulation -  ****
Accessories - ***1/2
Fun Factor - ****
Value -  **1/2
Overall - ***1/2;

Where to Buy - 
I found him at Target, where he was $15. He should also hit Toys R Us, Meijers, and other major retailers soon. Online:

- YouBuyNow carries some of the figures, but doesn't have Destro in stock yet.

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Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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