Gentle Giant Remus Lupin Mini-busts
Regular and Transforming

Harry Potter Remus Lupin mini-busts by Gentle Giant

In every great fictional world, there's a red shirt. Oh, be it Kenny on South Park, or the actual Red Shirt crew members on Star Trek, there's always a position or role that ends up making the great sacrifice. In the world of Harry Potter, the closest equivalent is the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

Nobody ever lasts long in this role, for one reason or another. Sometimes it's simply a matter of failing out of favor, other times it's something far more serious. For Remus Lupin, his nasty habit of turning into a werewolf caused him some employment problems.

Gentle Giant just released not one but two versions of the dear professor. The regular, done in an edition size of 3500, is his normal appearance. The second, originally an exclusive for members of Gentle Giant's Premiere Guild club, is limited to just 500, and shows him in early wolf transformation. The regular version can be had at many retailers for around $45, while the exclusive is still available to members at Gentle Giant's site for $55. These stopped being an exclusive to the Premiere Guild members almost 3 weeks ago, and they are still available directly on the GG website.

Harry Potter Remus Lupin mini-busts by Gentle Giant

Harry Potter Remus Lupin mini-busts by Gentle Giant
Harry Potter Remus Lupin mini-busts by Gentle Giant
Harry Potter Remus Lupin mini-busts by Gentle Giant
Harry Potter Remus Lupin mini-busts by Gentle Giant

Packaging - ***1/2
The boxes are the usual, with a nice shot of the actual character on the front, and a window to allow viewing of the bust pre-sale. There's also the very nice baseball card style Gentle Giant Certificate of Authenticity, even with the exclusive version.

Sculpting - ***1/2
The likeness on both head sculpts is quite good, and a definite improvement over the recent Weasely twins. I particularly like the work on both beards, even though the regular version is a bit heavy and thick. The scars are on his face only in paint however, and the hiar has a little bit of the tootsie roll effect.

The internal scale and proportions (head to body, arms to body, etc) are all very good, both realistic and screen accurate.

The work on both bodies is the usual GG style. There's not much in the way of texturing on the clothing, but they used a unique paint style on the jacket to help make up for it. There is plenty of texture on the standard rock-like base, and he's in scale with the rest of the line.

The detailing on the transforming face is well done, particularly the mouth, teeth and tongue. In close up photos it might look a little soft, but in person and with the nekkid eye, the detailing looks quite amazing in this area. Again, the scars are only painted on.

The hands are unique to each character, with both the pose and nails done differently. The more dangerous transforming hands are certainly more interesting, but the regular versions are proportionally accurate as well.

Paint - ***
The paint work on both is solid, but not exceptional. There's a little slop around the eyes, as well as a bit of a fuzzy hairline, but it's minor enough not to result in any major deduction.

As I mentioned earlier, the scars are painted on, and these look less like scars and more like paint because of it. 

The paint work on the jacket is particularly interesting. It's done in a speckled, flaked style, which gives it a bit more of a textured appearance without actually being textured. It also gives an impression of tweed, with its rough pattern.

Design - Lupin **1/2; Wolf ***
Both busts share the same torso. It's jutting forward in a dynamic pose, which works relatively well with both head sculpts. I like it better on the transforming version, but that's largely an opinion of taste.

I'm not real keen on the position of the regular head in relationship to the body. With the tilted body and upward look, it appears as though a bird just flew too close to his head.

The pose works better on the transforming version, where the head is facing slightly to his right, and he apperas to be gearing up for attack mode.

Value - **1/2
In the $50 range, these are an average value. The exclusive is a little higher, but it is an 'excclusive' after all. I'm still impressed that with their mini-busts at least, Gentle Giant has remained fairly close to the same price for a number of years now.

Things To Watch Out For
Not a thing.

Overall - ***
I waffled around a bit on my final score for these. They are actually fairly nice, but there's something about the designs that just doesn't get me excited. I like the speckled paint on the jackets, and the paint and sculpt are both better than some of Gentle Giant's weaker work. But they don't have the visual appeal for me to end up in my top ten.

Score Recap:
Packaging - ***
Sculpting - ***1/2
Paint - ***
Deisgn - Lupin **1/2; Wolf ***
Value - **1/2
Overall - ***

Where to Buy -
There's plenty of online options amongst my sponsors:

- Fireside Collectibles has the regular version at just $41.25.

- Dark Shadow Collectibles has a great price at $42.

- Andrew's Toyz has him at $49.

- Urban Collector has regular Remus for $45.

- Alter Ego Comics has this guy for $46.75.

- Past Generation Toys has him at $55.

- for the UK fans, you can pick him up at Forbidden Planet for 29 GBP.

- or you can search ebay using the sponsor MyAuctionLinks.

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Harry Potter Remus Lupin mini-busts by Gentle Giant

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